car won't accelerate but rpms go up

5 Reasons Car Won’t Accelerate but RPMs Go Up (Car Won’t Accelerate but rpms Go Up Automatic)

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If your car won’t accelerate but RPMs go up there are a couple of factors that may be the reason and this article will show you 5 reasons and why a car won’t accelerate past 40  and even the reason why car wont accelerate past 20 and so on. We also looked the Reason car won’t accelerate uphill.

So if your car won’t accelerate but RPMs go up automatic, then be sure to read this to the end.

It can be very annoying when you step on your gas pedal but the car is not accelerating. It might be that the car isn’t accelerating at all or it isn’t as fast as it should be.

5 Reasons Car Won’t Accelerate but RPMs Go Up (Car Won’t Accelerate but rpms Go Up Automatic)

There are so many reasons why your car is not accelerating; it varies from simple to very complex problems.

You may try to solve the problem yourself or go visit your mechanic, if the condition persists.

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Why a car won’t accelerate but RPMs go up

When your car RPM is running high, it causes rough idling which means your engine may shake or vibrate while it is running. Your driving experience will not be comfortable. There are many reasons why the RPMs might be running high. The first thing to do is to check for bad spark plugs. If your plug is damaged it might cause your RPMs to run high. Plugs are responsible for the creation of the spark that ignites the fuel in the engine. Also, if the plug is dirty, it causes rough idling which may prevent the car from starting.

There might be a leaking vacuum hose in the car, hoses deliver air and fuel to the combustion chamber. If it is leaking, the air will mix with the gas causing the RPMs to go higher than it should be. Another thing to look out for is a clogged air filter if the air is having difficulties entering the combustion chamber. A faulty carburetor or dirty fuel injector can also be a problem. You need to clean your injector frequently to prevent it from being clogged.

A more complex cause is if the car’s transmission is slipping. If this is the problem, then you need to stop driving the car at once in order as to avoid further damages. You might need to go to a mechanic for a proper diagnosis.

Why a car won’t accelerate past 40

If your accelerating won’t go past 40 mph, then there might be a problem with your exhaust pipe. It might be blocked; you will need to take it to the mechanic. You can also test your fuel pressure or try to do a compression test. The problem might also be from the timing or floating of the valve. The valvetrain might have weak springs or parts, thereby making the valve float which will prevent the engine from going any faster than the current speed.

Why a car won’t accelerate past 20

 Are you driving your car and you press the pedal but it does not accelerate past 20 mph? There are different factors that might be responsible for this problem. The question you should ask yourself is “when was the last time the vehicle was serviced?” You might have to take it to the mechanic as it might be a problem. Then the filter might also be clogged or the catalytic converter has stopped functioning.

The Reason car won’t accelerate uphill: 5 Reasons  Car car Won’t Accelerate but RPMs is Up

A car driving uphill must work extra hard than normal. There needs to be much acceleration to drive it up a hill even if gravity is working against it. Any fault from the car might make it very difficult for the engine to move it up a hill. There are so many reasons that might cause this.

1.Fuel Filter

If the gasoline in your car isn’t pure and clean, there is no way your engine will work effectively. Make sure your fuel filter isn’t bad or dirty to make the gasoline dirty so as to have a negative effect on the engine.

2.Exhaust Filters

If any of your exhaust filters is clogged or blocked, you may experience a problem while driving. The car may be able to move on flat roads but the problem will occur on an uphill road. Here, there is every tendency the car won’t be able to go anywhere.

3.Cylinder Compression

A low cylinder compression will work against your engine as there won’t be enough power to push the vehicle up a hill. You need a high cylinder compression to power the engine properly.

4.Air Filter

The internal chamber needs to be cleaned to make the engine effective. A clogged filter might damage your engine as a result of dirt and other pollutants. It is important to always clean your air filter.

5.Camshaft Sensor

A spoiled or damaged camshaft position sensor will produce wrong timing on the speed and reduce the power of the engine which might make it difficult to drive the car uphill.

Conclusion On The Reasons Car Won’t Accelerate but RPMs Go Up

This post has explained some of the reasons why you might be having problems with your vehicle’s acceleration. Remember that the only way you can be certain of whatever problem that might arise in your vehicle is to take it in for a full diagnosis.

The best thing you can do, as a driver, is to make sure you do not drive when you suspect your car is in not functioning properly. You need to avoid further damage.

So now that we have shown you the reason you notice car won’t accelerate but RPMs go up  I hope you are able to make the right decision. We also showed you the main reason why car won’t accelerate past 40  and also why car wont accelerate past 20 and finally, we discussed the reason your car wont accelerate uphill.

So if your car won’t accelerate but RPMs go up automatic then you know why that is so.

I hope you love this article please be sure to share and don’t to bookmark this page for feature reference.

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