What Causes Check Engine Light to Come on Honda accord

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Is your Honda accord check engine light flashing rough idle? If this is you then you are just in right post because we will be considering what causes check engine light to come on Honda accord.

The Honda crv check engine light codes that indicates a particular issue and Honda crv check engine light reset procedure.

We will also consider a 2008, 2009 or 2010 Honda accord check engine light flashing issue and reset.

It can be worrisome, if you are driving and you discover that the check engine light is on. When this situation occurs, you may be want to  consider whether to park your car immediately or continue your journey and later check what is triggered the check engine.

Unlike the usual belief that it is a sign that you need to service your engine as soon as possible, this sign may mean different things entirely.

What the light is trying to inform you about is that you need to check it as quick as possible in order to fix whatever problem it is.

It could be a symptom of a broken oxygen sensor, loose or missing gas cap, an old battery, faulty ignition system, bad spark plugs, transmission problems, or misfiring oxygen.

The check engine light of your Honda Accord coming on suddenly is just a way of informing the driver that all is not well with the car.

With this, you will have to take it to a repairer so that it can be fixed immediately. If you ignore this warning and continue driving the car, it will cause more damage.

The check light coming on might be a sign that there is poor gas mileage and the car is producing high pollutants.

Whatever the problem might be, you need to schedule an appointment with your mechanic.

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What is the meaning of check engine light flashing Honda Accord?

The check engine light flashing in your Honda Accord is not enough o make you turn off your car engine.

Another name for the check engine light code is the diagnostic trouble codes. It is code that is also known as the on-board computer diagnostic system stored by the ECM.

Your check light can be a representation of hundreds of codes. The check engine light is just like a guide to the driver of the Honda accord.

However, there are so many reasons why that light might be coming on. The only way to know the exact reason will be to take the car in for a full diagnosis.

The check light could mean that your gas cap is missing or loose and it could also mean your engine is failing completely.

Unless you take your Honda Accord to a mechanic, you might find out too late. Not repairing whatever the problem is on time could lead to more drastic car damage.

What causes check engine light to come on Honda accord

You might get worried, if your notice your 2010 or 2009 Hondo accord check light is flashing. However, there is nothing to worry about as it is only letting you know that things are not as they should be in your car. Some of the things that could cause the engine light on your Honda Accord to flash include:

  • The Mass airflow sensor is faulty or damaged and needs to be replaced immediately. This is the problem if you notice that your Accord is having difficulties starting and also rough idling.
  • A missing or loose gas cap could also be the cause. The gas cap prevents the release of gas fumes when you are driving. If it gets faulty, you will experience significant fuel loss. Once you notice your check light coming on immediately you finish putting in gas, then this should be the problem. If the cap is loose, you need to tighten it, and if it is missing it needs to be replaced.
  • A faulty or damaged catalytic converter can also be a reason. When you fail to maintain your Honda accord 2009, 2010, or any other model, this could happen. The catalytic converter is responsible for the conversion of carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. A faulty catalytic converter will have a huge impact on your fuel economy.
  • A very low or dead battery. The Honda Accord is very strong and even though it does not need maintenance, it can still get exhausted. You will need to buy a new one. The prices of the battery vary depending on the type of Honda Accord you drive.
  • A leaking vacuum can also cause the check engine light to come on. If you experience unexpected surges and the RPM is high in Idle, then this might be the problem. Unless fixed immediately, it could cause more damages.
  • If components like exhaust or alarm are not installed properly in your Honda Accord, to could lead to havoc. It can trigger the check light, ruin the engine, and even prevent the vehicle from starting.
  • A faulty Oxygen Sensor is also part of what might be wrong. This problem can spoil the spark plugs, catalytic converter, and affect your fuel economy.

Why do you have Honda accord check engine light flashing rough idle?

There are different reasons why the check light will come on due to rough idling. One of them is a situation where your PCV valve is broken.

The vacuum leak will cause your engine to experience rough idling and the check engine light will come on to give you signal.

Another reason is as a result of a faulty mass airflow (MAF) sensor. The MAF sensor is the component in charge of determining the amount of fuel the engine needs to work perfectly. It does this by measuring the amount of air entering the engine. If the mass airflow sensor is faulty, one of its symptoms is that it starts experiencing rough idling. This problem will trigger the check engine light.

What causes Honda Accord check engine light to flash 10 times?

If you notice that your check light engine flashes ten times whenever you put the key to ON position, it simply means that one or more of your Honda Accord systems is not ready yet.

This can only happen if you disconnect and reconnect your battery.  It means one of the following components might not be ready.

These components include ignition, oxygen sensor, EGR system, heated catalyst, fuel system, or GGR system.

How to fix blinking check engine light Honda accord 2008

A blinking check light in Honda accord 2008 is trying to pass a signal to the car owner. One of the components of the car might be faulty and before it leads to more damage, the car is informing you.

Even if you try resetting the light, it will come back again so long as the problem still persists.

The light is trying to inform you that the ECM has detected faults with one or more of the vehicle components.

The problem might be as simple as a gas cap getting loose or more complex than that. Whatever it might be, you will have to fix it on time.

Ignoring the check engine light on your Honda accord 2008 can even lead to more disastrous damage.


So I hope you are able the see what causes check engine light to come on Honda accord car and  the reason why a Honda accord check engine light flashing rough idle in setting occasion.

This post explained some of the things that might cause your 2009 or 2010 Honda Accord check engine light to flash and why you might be faced with a blinking check engine light Honda accord 2008.

Once you notice the check light is flashing your Honda vehicle, you need to find out what is the cause or the look for solution as fast as possible.

If this post on Honda accord check engine light flashes 10 times was helpful, pleas share it and don’t forget to bookmark the post for feature reference.

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