Can You Drive With Bad Motor Mounts + Symptoms of a Bad Motor Mount

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Anytime that you think of all the power, vibrations and torque caused by an engine that runs many thousand miles, then you will know how the engine mounts have to take on a lot of stress. Note that the engine mounts happens to be what connects points which secure the engine itself to the chassis of the vehicle. Let’s read on to first understand what motor mount is.

But before that here are the subtopics and common questions we will consider and respond to in this article:

  • what is motor mount?
  • symptoms of a bad motor mount
  • can you drive with bad engine mounts?
  • how long can you drive with broken motor mounts?
  • what happens when motor mounts go bad?
  • what does a broken motor mount feel like?
  • how to tell if engine mount is bad?
  • Can a bad motor mounts cause transmission problems?
  • What is a motor mounts replacement cost?
  • when to replace motor mounts?

Can You Drive With Bad Motor Mounts + Symptoms of a Bad Motor Mount


A motor mount happens to be the part that secures the engine in the car. For some vehicles, the engine and transmission are securely bolted together and held in place by three or four mounts. This mount that tightens the transmission is what we call the transmission mount, while others are referred to as motor mounts.

Sometimes, one part of the motor mount is bolted to the car body or its frame, while another part holds the engine. Your engine is a source of vibration because it has lots of parts which moves and rotates. Please note that the work of a motor mount is not just to hold the engine together, but to minimize the engine vibrating effect on the car.

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A lot of drivers always ask, what does a broken motor mount feel like? Below are some signs of bad motor mount you need to know and how to tell if engine mount is bad.

So lets look at each of these symptoms of a bad motor mount and then we move to the answering the question, “can you drive with bad engine mounts?”

Bad Motor Mount Symptoms and signs

  • An Impact Noises

This is one of the common symptoms that is connected with worn motor mounts which comes from the engine bay. A broken, worn or damaged motor mounts can cause banging, clunking, and other impact type of sounds as a result of the weight of the engine shifting too much to the point of contact.

  • Excessive Vibrations

Having too much vibration is a common symptom of a dying motor mount. Once you begin to up serve too much vibrations in your car, then it is caused by a failing mount. Anytime the rubber or dampening fluid of the mount wears out, or whenever the mount itself stops to be secure, then the power to stop vibrations is impacted severely. And because of this, you will start to notice the vibration of the car.

  • A compromised positioning of your Engine

Any engine which shows to be lopsided or out of alignment, which is not in its normal position, is an engine with broken or damaged motor mounts. And in addition, to securely keep an engine inside the vehicle hood section to stabilize its movements, the motor mounts serve to keep an engine aligned and positioned properly to allow for better engine operation, and adequate operation of all of the supporting mechanical devices that is under a car’s hood. A bad motor mounts has the ability to allow an engine to sag or tilt, a situation that is easily spotted by a smart car owner.


Moving on to “can you drive your car with bad motor mounts?” this is yet another common question we get here is our  take on it.

 So, can you drive your car with bad motor mounts?

Technically you might be able to drive your car with bad motor mounts, but it difficult and dangerous.  So if your motor mounts have broken completely from the engine, and not just that it is loose or cracked, an engine can shift from one side to another, bouncing about. However, it becomes dangerous if you are driving at a high speeds, your engine may shift or bounce violently causing lots of parts to fly off.

Anytime the engine or transmission becomes ineffective, then other car parts will begin to suffer as well. This means that whenever transmission mounts collapse or wear out, they will affect engine stability which will result in a flexing vehicle frame that eventually makes the car difficult to drive.

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It is known that motor mounts are subject to wear which depends on age and how the vehicle is used. Any car that uses a manual transmission may break motor mounts regularly depending on the abuse from the shifting of the transmission. Sometimes age of the mounts depends on location. The same way old tires begin to dry rot and crack, so is a motor mount rubber.

Sometimes, a solid motor mount may tear partly and still work fine, but a liquid-filled motor mount will leak out its liquid and the motor mount will no longer dampen vibrations from the motor. But generally, motor mounts don’t have a scheduled replacement but should last for about 5 to 10 years before dry rot or breaks from age-related failure. Motor


Well, the truth is, anywhere from five minutes to a few more years. Sometimes it depends on how the mount is constructed and the engine type. Most engines, such as an inline 6, are naturally balanced, and won’t vibrate as much as engines that are intrinsically unbalanced. Although some of the latter have internal balancing. So you need to understand that the number of motor mounts is determined by what the car producers felt was needed, so you are driving on borrowed time if you don’t get the broken motor mount solved. Note that you are mounting extra stress on the other mounts and other parts of the drive-train that are made to transmit torque to the wheels, not restrain a shaking, rocking, or pitching engine.


As discussed earlier, there are few things that will happen when a motor mount goes bad or fails. Some of them are:

  • Your vehicle having an excessive Noise
  • Your vehicle having a broken belts and hoses
  • Your vehicle’s engine vibrating
  • Your vehicle’s engine being damaged
  • Your vehicle having misalignment

Right now we have shown you how to tell if engine mount is bad.


Just like many other parts in the vehicle, motor mounts are sometimes more complex and vital than they might appear at first glance. Some car owners understand that anything that has to do with the words motor and mount are very vital. And the fact is that, even the seemingly minor failures can have a long reach implications for the rest of your drivetrain.

A motor mounts holds the engine and the vehicle’s structure in place. Loose mounts cannot hold the frame better, and as a result, the engine and transmission will not stay in place. This will make the two parts to strike with other components and the overall situation will put stress on the movement, allowing overheat to take place and leaving the bad motor mount uncured will make the matter even worse causing more problem to the transmission.


If you need to replace your motor mounts, you should know that the average replacement cost for a motor mount is anywhere from $250 to $650. Most times, the cost of the parts and labour can vary, depending on the brand and model of your car. You might get the parts around $50 to $150, while the labour costs will be around $100 to $500. However, it all depends on how difficult for the mechanic to have access to your engine mount.

Concluding on  Can You Drive With Bad Motor Mounts + Symptoms of a Bad Motor Mount.

This post on symptoms of a bad motor mount has discussed in enough shell various areas regarding motor mount. Starting from what is motor mount, the Symptoms of a bad motor mount and how long can you drive with broken motor mounts.

We also showed you what happens when motor mounts go bad in your vehicle and not attended to.

I am sure now you know what a broken motor mount feels like because we sure discussed how to tell if engine mount is bad and if bad motor mounts can cause transmission problems.

Finally, we talked about motor mounts replacement cost and when to replace motor mounts.

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