Can You Change A Hard Top Jeep To A Soft Top

Can You Change A Hard Top Jeep To A Soft Top

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Jeeps are notable for their adaption to different landscapes along with their unique customization. Based on where you want to go or how the weather may show up, you might be keen on changing the wrangler of your jeep from hardtop to soft-top or the other way around. Your main aim of being here is to know how to change from hardtop to soft top.

 Is it a DIY work or a particular transformation you should leave to an expert? Are there any different parts required and are the two tops compatible? These and many more are what I will be dealing with in this article today.

Truly, you can change a hardtop over to a soft top by removing all the hardtop mounting parts and installing it with soft tops. The two are not compatible. Related Article: Easy way to remove Jeep Wrangler hardtop you may also love to read this Are Jeep Wrangler Soft Tops Interchangeable

Can you change a hard top jeep to a soft top?

You certainly can change a hard top jeep to a soft top and doing the switch is not so hard of a thing to do, however, there are sure measures of ability required by you. There are many sections, mounts, and technicalities needed in the entire process, so if you want to do it yourself, you should get ready for the work. We have written a detailed DIY guide to help you out along the process.

While doing the switch you need to totally remove all the hardtop segments and install them with the soft top mounting framework.

The same applies when changing back to the hardtop, all soft top segments requires to be removed first. It’s not advised to fit the hardtop over the soft top without proper removal and installation.

You might have to watch this video on virtual step by step guide on removing and hard and soft top cover for your jeep. Or you can read this article on How to Install Soft Top/Hard Top and the best tools to use.


Is A Hard Top Or Soft Top Jeep Better?

There is an assortment of casings and top accessible, going from outlined or frameless soft tops, particular soft tops, swimsuit tops, flip tops, and the sky is the limit from there.

Whatever your explanation behind changing over from a hard to a soft top, may it be better permeability, adaptability, or simply that additional cool factor, there are a few contemplations to know about.

 Security certainly isn’t guaranteed with a soft top and you’ll require extra lockable boxes and fixed trunks to shield any resources protected from burglary.

Advantages of a hard-top?

  • Better security
  • Reduces outside sound
  • Better protection from the components
  • No fluttering commotions at high rates
  • What are some of the advantages of a soft-top?
  • Ease of utilization
  • Easily put away
  • Light
  • Not inclined to spills
  • On-the-fly topless choice
  • What are some of the disadvantages of the soft top?
  • Very low security
  • Wind clamor and fluttering
  • Can tear
  • Drive-through vehicle washes are unsafe
  • Weaker protection to the components

Disadvantages of a hard-top

  • Bulky and hefty
  • Requires 2 individuals to remove and install
  • Longer fitment times
  • Can’t go topless on the fly
  • Dedicated extra room is required when taken out

Since we know the advantages and disadvantages of each top, we should see what is needed to change from a hardtop to a soft top.

Also check out this video where 3 Different Jeep Wrangler Factory Tops were compared to see which is best.

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Hard Top to Soft Top Conversion

In this post, I have detailed every step you need to take in the process of changing your jeep from hardtop to soft top.

The changing process can prove to be challenging but surely if you follow the steps below you should be done with the convention in no time.

There are numerous stores and selling units accessible which come pre-bundled with all the important equipment and necessary components.

The change process is reasonably difficult and requires a touch of ability to do it appropriately.

When changing over to a soft top, it worth mentioning that the less expensive fabric is tinnier in texture. You should therefore get a thicker fabric that helps keep the outside noise down for a smooth and nice ride.

Installation Process

The time needed to carry out the installation process is approximately 4 to 5 hours depending on how you handle the technical part of the process.

You will require the below tools;

  •  Drill
  • #2 Phillips Bit
  • #2 Phillips Screwdriver
  • T30 Torx Driver
  • Vise-Grips
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Safety Goggles

The whole process has been divided into steps for easier understanding. The following is a quick outline of the process to change from hardtop to soft top on a 2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler JK.

