bmw 3 series models explained

How reliable are BMW 328i , 320i, & BMW 350i (Most Reliable BMW 3 series)

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What is the bmw 328i reliability 2013 model?  How many miles can a BMW 3 series last?

What are the 2011 BMW 328i pros and cons? These and many more questions are what we get all the time when you talk about the BMW series. That is why in this post for this week has written a detailed BMW 3 series 2008 Review post last we are going answer each of your BMW 3 series common questions on BMW reliability especially for the series mentioned below.

BMW is an acronym for Bavarian Motor Works which in German, is equivalent to Bayerische Motoren Werke.

It was founded in 1916 in Munich and was formally called BMW AG. They were WWI airplane engine manufacturers before they produced their first car in 1928.

They became an automaker after World War II. Since then, BMW has become a luxury powerhouse and has laid a foundation as a manufacturer of luxurious vehicles.

BMW produces sports cars that stand out from other German brands. Their cars are most powerful, reliable, and sought after. BMW products are a perfect mix of comfort and high performance.

This post is going to look at BMW 3 series (328i, 320i & 350i) and explain how reliable it is. You might also love to read this article: Symptoms of IAT Temp ON BWM. and this post too on how to reset brake light on 2013 BMW 328i & on 2015 BMW 328i

bmw reliability: How Reliable Are BMW 328i , 320i, & BMW 350i (Most Reliable BMW 3 Series)

So get into this fully, here are the sub-catagrories that we will be discussing in this article below:

  • How reliable are bmw 328i , 320i, & bmw 350i
  • bmw 3 series models explained
  • What are the most reliable bmw 3 series
  • What is high mileage for a BMW
  • BMW 320i reliability: how reliable is BMW 320i?
  • bmw 328i reliability 2011: how reliable is bmw 328i?
  • 2011 bmw 328i pros and cons
  • bmw 328i reliability 2013

BMW 3 series models explained

The BMW 3 series are small sport sedans that provide the best performance, comfort, prestige and luxury. They are the 7th generation model which is 1.5 wider and 3 inches longer thank the models that came before it.

These models have larger and harder chassis with refined steering and suspension which tightens its handling performances. The 3 series maintains hallmarks of quality with touch screen display, form-fitting seats, ambient cabin lighting, and a huge trunk.

The 330i offers a 4 cylinder engine, delivering a strong power and fuel efficiency. THE BMW 3 series for 2020 is a 5-passenger compact sports sedan, available in 2 trim levels which are the M340i and the 330i.

The BMW 3 series has had wonderful results beating its main rivals (Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A4).

bmw reliability: What are the most reliable BMW 3 series?

Before you purchase a car, you will need to know how dependable the car you want to choose is. There are various brands and models out there that might confuse someone when deciding what car to buy.

One of the key considerations when buying a car, whether new or used, is the reliability factor. This must be considered in order to avoid frustration.

There are cars in the market which are not dependable, while there are others which are very dependable.

The factor to consider when deciding or testing the reliability of a vehicle are: deciding which one that has the most tendency to be stuck in a repairer’s shop for a long period of time and the ones that are too expensive to fix. Most BMW 3 Series are extremely reliable and exciting to drive.

The most reliable ones are: 318d, 320d, 320i, 325i, 330i, 330d, and 330i. According to online reviews, the 318i for E46 and E90 consume oil and mostly have oil leaking problems.

The 335i and 335d are quite expensive and their turbo might cause a problem.

The 335i has 306hp and 400 Nm, while the 330i has 272 hp. If you want a 335i or 335d, then you need to get the one that has less than 50k miles. The manual transmission in the 325i and 330i e92 transmissions are long. If you want to get an F30, then the 349i is reliable.

What is high mileage for a BMW

The mileage of a car is used to determine whether or not the car is in good working condition. If a car has covered more miles, it usually implies that it has more wear and tear.

However, a car that has driven 670k miles may be in a worse condition than one that has driven 120,000. Failure to drive a car may make the components become brittle.

High mileage cars are usually cheap because the sellers are trying to sell before it becomes extensively damaged. It is a risky venture and you need to consider it carefully.

A high mileage car will frequently require maintenance. If you purchase a car with high mileage, the only thing you can do is to use good filters and oil to enable the engine last just like its body.

For a BMW car, high mileage is really no big problem. All you need to make sure is that the car has been well serviced and also looked after.

Make sure you ask for the previous owners’ history before you proceed with your purchase. A BMW with high mileage and is driven frequently with regular maintenance is very reliable.

BMW 320i reliability: how reliable is BMW 320i?

Judging from consumers’ reviews, the 320i is a reliable car. It is comfortable, has to value for money, and has a stylish exterior design. The car has a high performance and iconic styling. However, if you compare BMW reliability with other vehicles one can easily say that they are not reliable.

BMW 328i reliability 2011: how reliable is BMW 328i?

The BMW 328i is not the fastest car on the market but it is fairly reliable. It is solid and makes sure you replace important components frequently.

Replace the water pumps, belt tensioner, gaskets, even before they become damaged. Always service the transmission and differential every 50k mile to maintain it.

2011 BMW 328i pros and cons

The BMW 328i car is responsive, sporty, and powerful. It has a stylish look and has a fluid shape in the right places. The parts like the trunk, doors, and interior materials are designed to last long when maintained regularly. Once it is taken care of, it will work smoothly for as long as you make use of it.


How many miles can a BMW 3 series last?

The miles BMW series last will the depend on the maintenance you give to it right from the onset. On average a BMW 3 series can last you for around  200k to 250k miles.

How many miles does a BMW 328i last?

The BMW 328i car on average should be able to last 100k to 200k or even higher miles with proper and adequate maintenance of the vehicle.

Are BMW 328i expensive to maintain?

The maintenance cost of a BMW 328i depends on certain factors like mileage, location, age, and engineer. The maintenance cost is about $773 annually, depending on your income this might be expensive while to others this is very affordable..

What is the average expense for 2013 BMW 328i maintenance cost?

The average repair cost for a BMW 328i is about $773. It might be higher or lower than this depending on your location. I will say you should budget around $500 to $1700 for  maintaining your BMW 328i car yearly.

What is the Average BMW 3 series maintenance schedule cost?

It can be a bit pricey to maintain a BMW 3 series once the warranty period is over. It can range from about $1000 to $1700 yearly on a used one. There are various factors that also determine the prices.

How many miles on a BMW is too much?

With proper and regular maintenance a BMW should be able to last more than 250k.

Should I buy a BMW 3 Series with over 100k miles?

Yes, you can buy a BMW 3 series with over 100k miles and this is because normally BMW 3 series can go all the way up to 250k miles and even over.

So getting one that is 100k miles is still within the middle ground for the miles it can reach.  You can request the maintenance record to make sure it gets maintained regularly and it is in good working condition.

Conclusion on bmw reliability and Most Reliable BMW 3 series

In summary on BMW reliability, I will say that the BMW 3 series are nice, luxurious, and comfortable cars. If you are in the market for a BMW, you may consider getting any of the models discussed above.

The thing is the most Reliable BMW 3 series will be the one that best serves and while cost you less or a moderate amount to maintain and I have listed them above.

I Hope this post on how reliable are bmw 328i , 320i, & bmw 350i was helpful to you?

We have been able to show you how many miles on a bmw are too much to get up to and even discuss whether you should buy a BMW 3 Series with over 100k miles. If this post has answered your question, please don’t forget to share this article and bookmark it for future reference.

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