Subaru 2.5 dohc head gasket replacement cost & Repair Cost

How much does it cost to replace Subaru head gasket (Subaru head gasket repair cost)

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Subaru is one of the world’s largest automobile producers. Their cars are known for having a boxer engine with more than 1500cc. The biggest stain on the company is the Subaru head gasket problem. Many of their models have been dented with this gasket problem.

 Their first-generation model was Impreza (1999). This was followed by Forrester (1999), Legacy (2000), Outback (2000) and Baja (2003), respectively. All these cars face the problem of an internal leak in the head which makes the engine overheat.

If you discover that your Subaru head gasket has been damaged, you should know that that is the problem most of their vehicles have. The only solution is to fix it as head gasket is a very important part of an engine.

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace Subaru Head Gasket (Subaru Head Gasket Repair Cost)

If your Subaru head gasket is faulty and you want to repair it, know that there are many factors that determine the cost. The first thing to put into consideration is the year and engine configuration.

The average labour cost to repair Subaru head gasket is ranged anywhere from $1600 to $1700. Then, you need another additional $700 for other components like the timing belt, tensioners, idlers, water pumps and seals.

And if your car is an automatic transmission car, then the cost can go up to $2500 and $2700. A head gasket job on a manual transmission car with the clutch runs between $2700 and $3100. After all research online, these are the numbers that appear most. Yours may either be less or even more.

Subaru forester head gasket repair cost

To replace the head gasket, the repair covers the thermostat, head gasket, valve cover gasket, oil change, and a filter. In other for the problem not to arise again, it is advisable to change your tensioner, timing belt, timing idlers, cam seals, and crank.

In addition, you should also inspect your water pump if it has not been replaced in a very long time. Any spoilt hose, exhaust gasket, sensors, spark plugs or other components should also be replaced.

If the baffle plate is faulty, then it needs to be replaced too. If you can repair all at the same time, it will save you additional money and time for another visit to the mechanic workshop.

To repair the gasket alone, you need about $1700 but if all you want is to change the timing belt, that should be about $1300. Labor cost might be between $909 and $1148, depending on the area you are.

Repairing your forester head gasket might take up to two days as the technicians will need time to test and recheck it.

It has been reported that the cooling system and sensors fail just after the gasket repair. You should not expect any problem after fixing it but just be aware that there is tendency for that.

2 Subaru head gasket replacement kits: on Amazon

SCITOO Head Gasket Bolts

This kit is a set replacement for Subaru Baja, Forester, Impreza Saab, and Legacy. It is engineered from high standard and premium materials to provide efficient services and also very reliable.

In addition, this head gasket can withstand high and low temperatures to provide optimum reliability. It is made with a high premium of quality graphite, rubbers, and metals. 

You need to be certain it is compatible with your own Subaru model before you buy it. When you purchase this kit, you enjoy a 12-month warranty. You can get it here.

Head Gasket Set Subaru Forester Impreza & Subaru Legacy Outback Baja

This kit fits Subaru Forester Impreza (1999-2005), Legacy Outback Baja and Saab 9-2X 2.5L H4 H6 SOHC EJ25 (2005). It meets all the original specifications and performance.

This kit has also been recommended as very reliable and highly effective. It is very durable and can last longer even in an aggressive environment like higher temperatures or under higher mechanical stress. You can buy it here.

How to replace Subaru head gasket

Since the 2.5 SOHC has the highest failure gasket rate,  we will discuss the replacement. Gasket failure may cause the oil and coolant to mix causing problems with the SOHC engines. If the gasket is replaced and not done the right way, it may lead to internal combustion.

To successfully replace Subaru head gasket, here are the parts needed:

  • Head gasket,
  • Intake gasket,
  • Exhaust,
  • manifold gasket
  • Cam seal
  • Front crankshaft seal
  • Valve seals
  • Valve cover gasket
  • Sparkplug tube seal
  • Valve cover bolt grommet
  • Drive belts

Additionally, theses are required as well: Timing belt, Water pump, Sparkplugs, Cogged idler pulley, Smooth upper idler pulley, Smooth lower idler pulley, Hydraulic tensioner pulley assembly and Upper and lower radiator hoses. Some of these parts might just need to be inspected and replaced if need be.

Replacing a gasket is a complex thing to do and should be left for professionals. They will first need to clean all the valve ports and check it. Then, the next is to look for the engine oil consumption rate and detect if there is something wrong there.

If there is any problem, then it needs to be corrected while changing the head gasket. After this, you can decide to remove or not remove the engine in order to start your repair.

Symptoms of Faulty Head Gasket

  1. When the head gasket is developing problems, there are slight gaps that let oil leak underneath the engine. If you discover oil is leaking from your Subaru car, that might be a symptom that the oil gasket is getting faulty.
  2. The head gasket is a passageway for coolant to flow appropriately. When there is no more coolant in the vehicle, it makes the engine hot thereby causing the temperature gauge on the dashboard to go up. It can make the engine overheat which will cause a problem for the Subaru.
  3. When you go for a long drive, more heat will be produced in the vehicle. Since there isn’t any coolant regulating because of the faulty head gasket, there will be more friction and heat.

A final thought

If you notice some symptoms that your Subaru head gasket is damaged, you need to take it to a professional mechanic. It needs a high level of expertise to repair, and unless you have the skills required, you may actually make it worse.

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