How Do You Take the Back Seat out of a 2009 Subaru Forester?

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The Subaru Forester provides ease of usage to every passenger. From the ease of door opening to the spacious cabin and the rear seats, Subaru Forester speaks convenience, ease of usage, and sheer comfort to all passengers.

It may require you to remove the rear seat from your Subaru Forester in order to make adequate repairs or replacements of the seat frame, cloth, or cushions.

This article examines:

  • How Do You Take the Back Seat out of a 2009 Subaru Forester?
  • Subaru Legacy 2005 back seat fold down
  • 2001 Subaru forester rear seat removal
  • How to adjust Subaru Forester back seat
  • Subaru outback back seat fold down
  • How to remove Subaru Crosstrek rear seat
  • Subaru Tribeca rear seat removal
  • 2010 Subaru Impreza rear seat removal
  • Subaru forester rear seat cover
  • How to remove Subaru seat cover

How Do You Take the Back Seat out of a 2009 Subaru Forester?

To remove the back seat out of a 2009 Subaru Forester, it may require you to follow the steps below:

  • Step One: Fix both retaining bolts that fix the lower seat cushion to the vehicle. These bolts are situated on the floorboard immediately underneath the seat. It has one on each side of the rear floor board.
  • Step Two: Next, using a socket and ratchet or wrench, it’s time for you to remove the retaining bolts. Then lift up and pull forward on the lower pillow to release it and remove it from the vehicle, going out via one of the door openings.
  • Step Three: Now, set the seat backs down flat and remove the cargo area rug or liner. Pull the seat cover up from the base of the cushion to open up the mounting brackets and bolts that shields the seat backs to the vehicle.
  • Step Four: Remove the four mounting bolts with a socket and ratchet then lift the seat backs out of the bracket. Slide the seat backs out of the vehicle either through the rear cargo area or the back doors.

To fold down the seatback, the following procedure needs to be carried out:

  • 1. Open the trunk lid from inside
  • 1) Release lever
  • 2. Pull the release lever on the side that you want to fold downwards.
  • 3. fold up the seatback.

Subaru Legacy 2005 Back seat fold down

To fold down the back seat of the Subaru legacy 2005, it would require you to raise the back seat to its new position until it locks into place and ensure that it is firmly locked.

Before folding down the seatback, ensure that there are no passengers or objects on the back seat. This is because doing this creates a risk of injury or property damage. Unlock the seatback by pulling the release lever and then fold the seatback down.  To return the seatback to its original position, raise the seatback until it locks into place.

2001 Subaru forester rear seat removal

Removing the rear seat of the 2001 Subaru forester is quite easy. The 2001 Subaru Forester rear holds two bolts at the bottom and on the back side of the footwell. After loosening the base, lift it and pull forward. It would reveal seven bolts that hold the upper back piece on. Take that out to access the remaining screws and bolts that holds the upper piece back piece on. It will require you to pull the trunk inserts to access the bolts at the back.

How to Adjust Subaru forester back seat

Back seats of Subaru Forester come with a circle that you heave to regulate reclination angle of the seatback. There’s a fabric loop located where the seat connects with the seatback. You can pull the loop to fiddle with seatback position on one or both sides to adjust the Subaru forester back seat.

Subaru Outback Back Seat Fold down

The 2019 Subaru Outback can comfortably seat up to five passengers, with 108.1 cu.-ft. of total passenger volume. For the utmost cargo space, you can fold down the rear seat and you’ll have 73.3 cu.-ft. of extra space.

How to Remove Subaru Crosstrek Rear seat

When removing the Subaru Crosstrk rear seat, you have to be careful because the airbag system satellite safing sensor is situated in the lower of the rear seat cushion center.

