How Much To Replace Timing Belt (Full Guild To Timing Belt Replacement Cost)

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Timing belt replacement cost: The timing belt in your car is an integral part of the engine. It connects the engine’s crankshaft to the camshaft. When the timing belt starts wearing off then, you should replace it. A vehicle timing belt is a belt that chains together the camshaft and crankshaft rotations. The primary function of the timing belt is to ensure that the opening and closing of the engine’s valves syncs suitably. On the other hand, the work of the engine valve is to control the air/fuel mixture intake and exhaust gas and push the pistons down as fuel burns in the engine combustion chamber. Timing belts controls the pistons. It turns the camshaft to either open or close each valve and then allows the pistons to move up and down.

How Much To Replace Timing Belt | Full Guild To Timing Belt Replacement Cost and Symptoms

A working timing belt helps in harmonizing the crankshaft and the camshaft. But a damaged or not very effective timing will prevent the engine’s valve from opening or closing properly. Before a timing belt or chain goes bad completely, there are symptoms associated with a faulty timing belt.

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Bad timing belt symptoms

Once, you start noticing any of these symptoms, the sooner you replace the timing belt, the better for you.

  • A strange noise coming from the engine

Any noise coming from the engine should not be ignored. One of the most common symptoms of bad timing belt or chain is the unusual noise that comes from the engine system. The noise happens because either the engine valve’s is not working well as a result of a bad timing belt or chain.

  • engine misfiring

Engine misfiring can be caused by some other issues. The engine misfires due to an imbalanced air/fuel mixture intake that can’t be controlled by the engine valve. When this happens repeatedly, then it is time to change the timing belt.

  • The engine won’t turn over

Having a damaged or ineffective timing belt, you will find it difficult in starting the car because the engine valve won’t open or close at the appropriate time.

  • Oil leaks from the front of the vehicle

You might have seen oil leaking from the front of your car and cannot deduce the cause. This mostly occurs when the timing belt and other issues in the engine system is bad. Oil leaking from the front of the car will lead to shortage of oil which in turn will make the car consume much fuel and get the temperature increased. One of the early signs of a bad timing belt is oil leaking from the front of your car.  When the timing belt is bad, engine oil leaks.

  • Increased smoke from the exhaust unit

Often times, when there is too much smoke or fumes from the exhaust, one possible reason is the timing belt is damaged. It won’t be able to sync properly, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the engine valve which will not be able to control the air/fuel mixture intake and exhaust gas and also push the pistons down as fuel ignites in the engine combustion chamber. Not being able to perform this task will cause more fumes and increased smoke in the exhaust.

If your car is producing any of these symptoms you should consider replacing the timing belt. The replacement cost is fairly cheap. It can be higher or lower in some regions. The interesting part is that when it comes to replacing a timing belt for most cars, they are available in various auto shops.

Timing belt replacement cost

Depending on your country of residence, you can get the timing belt of your car replaced between $20-$50. Apart from replacing the timing belt, you will pay the auto electrician that fixed it for you. The cost for this is based on your bargaining power and can attract more charges when your auto electrician discovered and fixed other issues that can reduce engine performances.

Timing best replace

Replacing a timing belt should be done by an expert. But if you are sure you can fix it, then go ahead. Replacing timing belt is not difficult. It comes in a complete set. All the necessary tools needed in replacing it are contained in the pack. It comes with the following: timing belt, the timing tensioners, and seals.

Although it comes with tools used in fixing it, however, engaging the services of a professional is better to avoid causing more damages. You can have your car timing belt replaced even though it hasn’t shown any symptoms. Replacing a timing belt is suggested when you have covered at least 60,000 miles.

If you cannot see it displayed on your dashboard, then check on your vehicle owner’s manual. Timing belt should be changed after 5 years as specified in the manufacturer’s manual. (Check to see yours).


Timing belt is very important in ensuring that your engine’s valves work well. Replacing your car timing belt once you notice any of the early signs will prevent more damages and save you from paying extra costs. Timing belt replacement cost may be cheap but does not mean the functions of the timing belt is little or of no importance.

Please note, some of the symptoms listed here can be caused by some other underlying factors. This is why it is crucial to seek for the services of an auto mechanic to run a proper scan to know the exact cause.

And if eventually, it is a timing belt issue, you have to replace it. Also note that not all cars uses timing belt; in some, it comes with chains. They both serve the same functions which is to hold the camshaft and crankshaft to enable the engine’s valve to open and close at the right time. But in terms of durability, timing chain is durable more than timing belt.

When replacing a timing belt, going through your manufacturers’ guild is necessary. This is because, on some engines where the coolant pump is run by the timing belt, it may require you replace the coolant pump together with timing belt. In a situation where a tensioner is bad, it is advised to have the timing belt replaced.

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