How to start a BMW with a bad starter

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Trying to start a BMW vehicle with a bad starter can be very depressing, particularly when you need to meet up an important appointment or to catch a flight. When the engine of your BMW refuses to retort after you twist the ignition key, it could point to a starter fault.

So, you may want to know how to start a BMW with a bad starter.

The starter of any automobile makes up a component of the electric circuit. It is an electric motor that turns on the engine of an automobile.

You don’t need to worry anymore because this article brings you a series of simple methods you can employ on how to start a BMW with a bad starter and get things back on track. Apart from starting your BMW with a bad starter, you might want to also this other post on how to start a car with a broken starter where we talked about other areas that might interest you.

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How to Start a BMW with a Bad Starter

This procedure p applies to most BMW models whether it is a BMW e90 starter problem or others.

  • Check Connections

If the connections of your BMW are faulty, the engine will not respond to the starter. Ensure you accurately test out the joining and cables between the battery and the starter to confirm if everything is okay. Make tighter every loose connection since loose connection would mean less current flow to the starter.

  • Clean the Corrosion

Another way on how to start a BMW with a bad starter is to get rid of the corrosion. This is since corrosion may well be responsible for hindering the flow of current. Grime and oil can collect on the starter and the car battery, leading to corrosion of the cable clamps and battery terminals.

This may mean you’ll have to sever connections of the battery and use a rub down to gently wipe the corroded parts. You can combine water and caustic soda to get rid of tough stains. Be cautious about not to sever any connections.

  • Tap with a Tool

Another uncomplicated hack on how to start a BMW with a bad starter is to tap the starter with a tool, preferably a wrench or light hammer. If the starter is faulty but the windshield wipers and headlights aren’t functioning, then the stuck gear may be having issues. The starter will be unable to work properly with a stuck gear.

To rectify this issue, gently tap the starter with a tool about 5 times. You have to carefully find its position in the car and differentiate it from other mechanisms.

  • Shake the Car

Shaking your vehicle is another swindle on how to start a BMW with a bad starter. This method will help to release a stuck gear. To shake the car, push down the vehicle’s handbrake lever while it’s in top gear. This will cause the car to rock and slacken stuck gears.

the precess above also Applies to BMW e90 starter problem

Also, watch this video for some other reasons what your BMW car will not start.

BMW bad starter symptoms

Conclusion On bmw bad starter symptoms and

It is important to understand that car starter problems can occur randomly owing to a range of causes. Some common reasons for car starter problems include; 

  • Corroded terminals
  • Loose terminals
  • Damaged or worn-out system gears.

If one of the reasons above is responsible, then starting your car possibly will be an issue. Unfortunately, it may take forever to detect the real cause why your car is unable to start. However, most car problems are traceable to a fault. Try some approaches to help you establish the precise cause why your car is having starter issues.

Irrespective of the car starter problems, the useful tips above should assist you in rectifying the problem.

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