So, to remove Subaru Crosstrek Rear Seat:

  • Ensure you don’t apply strong impact to the sensor when working, particularly after the rear seat cushion has been removed.
  • Separate the ground cable from battery and wait for at least 60 seconds prior to commencing your work.
  • Remove the rear seat cushion assembly.
  • Push the corners of the rear seat cushion from above.
  • While pushing the corners of the rear seat cushion from above, pull the knob of the hook towards yourself.
  • While pulling the knob towards yourself, separate the hooks by lifting up the rear seat cushion.
  • Ensure you pull the left side of the knob to disconnect the left hand side hook, and pull the right side of the knob to disconnect the right hand side hook.
  • Remove the first hook by pushing it back while lifting the front side of the rear seat cushion, and remove the rear seat cushion.
  • Remove the backrest assembly on the left hand.
  • Tilt the backrest assembly LH forward.
  • Remove the clips located at the bottom of the cover COMPL – rear backrest LH and RH of the rear seat back.
  • Turn over the cover COMPL – rear backrest LH to remove the bolts.
  • Remove the backrest assembly LH from the hinge assembly.
  • The backrest assembly cannot be removed unless pin positions on the hinge assembly side and backrest assembly side are united.
  • Remove the backrest assembly RH and also remove the bolts and nuts.
  • Remove the backrest assembly RH from the hinge assembly.

You should note that it is difficult for you to remove the backrest assembly if not pin positions on the hinge assembly side and backrest assembly side are aligned.

Subaru Tribeca Rear Seat Removal

To remove Sibaru Tribeca rear seat:

  • It would require you to remove the seats and rear deck in order to access the panel.
  • You will have to get rid of bolts connecting the seats to the frame.
  • Then at the front of the seat, pull up towards the ceiling, then forward
  • The seatback is held in position by a number of 12mm bolts. You can plainly see them immediately you take out the seat bottom.
  • Then unscrew them to remove the rear seat of your Subaru Tribeca.

2010 Subaru Impreza Rear Seat Removal

The process involved in the removal of the 2010 Subaru Impreza rear seat is quite easy.

  • Simply take off the two bolts holding on the bottom seat cushion
  • They are located on the “kick panel”
  • To better spot the bolts, just sit in the front seat and look back at the rear
  • Take out the bottom cushion
  • This exposes three more bolts holding the top cushion
  • Lift up on the cushion
  • To install it back, simply reverse the steps above, starting from bottom to top.
  • The whole process normally takes about 5 – 10 minutes.

How to Remove Subaru Seat Cover

You can decide to remove the seat cover of your Subaru due to several reasons. To remove the seat cover of your Subaru, follow the steps below.

Items needed


  • Remove the plastic cover on the sides of the seat
  • Also take out the plastic adjustable seat lever handle.
  • There’s also a long plastic clip across the bottom on the back part of the seat that you need to unfasten so you can slide it up to access to the 2 x 14mm bolts on the side with recliner level.
  • There’s a Philips screw that requires you to pull the back separately from the bottom.
  • After removing the back, you may have to fight with the plastic things where the head rest glide on.
  • The underneath part of the seat the cloth part has clips that holds onto the metal base.
  • After releasing it, pull the sides up you. (Removing these screws may be hard, but you can easily remove them using a flat screw driver).
  • There are three metal rods in the cloth which are hooked onto small metal rings, use the needle nose to separate them to enable you pull the metal rods from out of the ring.
  • Check if the back cloth is held by little metal rings or not. If they are, you can easily remove it, but if it isn’t them you can easily remove the seat cover.

Conclusion How to Take The Back Seat Out Of A 2009 Subaru Forester?

Subaru cars are unique because each model is designed to meet with the customers want. Subarus come with all-weather assurance of the wheels, and they are reliable. Subaru Forester is perfect for a group of five embarking on a road trip or some vacation. Subaru Outback is a bit smaller than Forester and comes with high-horsepower. Subarus come with a spacious cabin which is built to comfort to reduce redundant road noises and vibrations. With this article, you should be able to take out the back or rear seat of any Subaru car without stress. Removing and replacing the back seat cover should be easy for those ones that come with zippers

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