Cuases of Pop, Load & Whistling Noise from Engine when Accelerating

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You will agree with me that cars are very vital in our life, it takes you anywhere you want to go. You take your kids for shopping with a car, you take your family for picnics with a car and also drive your family to worship with a car. However, what if it gets worse, what will you do?

Anytime you find out that your car is noisy than before, this might be because of problems associated to a lot of things, although not all are bad. However, you need to be very attentive to the noise your car is making when accelerating.

This write up today will identify some noises you notice from your vehicle when accelerating so you can look for solution before it causes my problem.

For your car to make a loud, blowing noise in the summer is completely okay. But in warmer periods, you might likely drive with your Air conditioner on, then the car will struggle to be cool because of the heat. But if you find out that this is happening than usual, then change your car thermometer.

What you should know is that this challenge can be because of a lot of things. Could be in the transmission area, or problem from the engine. We will be sharing a lot of common problems and causes you could notice noise from your car.

The type noise may experience with your car may sometimes be dependent on the kind of vehicle and engine you are using.

Here are some notice types and possible reason they are happened.

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Car Making Whistle Noise Accelerating and whistling sound when pressing accelerator

  • Having A Whistle Noise

You might notice a whistling sound from engine or maybe you are not sure where that noisy whistle is coming from, but in case you are hearing the noisy sound on your vehicle when driving, then the problem might be with your car’s weather stripping. But is the noisy sound is coming from under the hood, then it could be that:

  • Your hose are an important part of your engine’s cooling component, however, they are considered the weakest. A constantly circulating of air, putting a cooling fluid into your engine could create small cracks in the hose, and breaks its vacuum seal. This noisy whistle sound you hear could be some air that escapes via the hole.
  • But in case you still hear the noisy whistle sound even when the vehicle is been turned off, then this noisy sound could come from your car radiator pressure cap. The cap was produced for releasing excessive heat that comes from overheated coolants.
  • Sometimes it could be some leakage in either via the exhaust area or via steering area. However, both of them are leaks, but you cannot attend to them in the same way.
    But once you have done a full check and you discover leakage in either of these two spots, then go for a repair section. You might also notice this whistling sound when pressing accelerator
  • Having A Pop Noise

Any time your car is having a popping noise, it may be caused by one of many issues, you can try these simple fixing or a do it yourself options first before doing anything else, it is wisest thing to drive your car to a pro for proper check. Though it could be costlier to you, maybe around $100 or even less, but after, the car will be perfect again making it to run in an efficient way, and if the noise stops after everything, you will be saving yourself time and money because you got the problems fixed. But in case this thorough car checkup didn’t get the humming noise solved, then its time you go for a total overhaul of your car system. However, sometimes a popping noise might come from:

  • Having a dirty air filtering system. But to solve this problem, you just need to change it.
  • Having a worn-out or a corrosion damaged spark plugs. But to solve this problem, you just need to get them changed.
  • Having a damaged spark wires. But to solve this problem, you just need to change them.
  • You might be having internal ignition malfunctioning (such as wiring, etc.)
  • Having a clog fuel filtering. But to solve this problem, you just need to get a pro.
  • Steering Problems

Another reason that we will be sharing here would be the steering system. Although there are some issues which each of them can be the reason behind your problem.

  • The first one is- a turned steering wheel. Anytime your car steering wheel is not in a neutral position that could create a humming noise in the car. But you must check out for an alignment issues on the car to solve this problem out.
  • Next is the second possible reason which is, loosen a steering belt. Once your belt get loosed, that could create some serious impact including noise when accelerating. This could also lead you to accident in a worst cases. So in case you finds out that you have lost your steering wheel, you should completely change the car steering belt and replace it with a good quality one.

You should know that there is no short diagnosis or quick trick to solve out a problem like this. Note that cars are complex and complicated mechanism and the problem can be sourced from a number of places at a time. In case you are not a mechanic, all you can do is locate the type of noise and the exact location of the noise source, and contact a professional to help you out. Better still, you can use a recording device to locate the noise and note down the place for a proper troubleshooting. You should know that there are many budget friendly noise locators available in the market in this regard.

  • Having A Louder Idling

You should have known by now that a good engine should roar, but it shouldn’t be louder. In case you noticed your car is more noisy than normal, there could be a problem with cylinder compression. Note that if there is an uneven air-fuel ration in the cylinder, combustion can happen at higher or lower rates than normal. A higher pressure in the cylinder can make the engine to sound louder than normal or even produce a knocking sound. However, if you don’t solve this problem, it can lead to your car engine been damaged. To this end, we would recommend you know all these possibilities and do something about it while you work on the serious issues

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