How Long Does it Take to Replace Suspension?+Car Suspension Repair Cost

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It is not out of place for you want to know how long it takes to replace the suspension and the car suspension repair cost and that is due to the fact that the car suspension is a vital component in a car. and that is why in this post we will look at signs of bad suspension, how long it takes fix a suspension and cost for a car suspension repair.

 Suspension is very useful to the workings of a safe and efficient car which is needed for you to drive vehicle safely.

The car suspension  is responsible for increasing the friction between the tire and the road.

This increases the grip of the steering control. With this, the driving experience is stable, smooth, and very controlled.

As a driver, you would have encountered a smooth or bumpy road a couple of times. The kind of road you drive will vary due to your location.

You might be on a smooth road for a couple of miles and then start encountering numerous potholes on other roads. It is necessary to take note of the way the wheel of the car interacts with the street. There has to be a structure that would come between the energy and frame of the wheel.

All energy from the wheel will be directed to the frame and this will make the wheel lose contact with the road. The suspension of the car will provide a solution to this problem and make the car run smoothly.

How Long Does it Take to Replace Suspension?+ Car Suspension Repair Cost

The suspension supports tons of metals all the time and so, eventually wears out. It needs to be repaired. The repair is just as important as maintaining the general functions of your car. A faulty suspension will affect the control of a car.

So to get into this post fully, below is simply of car suspension diagram and then we will get into

Before responding to the query “how long does it take to replace suspension”?

Car suspension diagram

Symptoms that your Suspension needs to be repaired (symptoms of bad suspension)

There are various symptoms that you should look out for in order to know whether something is wrong with your suspension or not. These signs will give you hints to know when it’s time to call the repairer.

Here are the list of symptoms of bad suspension in cars:

Rough Ride

The first thing to look out for is that your car might start riding very roughly. When driving, you will notice that the smooth turns, easy accelerating, and braking will not occur anymore.

When you bump into a pothole, it will cause the car to bounce more than the usual way it has been.

 If you notice that your car is now riding too roughly, you need to get the suspension checked.

Excessive jumping while braking

If the suspension of the car is faulty, it will be more difficult to stop the car suddenly. When you apply the brake, the body of the vehicle will jump to the front and back instead of stopping immediately. This increases chances of accident.

Bouncing excessively

You can carry out what is called “bounce test” on your car. To do this, you have to put your car in park and bounce down the front of the car a few times.

Release it and watch it. If the car continues bouncing after stopping the engine, it is a sign that the suspension is faulty.

Greasy or oily shocks

Another sign that you need to repair your suspension is when the shocks are oily or greasy. This means that the shocks might be leaking fluids and is not working as it should. This is time to get it fixed.

Drifting during turns

When turning and you notice the car pulling or drifting, there is every chance that the vehicle’s suspension system is failing. With this effect, you are at risk of rollover as the shocks can no longer keep the body of the car stable against the turning force.

Tire Treads

If the treads of your tire are uneven, this is also a sign that the suspension is faulty. That means the suspension is not holding the car as it should. This lets pressure distribute unevenly to the tires. In this case, you will need to fix it soon.

Coils issue

Although it is rare for the coil of a car to wear out, it is possible if the suspension is failing. You will need to replace the suspension coils and then get your wheels aligned. If you notice your car is leaning to a side and the spring is visibly showing and faulty, there might be an issue with the coils.

Car Suspension Repair Cost (How Much Does it Cost to Fix Suspension?)

When thinking of how much to fix car suspension, one  you need to also think of the  type of vehicle you use because that one factor that will determine the cost of replacing or fixing your suspension.

The average repair cost of suspension is between $1000 and $5000 with the wheel alignment costing around $20 to $400. You need to consider either replacing or repairing the suspension. Another factor that determines the price is the labor cost you will pay which is totally dependent on the services you hire or the auto shop you choose.

Other important parts of the suspension are shocks and struts. They play important roles in the system and affect the way the car hits the road. These components prevent any poor braking or dangerous swaying of the car. Once they are in perfect working condition, it creates stability for the vehicle.

The cost to replace a strut depends on the model of your vehicle, type of struts, and the mechanic who will fix it. You will pay from $50 to $900 to replace a pair of struts. Then the labor cost for repairing is about $150 to $300.

Some of the other parts that need to be considered when repairing the suspension system are shock absorbers and anti-sway bars springs. The two sides of the suspension need to be replaced to prevent excess stress from the older parts to the new ones.

Factors that affect a car’s suspension repair cost

Here are other factors that will affect the cost to fix suspension on car or amount you should budget for car suspension repair.

Car model

The year, make, and model of your car determine the cost of repairing its suspension. The repair cost of a luxurious vehicle like an SUV will be higher than that of an average car. A very old car with rusting underneath will also have a higher cost because it takes longer time to fix.


Another factor is the mechanic that is doing the repair for you. The price might be high or low, depending on the repair shop you use.


Estimating the cost of a suspension repair can be difficult sometimes. The price might cover the labor costs, parts, and how complex the replacement is. When repairing, parts need to be replaced in pairs. This will maintain balance and prevent the old parts from stressing new ones. After replacing the suspension parts, you might also need a wheel alignment. You can check your car’s manual to find out if it is a requirement.

Brand of Suspension parts

The prices for different manufacturers of suspension brands vary. The quality and design of the products make them effective and durable. Opting for the cheapest part is not advisable as choosing a trusted brand might save you money in the long run. You can ask your mechanic for the brand to opt for.


Check your vehicle’s insurance to find out whether a suspension repair is a part or not. If it is a part, your insurer might cover the cost if you are not responsible for the damage.

How Long Does it Take to Replace Suspension

The time it takes to replace car suspension is totally dependent on if the it the entire suspension or just one or two shocks that you want to change. If you are changing 1 or 2 suspension, it will take you around 2 to 4 hours for the one side on the control arms. And when you are looking at fixing or changing the entire suspension you

Conclusion on How Long Does it Take to Replace Suspension

Finally, that is all there is to know about the repair cost of failing suspension problems. Always watch out for symptoms of a failing suspension and get it fixed as fast as possible to prevent more damage and accident.

I hope this post on how much it cost to fix car suspension and the symptoms of bad suspension was helpful to you?

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