BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer Reviews+Tips & Directions

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BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer Reviews+Tips & Directions. our ultimate guide for you.

 BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer is mainly used for mending and sealing blown head gasket, leaking radiators, warped & cracked heads, freeze plugs and leaking heater cores.

One of the biggest worries constantly raised by those who are not experienced enough about auto repair is if this BlueDevil gasket sealer will help fix just any king of vehicle.

However, this sealer only works for both 4 and 6 cylinder engines.

If the engine of your car begins to emit odd sounds unexpectedly, don’t be too hasty to conclude that it may be a clog, the sound may be as a result of the blown head gasket.

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BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer Reviews  |Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer Directions

If your head gasket blows up, it will fail to prevent leaks and these leaks will lead to smoke discharges and a hiccup sound in the engine.

The cost of getting a mechanic to diagnose and repair a blown head gasket ranges from about $1500 to $2500 or more, this is quite costly.

However, the use of head gasket sealer is an affordable and more dependable way to repair a damaged head gasket.

There are lots of gasket sealers available in the market, but experts recommend BlueDevil head gasket sealer.

This is because the BlueDevil head gasket sealer is very effective when it comes to sealing leaks, repairing warped and cracked heads, increasing the life and efficiency of the engine, and treating leaking radiators/cores.

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Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer Tips to Note

Note: BlueDevil head gasket sealer works efficiently for both 4 and 6 cylinder engines only.

The company is among some of the most well-known companies in the automotive auto part niche with reach to over 400 distribution centres.

First established in 1997, BlueDevil has made a name by producing high-quality products which is why it is the first pick of many drivers and experts.

Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer Directions

Blue Devil head gasket sealer is a cheap way of fixing minor cracks in the head gasket and components in the engine cooling system.

It has a unique preparation and does not contain any harmful component that can damage the engine or its performance.

Blue Devil seal helps to permanently seal various cracks on your engine and you can do this yourself without the services of a mechanic.

However, there are limits to what this product can do. For instance, Blue Devil Sealer may be unable to fix a heavily-damaged gasket head.

But it is a great option for minor and not serious damage or leak

Pros and Cons of Using BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer


  • Seals leaks in radiator
  • Does not contain harmful substances
  • Fixes cracks on the radiator head
  • Permanently fixes minor cracks on gasket head
  • Saves the cost of fixing gasket head
  • Very easy to use
  • Repairs heater cores


  • Some users complain of confusing directions
  • Some users complain the product does not meet its purpose
  • The product comes in opaque bottles, making it difficult for users to check or know the quantity of fluid they have used already.

What Can The Blue Head Devil Gasket Do?

Seals Leaking Radiator

The main problem with a blown-up gasket is a leaking radiator. A leaking radiator blows off steam, causing the temperature to increase. The BlueDevil head gasket sealer helps to take care of this problem by sealing the leakage. You can use this sealer by:

  • Removing the radiator cap and pouring the content of the BlueDevil Sealer into the cooling system.
  • Change the radiator cap and turn on the engine.
  • The sealer gets mixed into the cooling system and blocks leaks in the radiator.

Repairs Cracked Radiator Head

A cracked radiator head causes serious issues. Excess pressure starts to accumulate in the radiator which gets exerted onto the radiator head once the head gasket is destroyed.

The whole head may get cracked depending on the pressure. Cracked radiators leave a puddle of oil and trigger engine heats up, causing emission of smoke as well. This sealer can also repair and seal heater cores and freeze plugs.

The radiator helps the engine remains cool while working. However, a cracked radiator can destroy that.

When a radiator cracks, it prevents the right amount of coolant from entering the engine which is why the engine becomes very hot, leading to the emission of smoke.

Cracked radiators are dangerous and must be repaired.

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The BlueDevil gasket head sealer helps rectify this issue. You can solve this issue by:

  • Opening the radiator head and flushing out the contents of the radiator using a hose.
  • Draining the radiator one time doesn’t get rid of all the remains of the coolant, which is why you have to fill the radiator with water and drain.
  • Repeat this process three times to completely clean the radiator.
  • Lift up the hose and take out the thermostat so that the coolant you are about to add, goes in effortlessly.
  • After this, refill the coolant system with coolant mixture and water, leaving a little room for the BlueDevil head.
  • Leave the engine on and pour the sealer into the coolant system, then leave it idle for 50 minutes.
  • Check for visible cracks and ensure you clean off the dirt and grease.
  • Then apply the sealer onto the places where you see cracks. The sealer helps bind the cracks and prevent pressure from getting trapped inside the cooling system.
  • Leave for about an hour.

