Car Vacuum Amazon |3 Best Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner on Amazon (2020 Guide)

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A clean car is inevitably important for everyone who drives because it defines how clean people perceive you to be. Remember cleanliness comes with respect.

And so to keep your car clean you wil need a vacuum cleaner for the car and I am going to show you some of the best car vacuum cleaners on amazon which are very portable car vacuum cleaner to carry.

If you desire a sweet driving experience in a clean car then you must get one of the best car vacuum cleaners in the market.

Best Car Vacuum Cleaner Amazon|Portable vacuum cleaner for car

Although you can clean your car with any machine that has suction, this will take a long time to do.

But, you can use a portable vacuum cleaner, to clean the car thoroughly in record time.

Also, your car will remain spotless if you have a lightweight vacuum cleaner in the car to suck up the dirt from your upholstery, remove the tiniest particles of dirt, debris, crumbs and coffee spills that occur sometimes.

Furthermore, your pet’s hair will be removed, any liquid leaking into your upholstery are vaporized. Even broken pieces of biscuits are all erased with the suction power of a portable vacuum cleaner.

3 Best Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner Amazon

Best from all: Armor All 2.5 Gallon Wet/Dry Car Vacuum Amazon

  • Weight: 7 lbs.
  • Power Source: Corded, AC Power
  • The High Points: Price, versatility, large holding capacity
  • The Low Points: Short power cord, irregular suction

The Armor All 2.5 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum is lightweight, strong, and affordable and in the first place of the best car vacuums review. This little tiny shop vac can take care of a wide range of dirt like sawdust, sand, and liquid spills. It has a suction system that uses filters that you can wash. Also, one of its filters is used for vacuuming dry objects while the second one is for things that are slippery.

The vacuum comes fully loaded with a heavy-duty handle, an intelligent storage capability, and a cord wrap, for ease of use with little effort. This efficient design also enables you to use the vac’s storage capacity and keep the vac’s presence nearly invincible when it is stored.

Additionally, when you join the vacuum’s flexible hose and its power cord, it will give you a 16-foot length of space to enable you to reach all corners of the car.

What Reviewers Say

Users of the Armor All 2.5 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum, state that the vac has enough suction power, while a few owners state that some vacs with bigger systems on the market are more powerful. However, most users appear to be happy with its versatility and capacity to handle most, if not all, of their car vacuuming tasks. The vac comes with tools for tackling select tasks or types of dirt.

Some of the owners say that the filters function adequately. But suggested owners should have additional filters so that they can continue to use the vac even when you wash the filters that come with the machine. A user mentioned that swapping the cloth filter with the foam is vital when vacuuming wet grime to avoid any damage to the vac if you forget the sequence for using it.

Some reviewers say that the Armor All 2.5 Gallon Vac does not stand upright unaided. Also, because it is lightweight you are unable to drag it around when using it for cleaning. These owners suggest that the best thing to do is to use an extension cord and carry it while using it.

Features & Considerations

There are some tools that come handy in the packaging of the Armor All 2.5 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum cleaner. They include the crevice and car nozzle tool which is useful when you use it inside the car. This 2-in-1 utility nozzle plus detail brush are useful for doing specific tasks.

Another feature is a blower setting and nozzle. You can use these tools in different ways with the vac as it lets users go in different directions as they disperse dust, do quick-drying and other tough actions.

This compact wet/dry vac can tackle many dirty situations inside your car and outside too. You can even mount it on a wall or keep it in a cabinet and reach it easily whenever you want to use it. Also, it is simpler to pick up the Armor All 2.5 Gallon Vac for simple household dirt than to spoil the normal vac.

Best Mid-Range Option: Makita XLC02R1B Compact Cordless Vacuum

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  • Weight: 2.7 lbs
  • Power Source: Cordless, AC charger
  • The High Points: Weight, price, suction
  • The Low Points: Minimal attachments, battery runtime, durability

The Makita XLC02R1B Cordless Vacuum is shiny and easy and also makes this list of best car vacuums. You use the Makita mainly for cleaning upholstery and other car tasks and in the house for the stairs and floor surfaces. The vac is shipped with a Makita battery and charging apparatus that works with the Makita tools.

The Makita XLC02R1B is a normal handheld vac designed in a compact style and has featherweight. Also, you can add an extension nozzle, a tool for reaching the crevices plus an 8-floor attachment to enable you to reach many applications as you clean.

The Makita XLC02R1B does not have a bag but has a two-stage filtration method for sucking both small and large particles of dirt. Also, you can wash the filters and reuse them and buy extra filters to enable you to keep using the machine after washing the others.

What Reviewers Say

A few owners say that Makita XLC02R1B Vac suction capacity is satisfactory when you consider its lightweight design. They say it could handle many tasks in the house or their garage and accept it as the vac they have chosen among others for carrying out easy cleaning tasks.

It appears the battery lasts long enough for most of its users. Although, the normal duration you can use this vac continuously is 10 to 15 minutes. Many owners insist they use it for simple pick-ups of a few minutes. However, its charging system is built to charge the battery fully in less than 30 minutes in many cases.

Of courses, there are a few complaints about the casing breaking, and various issues plus the need to hold the ON button while you are doing vacuuming operations.

