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If you would want to know how long does a car inspection takes this post on will guide you on everything you need to know when it comes to how long a car inspection good is for and how long does it last.

We will also look at the importance of Vehicle Inspections and the Places to get car inspected near me/you.

The thing is, the length or duration for a good car inspection all depends on whether you’re buying a newer vehicle or not.


If you are buying a new vehicle, then you should know that a new car will go through a proper inspection test time via an authorized agent in your state. The car inspection will be carried out prior to driving the car and then owning the car.

Importance of Vehicle Inspections: Why is car inspection necessary

A car inspection is a must for every intending car owner, and this could take some time depending on the state agent you are using. There are some things that needs to be examined, such as headlight, mirror, battery, the wheels, brake, engine, etc. so before your vehicle is brought to the inspection agent in your state, ensure you have personally done a check on it first.

Car Inspection:  how long does a car inspection take

On average, car inspection time could range anywhere around 15minutes to 45 minutes or even hours.

It is known that in U.S, car inspection/extermination is carried out on every state. However, the waiting time it will take is dependent on the country and the state you bought your car, because it also depends on the country’s process and laws concerning car inspection, so the waiting time differs from country to country.

In places such as the Virginia state car inspection/extermination where inspection is handled with care, the inspection is dependents on the know-how of the inspector, the speed of their workers, and also the kind of car to be examined. However, you should note that your car is expected to undergo some paperwork for every examined parts which actually might take 15 minutes of time. But generally, you should expect the car to be inspected for a minimum period of 40minutes.

Please take note that car inspection and extermination in many cities are carried out to the client who came first, so it will be ideal to come for inspection early because there will be other client that must have brought their car before you.

Although currently, many car inspection agents reduces the period they spend inspecting a vehicle because of current higher technology tools used for inspecting various cars. So for you to know how long a car inspection takes will be ideal because no one likes to spend all day trying to inspect a car. All car inspections are carried out orderly according to the car arrival, no car inspection station will leave other cars that have been scheduled for inspection earlier to inspect another car that just drives in for inspection.

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Car inspection is all about a procedure of diagnosis to make sure the vehicle is in a great performance and adhere to state safety law. So allowing the car to be inspected frequently will ensure your vehicle running smoothly because lots of persons currently will also drive on that same road.  You wouldn’t want an indicator light to starting flashing while the car is still on motion and you don’t have an idea what went wrong. So having your vehicle inspected frequently will save you from all the stress. Below are reasons to have your car inspected.

  • It saves you money

Having your car inspected will help you to save more money considering the cost of the errors that will be eliminated with a long stream of car maintenance & car checking procedures that are been contributed to keeping the car in great and smooth operating condition.

  • It encourages environmental friendliness

By having lesser paperwork, it will definitely mean an environmental friendliness merging with Eco-driving system, the ability to save fuel, all leading to a greener atmosphere for your cars.

  • It saves time

Instead of spending longer time travelling, an inspected car will have a smoother driving experience for its owner and hence will save more travelling time. Also, instead of pressurizing yourself to meet up time for an appointment, because of the frequent car break down while travelling. So having your car inspected will terminate all these hassles.

  • It enhances the car’s lifespan

One of the reasons to have your car inspected frequently is that it leads to a longer lifespan of your car, because once you discover your vehicle is malfunctioning, it can be sent to a servicing station for fixing. Doing this will even save you more money as mentioned earlier, it will prevent you from spending much on car fixing. For instance, once you notice any changes with your brake, or maybe it’s not working the way it was, you can visit a service station to fix it up instantly.

  • Compliant with regulation

 Another reason to have your car inspected frequently is that your car will be in compliant with your state car safety regulation, meaning your car will be in perfect condition for any car inspection processes that might be conducted by your state safety department. Your car being in perfect condition can also lead to the safety of other road users as we said earlier.

  • It assures you of your safety

It’s a wise decision and good reason to have your car inspected because it assures you of the safety of your family. Why risk your entire family with an unchecked car? It’s true that cars are produced for safety, higher performance and total comfort. However, you need to know that it’s mechanically produced, it will definitely malfunction. This is the reason why your car should be in perfect condition before starting your engine.


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Concluding on how long does a car inspection last or takes.

In summary, there no set time for a car inspection. how long a car inspection takes will totally depend on your locality and where/state you leave or where the inspection is being done.  On average, car inspection time could range anywhere around 15minutes to 45 minutes or even hours.

So in this post, we have considered how long does a car inspection last, places to get the car inspected near me, and the Importance of Vehicle Inspections. I hope this post has helped you. Please feel free to share and bookmark those post future reference.

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