Effects Driving with Bad Fuel Injector (11 Signs of Bad Fuel Injectors)

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Let’s talk about some fuel injectors bad symptoms or signs of bad fuel injectors that indicates an issue with your car fuel injector system. Usually, if your car is having fuel injector issues, it will present you with signs and symptoms to show that there is a problem with the injector. And when these signs are presented, is it still okay to keep driving with bad fuel injector? Well, this article will discuss in details all about symptoms of a bad fuel injector and what to expect when driving with the bad fuel injector.

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11 signs of bad fuel injectors + Driving with bad fuel injector ( Fuel Injectors Bad Symptoms)

We also talk about if bad fuel injector can cause misfire for the car engine. then finalise with answering the question “can a bad fuel injector damage the engine”? So let us begin and we are starting off with answering the question can a bad fuel injector damage the engine.

Can a Bad Fuel Injector Damage the Engine?

Though you can still drive or run your car even after noticing some signs of bad fuel injectors problems, it is not advisable for you to overlook any of these bad injector symptoms. The reason is that it could get serious and cause more problems that can damage your car engine. We will advise you to take note of your car and performance of the engine, this way you can recognizes when are an issue with your fuel system.

So these are what you might observe if your car fuel system is bad.

  • Low Fuel Economy– First might notice a lack of fuel economy which means an increase in fuel consumption higher than normal.
  • Low Engine Performance– The next thing you are likely to notice is a decrease in engine performance and power produce while driving.
  • An Increase in Tailpipe Smoke and Emission– If you observe that your car starts to release a high amount of emission and tailpipe smoke then know that it could be due to a fuel injector problem.

There are many more to this which i will soon show you below on the section with the title “11 fuel injectors bad symptoms & signs of bad fuel injectors”. You can read through more on the fuel injector problems symptoms to look out for there.

But before now, let take look at the next question to be answered which is “should you be driving with bad fuel injector?”

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Should Be Driving with bad fuel injector?

My response to this question is no. You should not be driving with any signs of bad fuel injectors.  Not that you cannot drive at all with but in other to prevent further issue on other components of your car, we advise you try fixing your car fuel injector issues as quickly as possible.  

Driving your car with bad fuel injector can be very destructive to your car engine and as you know, a car engine is one heal of an expensive component of a car to repair, change or replace.

If you have a bad fuel injector as a result of mechanical/electrical issues or wear, driving for a long time can lead to numerous issues such as:

  • Car stalling and failure
  • Overflowing of fluid to your engine
  • Pre-ignition of car fuel

Those just but a few reasons you should not drive with bad fuel injector.

The next question we get asked a lot is “Can bad fuel injector cause misfire?” And that is what we have to look at next.

 Can bad fuel injector cause misfire?

Well, the answer here is yes, a bad fuel injector can cause a misfire and why is this so?

A bad fuel injector usually will cause the car to misfire, lose power and even reduce the fuel supply to the engine and some cases might even result in a serious staling of the car.

This normally will lead to engine malfunction and when the engine is not working as supposed to, the car may misfire as an indication of a faulty engine which is caused by the bad fuel injector. So let move on to more fuel injectors bad symptoms you should look out for in your car.

11 Signs of bad fuel injectors ( Fuel Injectors Bad Symptoms )

So here are the 11 fuel injectors bad symptoms and signs of a bad fuel injector to look out for. Mind you, sometimes your vehicle might show these signs while experiencing another problem unrelated to bad fuel injector. We recommend you always run a proper diagnosis on your car before starting a repair or fixing or replacement procedure.

So when you notice any of these symptoms you want first conduct a proper diagnosis before considering the right fixing procedure needed.

Here we go 11 fuel injectors bad symptoms:

  1. Problem Starting the car
  2. Very Bad or Poor idle of car
  3. Increase/ decrease in car emissions
  4. Poor vehicle Performance
  5. Car engine would get to the full RPM
  6. Increased fuel consumption
  7. Irregular car engine functionality
  8. Surging and bucking under various throttle loads
  9. Smoke coming out from the tailpipe
  10. Engine failure
  11. Air pollution

You might have to watch this video to see how to fix fuel injector problems.

how to fix fuel injector problems ( fuel injectors bad symptoms fix)

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