Features & Considerations

The Makita XLC02R1B Cordless Vacuum is 18-¾” long when you use it as a hand vacuum.

The extension length plus the floor nozzle turns this lightweight vacuum machine into the most useful tool in your home. As you can use it in both hard surfaces made of hardwood and bamboo and on carpets with no trouble.

The Makita XL02R1B battery power enables you to use it and get extra battery when you need it. The vac, ships with a Lithium-Ion 2.04Ah Battery and a charger. The fact is that Makita batteries are compatible and this is a bonus for many owners who already have a Makita in their homes.

When you charge this battery fully you can use it continuously for 13 minutes. Also, you can charge a drained battery in a maximum time of 20 minutes. Although, this time varies based on the size of the battery you have. The Makita charger, intelligently makes sure the battery does not overcharge.

Best Budget-Friendly Pick: Foxnovo Portable 12V Vacuum Cleaner Amazon

  • Weight: 2.35 lbs.
  • Power Source: Corded, 12V
  • The High Points: Price, versatile, long power cord
  • The Low Points: No additional power source options, weak suction at times

The Foxnovo Car Vacuum Cleaner is efficient and handy, at a cost price. Because of its small lightweight structure, you can pack it in your car easily. The foxnovo car vacuum cleaner is also in our list of the best car vacuums.

The manufacturer, in particular, made it for people to use and keep inside the car. The vac has some vital accessories and a bag for carrying it.

I must say that despite its wet/dry cleaning power, it is very affordable and this is rare. Foxnovo vac has the capacity to handle trash bin is extensive and semi-transparent ways so that owners can see how much grime it has sucked. Additionally, you can dump the dirt in an easy and clean way. How it works is that you flip a switch to empty the contents of the vac. Is this not cool? Yes, it is.

Furthermore, working continuously is simple to do because of its long 12 v power cord that you can plug in a car charging port. Hence, you do not need batteries or Ac power when using the vac in your car. This vac’s filter is stainless steel, you can wash it and it lasts long too.

What Reviewers Say

Foxnovo Car Vacuum Cleaner owners are enthusiastic about the operations of this machine. They marvel that although it is compact yet it takes care of all cleaning problems in a car smoothly. They say they were able to extract sprays of juice, coffee pools, and gritty things. Also, the Foxnovo deals with wet sand effortlessly.

The 12v charging cord is long enough to plug into the car charging port while you operate the machine to reach all parts of the vehicle, and this includes trucks.

Additionally, the small carrying bag is portable and could be kept inside your car to handle any mess at any point it occurs in the vehicle.  Moreover, the compact accessories and a small flexible hose are useful for cleaning between doors and seats, center consoles, and seat belt locks.

And most owners say it is advisable to keep extra filters on hand for ease of use.

Features & Considerations

If you want the appliance to last and keep performing at peak capacity, then you must maintain the filter. The Foxnovo comes with a small brush-and-broom cleaning kit to enable you to remove dirt from the filter and dirt bin.

The best way to maintain the filter is to wash it often and dry it with air especially after using it for wet or dusty work.

The Foxnovo Car Vacuum Cleaner works silently. This vac’s sound is under 70db, and that means you can continue your conversations while this powerhouse does its heavy lifting, sucking up dirt and grime effortlessly.

It has been observed that it is better you operate the Foxnovo vac while running the vehicle. This will enable it to work at full capacity. As there is less suction when you use it in the Accessory mode without running the motor.

Finally, the debris bin is of regular handheld vac range, and it is capable of holding 0.5 liters of dirt. But you may need to empty it before it gets full when it has a bunch of pet hair and damp dirt.

What to look for in a car Vacuum

  • Weight and Portability: Designed to fit easily into crevices.
  • Dirt Containment and Capacity: Has multiple filters and can operate without bags
  • Power Source: 12-volt power cords made to tap into a vehicle’s charging port
  • Attachment and Functions: Additional features help to make the deal better. Some have blower functions, adjustable suction settings, and filter and battery indicator lights.

How We Rank each of the Best Car Vacuum cleaners for the car

  • Price: Capacity to deliver great service yet affordable
  • Versatility: Flexibility and hose length are important factors
  • Cleaning Range (Battery Life/Cord Length): How long its battery lasts and cord length
  • Consumer Reviews: Durability and capacity to handle tasks effortlessly matter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On Portable Vacuum Cleaner for Car

What kinds of attachments or features might be useful?

Using many power source is important for a mobile vac. Also being able to switch from A/C to vehicle Power is good. And it’s suction power combined with these features is vital. Finally, having extension wands helps to clear trucks, upholstery and reach under seats easily.

What kind of maintenance is required for a bagless vacuum system?

Cleaning and replacing filters often is necessary. Also washing and air drying keeps them in better shapes.

What are some other applications where a car vacuum can be used?

You can use it to clean boats, outdoor furniture, and patio structures, pet beds, and furniture upholstery. You can use it to vacuum stairs too.

Why should I consider adding a car vacuum if I already have a shop vacuum?

You need it to handle delicate dust particles like cookies crumbs, and tight spaces or crevices. Theses are very portable and weighs less than 4 pounds.

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