blend door actuator symptoms

Symptoms Of Bad Blend Door Actuator Silverado

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Have you had to consider what the Symptoms Of Bad Blend Door Actuator Silverado are or may you asked yourself what does a blend door actuator do? Well if you did then this is the post for you.

It might be very uncomfortable when the heater in your car stops working on a cold morning. You try moving the temperature control to its highest setting but still, the heater won’t come on. It is very common for the heating and air system of an old car to be faulty. No matter how hard you might try, it is not avoidable. The fault might be from a bad blend door actuator.

This post is going to discuss some of the blend door actuator symptoms you need to look out for and also answer the question what does a blend door actuator do. A faulty blend door actuator can make your driving unpleasant and uncomfortable. Some of the blend door actuator symptomscan vary from hearing the ticking of noise from your dashboard when you start the car or if the heater in our car is blowing cold or the AC is blowing hot. These are little signs that something is wrong with the blend door.

What is a Blend Door

A blend door is located in the vehicle’s heating and air conditioning system. It is responsible for diverting warm or cool air in different stages in order to keep passengers pleasant in the vehicle. You might need heat when the car is cold or vice versa, the blend door will have to be moved to make sure the temperature is as suitable as desired. If cool air is desired, then the blend door closes so that heat would not be able to come into the vehicle. A blend door uses a mechanical device called actuator to move.

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What does a blend door actuator do?

An actuator is responsible for moving the blend door when the temp is controlled. It is usually powered using a vacuum or a small motor which is mouthed with the assembly (heat and air).

A blend actuator has an electronic motor that turns a plastic gear set in different directions. Then at the final drive of the unit, it is connected to an air control pivot door. When it gets faulty, there are two things that could have happened. First, the electric motor is burnt which makes it difficult for the unit to respond when the temperature control is moved.

The second one is that the gear becomes hard and breaks easily. The unit makes a constant ticking noise while working. These are the two most common problems with the blend door actuator.

Bad blend door actuator symptoms |symptoms of bad blend door actuator Silverado

To be aware whether you have a bad blend door or not, there are certain symptoms you need to watch out for. If the blend door constantly moves to back and forth, there is every possibility that something is not right.

Another symptom is when you keep hearing a repetitive noise behind the glove box where the HVAC is located. This noise will occur when you change the settings in your air conditioner or you start your car. The noise might sound like knocking or clanking. This is caused when the knob is moving towards the controls heat side without giving enough heat. In order to test this diagnosis, turn on your air conditioner on the street or underground and then increase the temperature to the hottest. If the air is cooler than in the vent position, then the blend door is the problem. However, if you have to turn the temperature in a cold position, then the problem is with the cooling system.

Those are some of the heater blend door actuator symptoms you need to watch out for.

Causes of a bad blend door actuator

As mentioned earlier, a blend door actuator is linked to the air control door, it rotates side by side with the electronic motor. If the plastic gear breaks, this might affect the blend door. It will then lead to problems with the vehicle’s air conditioner and heater system. There will also be a fault if the electric motor gets burnt. When it gets to this stage, nothing will happen again if you move the vent mode or try controlling the temperature.

Replacing Bad Blend Door Actuator

After you have seen the bad blend door actuator symptoms and you want to replace it on yourself, follow the following tips:

  • First, bring out the glove box compartment by removing the bolts that hold it to the passenger side. You should get rid of all the screws holding it up. After doing this, gently pull the cover under the dashboard. You will be able to see the heater box with all its wiring.
  • Gently remove the wiring safety clip with a screwdriver. These clips can break so easily, so take your time while bringing them out. Pull down the wiring connector and take it away from the actuator. Additionally, you can inspect and clean it if need be.
  • Find the actuator and remove it from its screws. There are usually two to three screws holding it up. You might have to get a small universal in order to help with these screws as they are tiny. Once you remove it, keep them for safekeeping. The actuator will come loose after you have removed the screws. Now pull it out.
  • In order to avoid the new actuator failing, turn the air pivot door manually to make sure it isn’t stuck. Move it back and forth to make sure it is moving in both directions without any hindrance. If it isn’t moving, then you need to find whatever might be obstructing it.
  • Now, you need to compare the new actuator with the old one. They need to match identically so that it can fit and work perfectly.
  • Proceed to installation. Put back the screw. Once you have done this, you will hear a click which is a signal that you installed it correctly.
  • Now, reinstall the glove box cover. When you want to install the screw, do not tighten the first one as it will make the other crew difficult to install. After you have successfully completed this, restart the engine to test what you have done. Move the climate control to make sure the new actuator is working.

Conclusion on blend door actuator symptoms

This post explained what does a blend door actuator do and some of the bad blend door symptoms you need to look out for in your vehicle and how to repair it if the problem ever arises. If the tip on repairing it is not clear enough, then you might need to take in for a mechanic to check.

I hope this has helped you please share if it did help you.

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