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Are looking for spinning collar wheel lock removal tool? This article will show some of the highly rated wheel lock removal tool to buy. You also get to learn how to remove a locking wheel nut with spinning collar from this post.

Here are some the sub-topics we will cover in this article:

  • how to remove a locking wheel nut with spinning collar?
  • how to remove mini locking wheel nuts
  • 5 Spinning collar wheel lock removal tool with over 4-star review on Amazon
  • Best Rated Wheel lock removal tool 
  • The 1 Universal wheel lock remover to buy

A lock wheel nuts are placed so that the wheel of any vehicle can be protected, and lock nuts needs to be removed whenever a car tire is to be changed, accessing the brakes, or doing any other maintenance on the vehicle.

 So knowing how to remove a locking wheel nut with spinning collar is an important skill for any person who own a car, because you never can tell when you will likely fix or remove a flat tire. Although, learning to do this is not a difficult task, and also, there are different tricks that will help you to remove even the most difficult locking wheel nuts with spinning collar.


Here are some tips that will help you in removing a locking wheel nut with spinning collar and be sure to also watch the video above to practice yourself:

  • Ensure you on your parking brake: Anytime your wheel nuts are locked, note that you will need to apply extra force for them to be removed. But before this is done, ensure your vehicle is not moving, it should be parked in a flat surface with your parking brake on before you apply that extra force to remove a locking wheel nuts with spinning collar.
  • You can make use of your foot: Whenever you are stuck and not knowing what else to make use of, then you can make use of your leg with stronger muscles that will allow you to get the process started. But you have to be very careful. You should carefully make use of one foot and push down hard letting your weight to do the work, and also ensuring you brace yourself against the vehicle to remove a locking wheel nuts spinning collar.
  • Contact a professional: Another tips on how to remove a locking wheel nut with spinning collar is to contact professionals so it can be handled for you. And doing this will enable the auto professionals to use the appropriate spinning collar tool to remove them.

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There are steps you can take to remove mini locking nuts in your vehicle. Below are the steps:

  • Park your vehicle: ensure your car is parked on a level surface
  • Ensure hubcap is taken off before the nuts are located. Before you do anything, ensure the hubcap is removed first before having entrance to the lock nuts, once done, you can remove them. Some available hubcaps in some vehicles are mostly fixed with a metal clips held with the nut itself, or sometimes with plastic lugs.
  • Check your lug nuts very well. It is well-known that some vehicles especially some European vehicles tend to be built with lug bolts and not nuts, however, they all have the same procedures in removing them.
  • Get a wrench tool to take off the nuts. Although sometimes people call it tire iron, a t-bar, or tire tools, they are all available within a vehicle tire kit. Ensure that your wrenches fits in the nuts of the vehicle’s wheel so that you wouldn’t need any other tire tool to remove the nuts. Note that some wrench can be two crossed bars or a straight bar, although some call it a spider wrench. As for the crossed bars, it allows you to have that extra strength, as you can hold it on either side with the ability of your hands and then twist it with all the strength of your arm.
  • Start taking off the nuts. Once the car is parked on a leveled ground, ensure you don’t jack the vehicle before the nuts are loosed. However, you may also use an already created resistance which is provided by the tire as a helping force to take off the nuts. Although doing this will not allow it spin once they are on a leveled ground, meaning there is possibility of easily taking them off.
  • You will need to place your tool on one nut and then turn it counter-clockwise. Once your tool is placed on one nut, try pulling it hard till it starts loosening. Please note that it won’t be necessary you to take off the whole nuts completely, just try as much as it will let you until you have the opportunity of using your hand to take the nuts off. Once you have loosed all the bolts, then you can now lift up your car and completely take off the nuts by spinning all of them with your hand, after which, you can completely detach the wheel. 


Below you will find SOME of our 5 highly rated and best spinning collar wheel lock remover tools with at least 4 star review from satisfied customers who bought from amazon.

The STEELMAN 75032 9-Piece Hubcaps and Wheel Lock Removal Kit

  • It cost $63 as at the writing of this post(see current price here)
  • It has a large wheel cover lock remover
  • It has a large Universal locking lug nuts remover
  • It has Ford and GM wheel lock removal

The Topec 16 SAE Metric Piece Locking Lug Master Key Set, Wheel Lock Removal Kit

  • It cost $89.98 as at the writing of this post (see current price here)
  • Its strong and durable
  • Very easy to use
  • It is standard with metric pieces
  • It has 16-piece set

The ABN Wheel Lock Removal Tool Kit Lug Nut Key Set 16p SAE/Metric Master Wheel Lock Key Set Lug Key Wheel Lock Removal Kit

  • It cost $68.99 as at the writing of this post(see current price here)
  • It has 8 included spline keys
  • It has 8 included hex and star keys
  • Very durable
  • It is easy to store

The 13 Pieces Maximum Impact Bolt & Nut Remover Set

  • It cost $31.76 at the writing of this post(see current price here)
  • Easily removes rusted bolts and nuts
  • It’s made from high steel carbon
  • It has a left-hand spiral flutes flat wrench use with adjustable wrench or sockets

The BELEY 22pcs Wheel Lock Lug Nuts Removal Set

  • It cost $68.90 at the writing of this post(see current price here)
  • Ability to install and remove Wheel Lock Lug Nuts
  • Allows you to save your money.
  • It has high-quality with rustproof.
  • It has a plastic case and convenient to store.


We would recommend to any car owner or mechanic to stop messing around with inferior wheel lock removal tools before you mess up your wheels with cracks and torches. You have to go for a good wheel lock removal tool and below are the one we recommend you buy. You can choose any of these tools, and save your time and money.


Universal Wheel Lock Removers is able to remove wheel locks anytime you lose or misplaced your key. They fit almost any car wheel locks, you just need a soft-faced hammer to drive it onto wheel lock. Below is our recommended universal wheel lock removers you can get on Amazon too.

The Astro Pneumatic 7404 Damaged Lug Nut & Lock Remover Sockets Flank Drive, sold by ASTRO

Astro Pneumatic 7404 damaged lug nut & Lock Remover Sockets Flank Drive is a new Flank Bite design universal lock remover that works on up to an industry-leading 90% rounded lug nut. It has protective sleeves free spin instead of scuffing wheels, allowing sleeves to remain in place while sockets rotate

Also safe to apply a forward tightening of lug nuts without damage.

You might have to check this out yourself.

This is priced for 29$ as at the writing of this article and rated 4.7-star rating with over 40 satisfied customer review.

You can check current tool stats here.

So the above our top recommendations of the some of the wheel lock nut removal tool to go for. You know what you want to choose the one best sorts your specific need. and we have also shown you how to remove a locking wheel nut with spinning collar. so if you like this post make sure to share it.

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