HOW TO RESET BMW SERVICE ENGINE SOON LIGHT + reset service engine soon light bmw e46

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Are you looking for how to reset BMW service engine soon light? I will show you how to, with the quick guide.

The BMW is well known for its expertise in German engineering which results in only the best automotive products.

Their vehicles offer top of the line technology and mechanics that only the most avid car lovers could truly appreciate.

Here are what we discuss in this post. You can feel free to skip to the section that best meets your need:

  • Step by step guide on how to reset BMW service engine soon light
  • The BMW service engine soon light meaning
  • Resetting BMW service indicator and BMW service engine soon light reset
  • And a video of how to reset service engine soon light BMW e46 without any tool

With those in mind let’s get started.

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HOW TO RESET BMW SERVICE ENGINE SOON LIGHT(Reset service engine soon light BMW e46)

One of the ways to show appreciation for these machines is making sure that you comply with the maintenance schedule that is been set by the BMW manufacturer. You should know that each BMW will have its own service routine for you to follow, and if you happen to own one, then you know how important it is to stay on top of its services.

You need to follows its suggestions because the BMW vehicles run most efficiently at their optimal levels of performance whenever they take care of them.

It simply means everything from tire rotations and oil change, to transmission flushes. And another important feature of BMWs is that it has the ability to detect issues on their own with their advanced computer base technology.

However, in the event that your “service engine soon” light shows up, you should take heed and follow the vehicle’s suggestion because it was put there for a reason.

You should also know that the engine light is designed to alert the driver that the BMW is in need of repair or servicing.

But for some drivers, this can mean a huge wave of distress and anxiety, just imagine all the worst-case scenarios that the light could indicate, and how the dollar signs will begin to flash across your mind.

There are however some common problems that are detected with the engine light that might not be as detrimental as you may think, but more of a suggestion that the car should be looked at with urgency so to prevent any serious damage to the vehicle.

The BMW cars system pays close attention to the simple nuances of car manufacturing, and its dashboard sensors are no exception. So whenever the engine light comes on, it should be taken seriously.

so what the meaning of the BMW services engine light meaning?

So lets quickly get graps of the meaning before proceeding to the BMW service engine soon light reset.

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BMW service engine soon light meaning

The “Service Engine Soon” light can pop up on your BMW for many reasons. The functions is to alert you to an error or malfunction so you can get the problems fixed before it gets worse.

Here is how it Works

What you should know is that the “Service Engine Soon” light in your BMW is similar to a “Check Engine” light in some other cars. Note that your car has a computer which runs diagnostic tests whenever your car is running. And if something comes back negative or faulty, the light will come up.

Whenever the “Service Engine Soon” light appears, you can first check that the gas cap is on tightly. And also ensure you have enough coolant and it’s not due for an oil change. They are things you can easily fix for yourself and cheaply.

So let’s now move on to how to reset bmw service engine soon light


Whenever your BMW “Service Engine Soon” light appears, know that it’s time for routine service such as an oil change. Note that the car’s computer system integrates the number of miles that have been driven with other variables that indicate when your car should be serviced. So it will be very important that this light be reset, and it will illuminate properly the next time you need an engine service. But if you have the service performed at a mechanic shop, the mechanic will reset the light for you, and if you do the work yourself, then you need to reset it.

  • You need to sit in the car, then close the door and buckle the seat belt.
  • Next, press the left dash button, and then hold it. It’s the button that resets the car’s odometer.
  • After which, put the key in the ignition, and then turn it one position. Your dashboard lights should come on. And please do not start the car.
  • You will need to wait for five seconds and then release the button on the dashboard once you see the display Sia.
  • Then press the button and hold it again for about five seconds.
  • You should release the button once you see Reset displayed on the dashboard. You can then push it once more, but do not hold. After this, your service light is now reset.

The manual way of resetting bmw service indicator

Please note that the best way to reset it is to use a computerized scan tool obtained from any local auto parts retailer. Also, this tool can be borrowed or purchased from most auto parts stores.

  • You need to put the key into the ignition and then turn the vehicle key to the on position without starting the engine.
  • Then find the diagnostic port under the driver’s side dashboard near the pedals. You will then plug the computerized scan tool into this port. Note that the battery from the vehicle will automatically power on the tool.
  • Check for the arrows on the faceplate of the scan tool and then use them to scroll through the menu until you see the Read All Codes command. Choose this command.
  • You can scroll through the menu again and find Clear All Codes. Then select this option then wait for the service engine light to shut off.
  • You should turn off the vehicle and wait for five minutes. And then start the engine and verify that the check engine light is still off.

The Items you will need

  • A Computerized scan tool
  • Your Ignition key

Service regularly

Note that by regularly servicing your BMW, you can prevent these types of issues.

Whenever the vehicle undergoes a top to bottom inspection, it is a way for the an expert to detect any problem that will potentially get worse in the long run, or cause harm to other important parts of the vehicle.

So by staying on top of maintenance issues, you will definitely save a ton of money in the long run.

BMW engine service light is one of the most dreaded dashboard lights for most drivers. However, while the problem may be a simple, inexpensive fix (like just resetting the light after changing an oil), it might also be the detection of a serious problem that makes the car dangerous to drive.

 Note that owning a BMW gives you the luxury of the best advances in technology, so take advantage of the engine light, and please do not ignore it or put it off.

The car should be serviced right away, and you will need to deal with whatever diagnosis that comes your way. 

And luckily for you, the value of BMWs is unsurpassed, and you will be glad that you took care of the car.

 You need to find the most qualified professionals who specialize in German engineering, because it will give you the peace of mind that every car owner hopes for. And whenever the check engine light is on, it’s best not to take any chances.

Resetting bmw service indicator

To reset service engine soon light bmw e46 without any tool please watch this


I hope this post has helped you figure out to how to reset BMW service engine soon light and the BMW service engine soon light meaning/

We also have shown you the steps to take for a BMW service engine soon light reset and we even gave you a video to follow in resetting BMW service indicator without any tools.

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