how to reset brake light on 2013 bmw 328i & on 2015 bmw 328i

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Most people who own BMW cars consider it a difficult task to reset the brake light on their 2013 BMW 32i. For older BMW vehicles that had the brake pad and brake wear sensor swapped, the lights of the brake pad lights will habitually be on the driving display.

Some BMW car owners may suspect this issue is caused by a faulty brake pad.

However, it may likely be caused by an electronic problem that can be fixed by resetting the brake pad light.

In this article, we brought you different methods and guide on ways you can reset brake light on:

  • 2013 BMW 328i
  • 2015 BMW 328i

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How to Reset Brake Light on 2013 BMW 328i | How to Reset Brake Light on 2015 BMW 328i

How to Reset Brake Light on 2013 BMW 328i

Method 1

A simple way of resetting the brake lights in a 2013 BMW 328i is to insert the key into the BMW ignition and move it to the second position, labelled position2, but do this with the ignition still off.

After this, open the driver’s door and wait for some seconds. This will mechanically cause a reset action in the brake pad lights.

Method 2

If the above method fails to reset the brake light on 2013 BMW 328i, then there is an alternative method you can try to fix the fault.

  • To begin this procedure, commence by pushing the on button, and your foot should be off the back as you apply the clutch two times.
  • Do this until the image of the check control goes off leaving only the up-to-date time on LCD panel.
  • Press the reset button of the odometer and hold
  • You should notice a yellow icon appearing after few minutes, indicating that the light of your service indicator has come ON.
  • Then proceed to push the BC button and keep holding until “Reset?” comes up.
  • After this indication, leave the button and push again, holding it in position.
  • You should see a clock appearing after the clock at the side of the reset.  
  • After this, turn off the BMW car and start it all over again, but as you normally do.
  • You would notice that the brake light service indicator has been reset.

Method 3

BMW has introduced a number of models, including the TwinPower Turbo technology in the BMW 328i series which is assembled with the capability of spitting out a maximum power of 245 hp at 5,000 rpm. It also has a maximum torque of 350 Nm at 1,250 rpm and remains constant up to 4,800 rpm. The engine of the BMW 328i series engine responds immediately the driver stepped on the gas pedal, causing power to be produced after the engine idle to high rpm.

However, most people have complained of having issues with resetting the brake light on 2013 BMW 328i. So, if you try the two methods above without getting any result, then try this third method.

Get into the car, shut the door, and insert the key, but don’t start the engine.

Press the trip reset button on the cluster until it a service triangle comes up, then keep pressing and holding.

This action will lead you into the vehicle services reset menu.

As you press each button, it should change the picture on the cluster

Anything that is due will indicate red. Services that will soon be due will show yellow, while green indicates services not due

Check for the rear brakes symbol, then press and hold again.

It will come up with a ‘reset?’

Press again and keep holding for it to reset itself.

In some cases, the three methods above may prove abortive in resetting the brake light on your 2013 BMW 328i. If this is the situation, you can try a few times to reset it. If it is still not compliant, you can drive around for a while and still try it again. If the brake light issue still persists, then it means you have to go to the dealer for the issue to be rectified.


If necessity demands that you change your brake pads, ensure you also change your pad sensor too. This is because the cluster has already saved information of the old pad sensor in its memory. So if you change the pads without equally changing the sensor, it would still thing you are working with the old brake pads.

How to Reset Brake Light on 2015 BMW 328i

Just like I mentioned above, it is important for you to replace the brake pads and the sensor. After you might have changed the brake pads on your 2015 BMW 328i model and the sensor, you need to reset BMW brake light. There’s an alternative method you can try that involves the use of tools, if you are unable to reset the BMW brake light using the first method.

How to reset brake light on 2015 BMW 328i

  1. Begin by turning on the ignition without starting the engine. For BMW with a START button, you can press it, but don’t press the brake pad.
  2. Ensure time is indicated on the middle of the instrument cluster
  3. After this, press the odometer reset button and hold for 5 seconds.
  4. You should notice a yellow triangle on the dash. Keep on pressing the odometer reset button until the next symbol appears. 
  5. Still keep pressing the odometer button until the symbol for front brakes or rear brakes appear. This depends on which sensor you changed and would like to reset. 
  6. The symbol for the brakes you want to reset will be presented on the screen. Keep pressing and holding the odometer reset until the word RESET comes up below the symbol. 
  7. Immediately the word reset displays below the brake symbol, quickly free the button and still press it in. Continue holding the odometer button while waiting for the brake light to vanish. 
  8. The miles will automatically change to —– signifying the brake light reset has been carried out effectively.

BMW models have different intervals in which you can use your brakes before changing. However, it should approximately be 25000 miles for front brakes and about 31000 for rear brakes.

Bottom line

After you reset the rear or front brake pads, ensure you perform the BMW brake light reset procedure. The brake sensors must be replaced too. There are some rare cases where you may not be able to reset the brake light, this may be where the brake wear sensor gets impaired during the installation process.

In situations where you are unable to reset the brake light after changing the front brake pad and the brake wear sensor, then it may warrant a thorough examination of the pads on the opposite axle. 

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