5 Reasons why Car Overheating When Air Conditioner Is On (Car Overheats With AC On)

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Is your car overheating when air conditioner is on? You see, there are lots of reasons why this could happen which may involve your radiator, a faulty engine parts, an overheating of car parts and it could even be that the air conditioner is faulty on it.

There is nothing more annoying than to have your car overheats with AC on during hot weather and the only option you are left with is to turn off the AC till you are able to seek a solution. 

You need to seek as quickly as possible because if your car runs hot when ac is on continuously for a period of time, other components of your car will start to go bad too resulting to my costly expenses.

That is why we bring you this post the foremost reasons why you may notice car overheating when AC is on?

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5 Reasons why Car Overheating When Air Conditioner is On (Car Overheats with AC On)

So here are what causes car to overheat when ac is on?

  • #1. Faulty Air Conditioner:

So the reason your car overheats with ac on could be due to a bad or faulty AC. And when you have Faulty Air Conditioner, you will notice that your car engine will overheat, the dashboard will also be overheating, and then car seat can heat up some minutes after turning on the AC. And then your car quickly goes back to its normal temperature the moment you turn off the AC, this is an indication of an air conditioner problem. You have to be observant of this t when it is just a faulty air conditioner.

  • #2. Problem with Radiator

The next component to look out for when you notice your car overheating when air conditioner is on is the Radiator. The care radiator is what helps for passage of coolant through the thin metallic fins to the engine. So when the radiator is bad or faulty your car might overheat when ac is turned on. In this situation, changing your car radiator may actually solve the problem. But you have to make sure radiator is an issue here otherwise consult your mechanic.

  • #3. Clogged Radiator or Faulty Fan

Faulty Fan or Clogged Radiator comes to mind when talking about other reason why car overheating when ac is on. Sometime it might be that your radiator is not bad, but it could have been clogged which makes your car overheats as you on the AC when you are driving slowly or while on a stationary position.

Your car overheating when air conditioner is on in this situation is due to clogged radiator which has prevented an easy flow of air and coolant through to the car engine. This must-have damaged the fan switch and this for sure, will lead to engine overheats when AC is on.

  • #4. Compressor Overload

If your car AC has a multifunctional compressor, then its most likely putting too much load on the car engine.  Multifunctional compressor AC cooling system usually requires a huge volume of power from the engine placing too much load that the compressor might not be capable of handling. The AC compressor adds rotational load to the engine and if the compressor is getting exhausted it becomes increasingly hard to turn this makes the car engine to overheat. This is what also causes the engine to overheat when ac is on.

  • #5. Inadequate Cooling System

Your car cooling system is yet another factor to observe if your car overheats when AC is on. The car cooling system helps to keep the AC condenser cool while your air conditioner is one.

Normally AC usually will heat up after you turn it on, and the air conditioning cooling system was set the reduce the heat.

So when the cooling system starts to malfunction then will lead to car overheating when air conditioner is on. The malfunctioning of the AC cooling system could be as a result of the following:  defective condenser fan, clogged condenser fins, or a faulty water pump which is not circulating the coolant properly.

Here is some quick solution when car overheating air conditioner not working:

Please try any of these solutions if car runs hot when ac is on before to see if it will solve the problem. And if any this doesn’t work, you have to hire an expert.

  • If you notice any of the issues above have your mechanic check it fully. On your own, you might want to check your gas and be sure of the gas compatibility with your vehicle then refill gas if it doesn’t match.
  • You have to clean your radiator on a consistent basis.
  • Be sure to install an air pressure gauge at one of the radiators ends to check the airflow.
  • Overheating could be due to air getting trapped in the coolant system, so be sure to flush it to release the extra air and restore the normal condition of the coolant.
  • You have to change the coolant mixture every 2years.
  • Make sure to add water to the radiator if you notice water below the average level.

I hope this post on car overheating when air conditioner is on has helped you. please share and book this for reference.

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