Contains No Harmful Contents

The BlueDevil gasket head sealer is free from harmful chemicals and will not cause any damage to the engine or other parts of your car.

How Long Does The BlueDevil Sealer Last?

The BlueDevil sealer lasts for about 9-10 months and doesn’t overheat the engine. The spark plug looks unsoiled with no remains of oil. The engine works efficiently, with the temperature remaining in range.

How to Use Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer?

Before using the BlueDevil head gasket sealer:

  • First clean the coolant system by removing the thermostat and draining the contents from the bottom hose.
  • Next, pour water and drain the system to get rid of the remains of the old coolant. Repeat three times.
  • After this, fill the system with water while leaving room for the BlueDevil to be poured in.
  • Remove the radiator cap and turn the engine on, with the heater to the max. (This helps to cool down the engine before you finally pour the BlueDevil).
  • Start pouring slowly and ensure you take at least a minute to pour the whole bottle. After pouring the entire content, leave the engine on with cap on for 50 minutes.
  • Allow the engine to cool and then re-install a new thermostat.
  • Top-up with antifreeze and take your car for a test drive.

Which is the Best Product?

There are many options of sealers available in the market, but the best one to use is the BlueDevil Pour-N-Go Head Gasket Sealer. The product comes with an easy DIY formula, meaning even a novice can use it. The BlueDevil sealant is ideal for 4 cylinder and v6 engines. It lastingly seals cracked, leaking and blown gaskets.

Why BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer is the Best

When taking the price of BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer into consideration and comparing it to the performance, quantity, usefulness, and formula of the product, it is highly commendable. The mixture will not cause any clogs in the engine. One major factor that makes BlueDevil head gasket sealer the best among other sealers is the longevity of its strength after it is applied. It lasts for more than 10 months and even longer.

Common BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer Problems

The merits of using BlueDevil head gasket sealer overshadow the disadvantages. However, we still need to look at some common problems associated with using this product.

Adding BlueDevil sealer or any other sealers to any vehicle may not be necessary. It may even be a waste of money and can be dangerous to the engine. The use of BlueDevil sealer may even render the warranty of a new car invalid.

A contemporary head gasket in a cast-iron block or aluminium headed engine does not essentially seal the way that a jar seal does. Instead, a set of TTY bolts are giant springs that mount a constant force of many tons on the gasket.

Gasket sealer for stopping leaks is centred on the impression that a gasket is like a paper gasket that degrades over time and becomes loose. The stop leak works its way into the gasket filling up the vacuums. Old head gaskets might have functioned that way but not modern ones since the TTY force ensures a constant pressure is on the gasket even if the gasket gets compressed.

Some new sealers are liquid until they come into contact with the kinds of conditions found within the cylinders during combustion. For instance, the Steel Seal, a brand available in the UK functions in a similar way, making it active for sealing a gasket that’s blown between a water jacket and a combustion chamber. However, this type of sealant wouldn’t be effective for a car with a head gasket leak.

Other sealers function by adding material or hardening. For instance, they may add some sort of slit to the coolant system which is deposited around the system. Adding an excess of this can lead to blockages in heater medium and radiators.

It is advisable to do a compression test or leak down test before attempting to fix a non-existent head gasket leak since it would be cheaper than one of these liquid gasket repair fluids.

What to do if the problem persists even after using BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer

Before applying BlueDevil Head Gasket, it is advisable to flush the cooling system at least three times, just as we have discussed earlier.  Failure to do this will cause the symptoms of head gasket problems to persist. If peradventure you have done this yet the symptoms still continue, then it is best you take your car to an experienced mechanic for proper diagnosis. The BlueDevil head gasket is capable of fixing minor leaks, however, a heavily-damaged head gasket may require the services of an experienced auto-mechanic.

What are the Side effects of using BlueDevil Head Gasket?

The BlueDevil head gasket can be used on all types of automobiles as long as it is 4- or 6- cylinder engine. The product doesn’t have any substance that may pose any threat to the engine, different tubes, or fluids that flow through the engine.


The BlueDevil Head Gasket works by sealing small cracks and spaces in the cooling system of your engine. This product is the most popular sealer available in the market, though it may be ineffective for the heavily-damaged head gasket.  So, if you want to save money, time, and energy, we recommend you use BlueDevil Head Gasket sealer. I this Blue devil head gasket sealer reviews were helpful to you?

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