How to Find a Power Steering Leak Symptoms + Home Remedies for Power Steering Leak

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How to find a power steering leak

A Hydraulic power steering system, uses a power steering pump’s hydraulic fluid, to supply power to the steering rack using the pressure lines. As you continue to use the vehicle these parts will wear out and may fail. 

The hose and plastic components are not permanent. Also, if the fluid is low, it could give the pump and the rack added problems. You can often hear the symptom by a sound from your steering wheel which whines as you turn it.

Furthermore, if you have been losing fluid in the reservoir, to find out which component is broken you may need to inspect the power steering system and components thoroughly.

So, in this article, we will show you how to find a power steering leak and give you some power steering fluid leak symptoms.

Finally, we will also explore home remedies for a power steering leak to solve the problem.  Let us start the guide.

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How to find a power steering leak, symptoms + home remedies for power steering leak

Follow these steps below.

First step

Clean your power steering pump and the container that store the fluid with a piece of clean cloth.  Remove all the wet power steering fluid on the hoses, lines and underneath the pump to remove dirt and grime. Also, because it is red in color you can detect it from other fluids like coolant that is green and oil that is black.

Second Step

Examine the connections of the pressure lines to the power steering pump to confirm that they are still firm and intact. Next, trace the power steering lines from the pump to the rack to find if there are any leakages at the place the lines connect. Note, if you have replaced the power steering pump or the hose before, you need to confirm whether there is any place it has broken.

Third Step

Next, start the engine and turn the steering wheel from the right to the left. It will be ideal you get someone to turn the wheel for you while you view the steering pump assembly. Look out for any fluid that is bubbling on a line, the reservoir, or the pump particularly where the pulley joins the power steering pump’s spindle. If there are any places leaking you will see fluid seeping out. It is common to find a leak in the plastic reservoir so check its corners and joints properly.

Fourth Step

If after checking you are still unable to find any leaks, repeat the process of turning the wheel but this time remove the reservoir cover. Now, check if there is air inside the reservoir. If there is, you will see bubbles inside the container. Next, add more power steering fluid to fill the reservoir. If at this point you are still unable to find any leak, drive the car for a day and check whether the fluid went down.

Furthermore, you should replace the part or lines that are broken or leaking. Therefore, if your car is older than 5 years, replace the power steering pump and the reservoir since you can buy them as a unit.

However, if after all the examination and you fail to find the leakage while power steering is still not working well, it may mean that the pump and the steering rack may have malfunctioned.

Power steering fluid leak symptoms + home remedies for power steering leak

The following are power steering fluid leak symptoms. They are:

  • low fluid in the reservoir
  • leaking power steering fluid
  • difficulties when you turn the steering wheel
  • And noises while turning the wheel

Top  Power Steering Stop Leak Home remedies for power steering leak

You can get a Power steering stop leak when leakages become problematic. The best way to stop leakage is to use highly rated power steering stop leak. You don’t have to get an automotive expert to fix the leak. All you need is a bottle of proven leak sealing products. Also, you have a power steering fluid of up to 3 quarts of fluid in a single bottle. And, a single treatment is enough to fix a leak but you can do a second treatment if you need to.

Additionally, here are the best power steering stop leaks.

They are Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak, BlueDevil Power Steering Stop Leak, Prestone Power Steering Stop Leak, Bar’s Power.

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Power steering stop leak

To stop power steering leaks, you will need to examine the following component parts that could be the cause of power steering fluid leak, then, use the best Power Steering Stop Leak to fix the problem.

They are as follows:

Power steering stump:

Too much pressure in this pipe could break it if the seal is worn out inside the pump shaft.

Hydro Boost Brakes:

There may be leakages here if the vehicle is the type that has a brake and power steering wheel unit together.

Power steering hose:

This is the most popular among the list of places to detect leakages. Look for dampness on the hose, check for cracks and swelling rubber and blown oil on an exhaust manifold.

Steering Gear Housing:

The leakage on this component will depend on the type of power steering system you have.

Rack and Pinion:

This component can develop a leak at the pinion shaft joining the steering column or the rubber bellows on each end of the rack.

The job of power steering stop leaks

Stop leaks will help to prevent leakages and will also serve so many other purposes like:

  • Renews neoprene and rubber O-rings and seals
  • Silence and smoothens power steering action
  • It uses dispersants and detergents to clean as well as protect the system
  • Stops oxidation and aging of power steering oil
  • lowers noise made by a low fluid condition
  • And prolong the component’s life


Here, in this article, we showed you how to find a power steering leak and power steering fluid leak symptoms. Gave you home remedies for power steering leak and power steering stop leak solutions. Using the stop leak. will fix the leakage instantly. But if it persists after you have repaired the components then you should replace the steering rack and pump.

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