How To Disconnect Battery From Car(Full Guide)Disconnect Car Battery Negative Only Before Positive

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With this easy to follow helpful guide on How to disconnect battery from car, you will get steps for a battery disconnect positive or negative. When you own a car it is very much likely that at some point in your car life, you will need to disconnect the car battery to do one thing or the other.

This could be due to one reason or the other, such as maintenance of the car, engine repair or even just to power engine or a battery change. So it is an inevitable thing as a car owner and that is why I have decided to show you how to get a positive and negative battery disconnected yourself.

This might initially feel intimidating, but truth is that process, is very simple and you can have executed this in just a minute.

How To Disconnect Battery From Car(Full Guide)Disconnect Car Battery Negative Only Before Positive

Just follow the steps below and you will be able to not just disconnect car battery negative only but should be able to do the same for the positive.

So let get started on this post regarding battery disconnect switch installation positive or negative


How to disconnect battery: battery disconnect switch installation positive or negative

Safety and cautionary steps before Battery disconnect.

So before you begin you want to first turn off your engine and then you have to make sure that your car is in the park. This means that you on parking brake while your car engine or ignition should be turned off.

 Then you want to wear safety gloves and goggles to protect your eyes and hands.

When you have complete safety steps above, you now have to follow the steps below to proceed and disconnect car battery negative and positive.

So let’s first Disconnect car battery negative only before Positive

  • Step 1

The first here when thinking of how to disconnect battery from car is to start by opening the battery hood where your battery is located, then you want to place a blanket or pad on the car fender. This Blanket will help safeguards your vehicle from corrosive battery acid spilling on it.

  • Step 2

Now you want to locate the negative terminal on the battery which is usually covered with a black covering and the terminal itself in most cases will have minute sign on it or near the post connector.

And the positive terminal will have a plus sign with a red cap near the battery post connector.

  • Step 3

When you have now identified the size of the socket needed for your vehicle to loosen the nuts negative terminal first. You have to always start work on the negative terminal first before the positive whenever you are disconnecting your car battery.

  • Step 4

So begin by Grabbing the socket you have identified from your kit and hold it close, but not touching the nut on the negative terminal of your battery.

Now using the right sized socket, put it on the wrench. If you have the need please attach a wrench extender so you are able to reach the negative nut well.

  • Step 5

With the wrench on the nut of the negative terminal, you have now turned the wrench counterclockwise or in opposite direction. That means to loosen, you have to turn left and to tighten, you have to right.

To tighten or loosen the connector, it only requires a few turns to get the job down.

  • Step 6

You now have to pull Negative connector from the battery when the nut is loosened enough and now take it to the side so it is not in contact with the battery anymore while you are working.

Moving to the Positive.     

 Battery disconnect positive or negative: battery disconnect switch installation positive or negative

To disconnect the battery positive terminal, you have to follow the same procedure above. Do not allow the positive connector to tough or go near any metal on the battery sounding. Usually, they will still have current in the system and when in contact with metal, it could cause damage to some circuit of the car.

So now you that have battery cable disconnected, it safe to perform all sorts of electrical job on the vehicle.

 If what you just need is to change to a new car battery, well that can be done in a few simple steps below.

  Now that the battery positive and negative is disconnected, you have to unscrew the brackets that hold put it in its tray, then lift up the battery straight out from the tray.

Mind you, car batteries can weigh anywhere around 30 to 40lbs. so this means it is heavy and you might need to ask for help.

 Clean the tray and battery cables with a diluted baking-soda mixture, then let them dry before you have your new battery put back in the car.

  When you have your new battery placed on the tray and tighten the clamps. Then you want to first connect the positive terminal before the negative. Don’t forget to fully tighten the nut for both negative and positive terminals.


For some cars, you may have to look in the vehicle owner manual in other to find out if your car has a negative ground or not. And if you see that your vehicle does, you have to first loosen the nuts and bolts on the clamp which secures the battery cable to the passive and negative terminal.

 And you can do this with an adjustable wrench.

  If you are having issues while trying to loosen the bolt, just try holding the bolt with one of the wrenches and the nut with the other wrench.

Then move both wrenches in the reverse direction.  So here you don’t want to total remove the bolts, but you want just loosen them enough just for the cable clamps are released.

When you are done with work on the vehicle you now have to connect back the battery and the article below will show you have to do just that.

I hope this post on how to disconnect battery from car was helpful to you? please share this article if you find it helpful.

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