  • Step 1 – Install Bow Mount Brackets
  • Step 2 – Install Door Rails.
  • Step 3 – Install Top Arch
  • Step 4 – Install Tailgate Bar Mounts
  • Step 5 – Attach Side Bows to Header/Fabric Assembly
  • Step 6 – Place Fabric/Header/Side Bow Assembly onto Jeep
  • Step 7 – Install #2 Bow Assembly
  • Step 8 – Secure Header/Fabric/#2 Bow/Side Bow Assembly to Door Rails
  • Step 9 – Assemble Rear Bow and Attach to Bow Mount Bracket
  • Step 10 – Attach Stay Straps to Rear Bow
  • Step 11 – Attach Bow Flap to #2 Bow
  • Step 12 – Drape Fabric over the highest point of the Jeep and Attach Bow Flaps to Rear Bow
  • Step 13 – Fold back Header/Fabric get together and connect Cable Springs to #2 Bow bracket
  • Step 14- Attach Foam Seal and Foam Tape on within Header
  • Step 15 – Secure Rear Corners of Fabric to Jeep Belt Rail
  • Step 16 – Close Front Windshield Header Latches
  • Step 17 – Install Rear Window
  • Step 18 – Install Side Window left
  • Step 19 – Install Side Window Right
  • Step 20 – Install Tailgate Bar
  • Step 21 – Snap Tailgate Bar Onto Tailgate Bar Mounts and Secure Bottom Corners of Rear Window
  • Step 22 – Folding the Top Down

So there you have an overall outline of what the fitment cycle involves.

Are Jeep Wrangler Tops Interchangeable? Soft Top to Hardtop

It isn’t advised to fit a hard top straightforwardly over your soft top cover. There are explicit mounting focuses for each top which is intended to consistently tie down the top to your jeep.

Fitting a hardtop over your soft top cover will harm the fabric and all the related materials used.

Would you be able to add a hardtop to a delicate top Jeep?

There are numerous resellers exchange hard top units accessible which are year and model explicit. The mounting framework varies from a TJ to a YJ and a JK 2-entryway and 4-entryway models.

It is conceivable to mount a hardtop on any Jeep given the hardtop is explicitly intended for your jeep year and model.

So you just make sure that the hardtop you like to be added to your delicate jeep top is compatible with your model.

What is the cost of a soft-top?

On Average, a good soft top cost ranges from around $200 to $1500 dollars but there are definitely less expensive choices available and can serve you but the better quality are more costly. On the off chance that the item is expensive, there is typically a purpose behind it and you can be guaranteed of getting quality.

Decide on a top that offers a nice 2+ years guarantee and go with a brand that offers decent customer service. It’s in every case great to get a means of conversing with someone first before making any purchase. You should look up these once here on Amazon

What if My Jeep Did Not Come with a Soft Top Feature?

On the off chance that the vehicle you are working with didn’t come with an alternative of changing into a soft or hardtop, you can purchase a soft-top pack with the entirety of the fundamental devices and materials expected to fittingly top your jeep.

Note that you ought not just to lay a soft top over your present top because the purpose of any cover on a jeep is to be fitted to the vehicle.

Putting a hard top over a soft top can likewise harm the soft top by tearing it or by shielding the equipment from working appropriately.

A hardtop over a soft top’s system may likewise break the actual edge, requiring you to spend more in getting it repaired.

Storage of hardtop and soft top.

Both the hardtop and the soft top take up a lot of space when they are not on the vehicle.

Legitimate capacity can not just keep harm from happening to the top yet also set aside some space in your carport.

Hard Top Storage

Hardtops are bulky, hefty, and clumsily formed. These qualities can make it hard to store, yet not feasible.

The normal hardtop gauges a decent 150lbs in this way, when you eliminate your hardtop from the vehicle, it is a great idea to have a cart sitting tight for simple transportation.

This stage will make moving the hardtop to an ideal space simpler and will likewise forestall scratches or water harm that being on the floor may warrant.

Soft Top Storage

Soft tops are somewhat simpler to store because while they are huge, they are flexible to touch and more pliable.

Soft tops can be moved up similar to a carpet and put away on a rack or sections set on the divider.

To shield any components from harming the soft top during its stockpiling you can enclose the top with other textures as towels or possibly utilize a plastic sack to keep away water.


Jeep Wranglers have consistently been known to be quite possibly the most charming and versatile vehicles to possess.

The ability to change your vehicle as per climate conditions and sporting exercises gives it an immense favourable position over different brands.

Ā Altering your Jeep soft top with a 3rd party substitution can radically improve the feel and look of your jeep.

There are many sorts of accessories and soft top varieties to go through with a wide array of costs are going from two or three hundred to more than 2 thousand dollars.

Ensure you pick the right style and material that is most appropriate for your taste and style. Happy driving!

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