How to Remove Engine and Transmission Together

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Are you trying to remove your car engine alongside the transmission? If yes, then this post on how to remove engine and transmission together, well guide you.

You can watch this video to see all the steps or keep reading.

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How to Remove Engine and Transmission

First, make sure your car is parked in a level surface. Then open the hood after applying the parking brake. After this, detach all the accessories of the engine. Use a wrench to remove the battery cable and disable the battery.

Remove all the wiring harness from the vehicle and set it out of the way. After this, disable the fuel line from the injector rail with the fuel line removal tool and then remove the power steering lines. After this, remove the radiator with your hand by loosening the petcock and draining the coolant. Then proceed to remove the radiator hose from the engine with a screwdriver. You can then remove the radiator with a socket wrench.

Now raise the vehicle by placing a jack under to raise it. By doing this, you will be able to work underneath comfortably. Then place the stand under the chassis so that it will not fall on you. Use a wrench to loosen the bolt at the rear to remove the driveshaft.

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Then pull it out of the transmission by pulling it towards the car rear. You might need to watch out for any fluid drain at this moment.

Then remove the engine. Make sure you get rid of everything that might be pulling it back. Remove brake lines, mounting bolts and every other obstruction.

After unbolting the motor mount, lower the engine back down then you will proceed to unbolt the engine from the transmission. Before you start disconnecting, make sure the transmission is secured on a floor jack or jack stand.  Make sure to also read this article How To Remove Engine Without a Hoist & with A Hoist

This is because once you remove the engine, there would be a loss of support.

Now you can use the access plate to start unbolting the flywheel from the transmission torque converter.

If the transmission is automatic, you might need to reach it with a screwdriver or any other tool that can expose the bolts.

However, if it is manual, you will have to disconnect the flywheel from the clutch the same way. Whichever way you are removing it, the transmission needs to be neutral with the brake on and wheel chocks in place.

Remove all the bolts whether internal and external between the transmission bell housing and engine. Remove the heat shield and any cables from the transmission housing so that it will be able to move it around.

You can now start raising your engine very slowly in case the transmission is also pulling up.

If that is the case, then you need to separate the transmission physically with a screwdriver or pry bar. Be careful so that it does not slip up and fall.

Once you are certain that nothing is pulling it back, raise it as high as you can then roll it away from the car using the engine hoist.

Lower the engine to another area where you will be working on it.

How to remove engine and transmission together

If you want to remove the engine and transmission together, then when you remove the hood, jack up the rear of the vehicle and remove both as one assembly.

You should use a rolling engine hoist so that the engine and transmission will be tilted away. Also, make sure you have a lot of space in your garage or wherever you are doing this. This will make your hoist go very high enough.

However, it is much easier to detach both engine and transmission first before you raise the engine.

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