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Does Jeep Wrangler Hard Top Come off

It’s a lovely day outside, and you can hardly wait to take your Jeep Wrangler out for a ride! There’s just a single issue, you need to remove your hardtop first.

Removing your jeep hardtop doesn’t need to be at all the most stressful work you’d do. With only a couple of tools and help from someone, you can get your Wrangler top off in a matter of moments and go that ride!

On the off chance that, in contrast to the Beatles, you don’t care for needing someone, at that point you have the alternative to removing your jeep hardtop wrangler yourself without the help of anyone, but you’d need some resources to make this happen.

There are numerous advantages to having a Wrangler hardtop, yet simple removal isn’t one of them.

While soft tops are getting simpler and simpler to remove, they are as yet not free from some hassle in their removal. In any case, with some honest effort, you can rapidly get your Wrangler top off.

In this post, we have written in detail every step you need to follow to get your hardtop removed as easily as it can be.

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What are the steps to remove a jeep hardtop wrangler?

Instruments required:

  • Drill or ratchet
  • Driver socket
  • T40 Torx bit
  • A helping hand
  • Step 1 – Start by removing the front boards. Six hooks are holding the two front boards on, three at the front and three in the back. Jump out the sun visors so you can arrive at the locks behind them. Go around and unlatch each of the six latches.
  • Step 2 – Once the locks are unfastened, lift on the driver sideboard and remove, and do likewise for the passengers’ side.
  • Step 3 – To remove the back segment of the hardtop, how about we start with the top. There are two T40 Torx jolts on each corner that should be removed. With those two jolts removed, we can move to the rear!.
  • Step 4 – From the plant, there are three T40 Torx jolts on each side of the hardtop, under the window.

We had just installed our JK Wrangler’s manufacturing plant equipment with Lange Originals Kwick Hardtop Fasteners, which have a wingnut plan so they don’t need any devices and are effectively removable by hand.

Trading out the manufacturing plant jolts for these Lange Originals considers speedier hardtop removal later on. For evacuation of the processing plant equipment, simply eliminate those jolts as you would have in step three.

  • Step 5 – Once the entirety of the jolts is taken out, separate the electrical association by pushing on it and pulling it off, that should be easy.
  • Step 6 – Get someone to help you. It is advised that you don’t attempt to take the back segment off without anyone else except if you have a derrick or other framework in place.
  • Step 7 – Once you have some assistance, lift from the focal point of the top and pull back.
  • Step 8 – That’s it! After removal makes sure you keep your jeep wrangler hardtop in a safe place free from movement of people.

At the point when you’re prepared to return the hardtop on, simply install using the same process but from the last step up to the first.

One person jeep hardtop removal

One last note. While it isn’t advised, it is doable to remove the Jeep hardtop without help from anyone else.

That being said, solo hardtop removal is neither simple nor safe. One individual can deal with the heaviness of the hardtop during removal, however, its cumbersome size and how you would need to lift it out without anyone else places you in a dangerous risky circumstance.

Preferably, you ought to either have a derrick or a friend to help remove the Jeep’s hardtop. Once more, since one individual jeep hardtop evacuation is, in fact, possible, that doesn’t imply that you ought to get it done.

Again, doing it alone is not advised, without the help of anyone. Get someone to help in the removal process.

Types Of Jeep Hardtop Wrangle

We are getting into the cold seasons as summer is finished. Moving around in your Jeep with the top off and the entryways removed is likely behind you, or before long will be.

Most genuine Jeep Wrangler users own two sorts of tops for their Wranglers, a hardtop and a soft top.

Since they are made of a lot of lighter materials, soft tops and Jeep Bikini Tops are intended for the mid-year months.

Be that as it may, when the climate turns cold, they should be changed with heavier and solid hardtops.

One-Piece Hard Top

The one-piece is a practical choice for Wrangler owners who don’t need or need all the additional features basic to other hardtops.

A one-piece Jeep hardtop is usually covered with the thickest accessible UV gel coat and highlights an eye-catching luxurious style.

Two-Piece Hard Top

One of its advantages is that the front board can without much of a stretch be removed for outdoors driving.

 At last, Wrangler owners who are truly hoping to stand apart will need to consider the quick back/incline back top.

What the calculated back removes regarding payload space, it compensates for in the method of dealing with and proficiency.

Advantages of a Hardtop

At the point when you pick a hardtop, you can appreciate a few preferences to your driving experience. These focal points are as per the following:

• Durability

Hardtops are the more tough choice. They’re strong and can withstand critical harm that would typically tear through a soft top.

That implies they’ll last longer generally, so you will not need to manage as much maintenance. Just as their names imply, they are hard and are made to withstand any extreme weather.

Your safety and that of your passengers are guaranteed with the hardtop wrangler

• Insulation

Driving with a soft top in the colder time of the year can make it hard to keep your Wrangler warm. A hardtop is normally seriously protecting, so you can keep the cold ventilate of the lodge. Likewise, the mid-year heat is less penetrative when you have a hardtop. The protection likewise takes into consideration a lot calmer inside as you drive. Therefore, you tend to receive a level of warmth during the cold season with a hard top wrangler. Your jeep will get warmer than a soft top would.

• Roof Rack

If you’re searching for additional extra room, a hardtop is essential for any rooftop rack add-on. Open-air gear like kayaks basically can’t fit inside, so you’ll require some approach to convey them with your Wrangler. Different things you may require a rooftop rack to incorporate bicycles and tents.

• Security

One of the hardtop’s great features is its security system. That implies more insurance for any resources and items you store inside your Wrangler.

Getting past a hardtop is much harder than a soft top. A hardtop provides your jeep with a tight security system that is quite hard to breakthrough.

Disadvantages of a Hardtop

While hardtops have a great deal to bring to the table, there are a couple of impediments you ought to know about before getting one. Coming up next are the disadvantages of a hardtop.

• Hard to Remove

If you decide to change your rooftop type in any capacity whatsoever, getting a hardtop off can be somewhat interesting. Regularly, it’s a two-man work given the sheer size of the rooftop.

At the point when it’s an ideal opportunity to return it on, the cycle is considerably more troublesome, so be ready for that if you plan on driving without a top during great weather.

• Costly to Replace

While a hardtop endures longer than a soft top, it tends to be very expensive when it is ultimately an ideal opportunity to install it.

Remember that on the off chance that you intend to drive your Wrangler for a long time. That is, if you are looking for a top that will last you for years, you should consider getting the hardtop but certainly, it will cost you quite a lot.

• Storage Requirements

If you choose to change to a soft-top or go with no top for some time, you’ll need some spot to store your hardtop.

Soft tops can overlay down, yet hardtops are inflexible and huge, thereby, consuming a lot of space for storage.


Jeep Wrangler hardtop does come off, and above in this article are steps you can take to get your hardtop off.

As stated in the process, you should get someone to help you with the removal of your jeep hardtop.

 Trying to do it alone can be dangerous as the hardtop wrangler can be quite heavy.

Whichever wrangler you choose to use, either the soft top or hardtop, you should make sure it suits the weather condition of the region you live in. Happy driving!

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