4 Best car for tuning app on Amazon 2020 ( Andriod & Iphone)

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Best car tuning: Tweaking your car to your taste is permitted especially when it is done by professionals. Car tuning is a way of modifying your car to increase the performance level. The entire idea of tuning a car is to enhance the performance from how it was originally designed so it can suit users’ needs. Most times, car tuning is done on the car interior, engine, power horse, fuel management and intake parts of the car.

Tuning a car is not a bad practice but you should know the areas or parts you want the efficiency increased. It is common for users to have the desire to get their car improved. Howbeit, it is vital you only work on the parts that need modification. When planning to modify any part of your car, it is recommended you go for best car tuning devices.

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Looking for car tuning tools, here are best car tuning app on amazon.

#1. SCT Performance – 40490 – BDX Performance Tuner and Monitor – Diagnostic Preloaded and Custom Tuning.

The BDX performer tuner and monitor is one of the best car tuning apps. This model comes with a preloaded and custom tuning. The app has adjustable features like speedometer correction, transmission shift point adjustment, diagnostics, speed limiter removal/set, gauge monitoring, and other interesting features available.

Features and details of SCT BDX Performance tuner and monitor

  • Easy installation process: the SCT BDX performance app is easy to use and require no much computer knowledge
  • Have functions such as timing & rev limiter adjustments and wheel/tire size calibration that enable the BDX to custom tailor your vehicle to your unique standards
  • Active Gauges – The BDX performance app comes with gauges that enables drivers to see and track a customizable table of engine parameters in real time
  • Engine Tuner – BDX delivers dyno-proven files that helps in increasing the horsepower and torque.
  • Custom tuning and preloaded – This model comes pre-loaded with Dyno proven performance tune files & holds up to 20 custom tuning files to provide a maximum tune flexibility.
  • Cloud Delivery – With this app, you can download updates and tunes using a Wi-Fi. Connection that can be connected easily to your vehicle with available preloaded or custom tunes.
  • Data overload – The BDX app has a beautiful color display that allows users to read and record real time stats & parameter effectiveness on the display dashboard.
  • Heads up display – You can monitor your performance at a glance with a dynamic color display mounted to the pillar, window, or dash.

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#2. Bully Dog – 40410 – GT Platinum Gas Diagnostic and Performance Tuner – 50-State Compliant

Bully Dog- GT Platinum performance tuner is an amazing car tuning app. The GT Platinum Gas is versatile. It can serve as a vehicle engine tuner, monitor, gauge and, can be used as a diagnostic tool to run and check error codes. With the Bully Dog GT performance car tuning, it helps in improving your vehicle horsepower, improves fuel economy. It can be recommended as one of the best car tuning app. The setup is easy and work best on selected cars such as Nissan, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, Chevrolet, GMC and Cadillac.

Features and details on this best car for tuning app On Amazon

  • Dyno-proven: Bully Dog GT car tuning app have dyno-proven tunes that is used to increase your vehicle horse power, torque and improve fuel economy.
  • Heads up display unit: The app has an LCD display mounted on a pillar, window, or dashboard that allow you to monitor over 15 performance parameters at a scan.
  • Comes with multiple preloaded tunes: Access four preloaded tunes with the touch of a few buttons to maximize performance in any situation.
  • Code clearing: Bully Dog car tuning app serves four purposes. One of its role is to scan and clear error codes through the diagnostic tool for an improved engine control unit(ECU)

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#3. AF053- Air Flow intake Bonnet Hood Turbo side Vent Cover Fender Sticker Décor

Going by its name, Air Flow intake Bonnet Hood Turbo Side Vent Cover Fender Sticker Decor for Car 2 Pieces is positioned at the driver and passenger side. This app is of great quality and amongst the best car tuning apps. This tuning device is recommended only for optical purposes. It is an interior car tuning device. In the device, there are no openings available as it has a very strong self-adhesive material used in manufacturing it. To use this, it is glued to the fenders.

Features and details of this next best car tuning software

  • Self-adhesive: AF053 is self-adhesive. It sticks to the fenders and cannot be pulled out easily.
  • No bodywork work needed Material: PVC Chrome
  • Air intake air flow vent
  • Dimensions: 165×70 mm.
  • Scope of supply: 1 set (2 pieces to be mounted at the driver and passengers’ side.

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#4.   Car Windshield Suction Cup Mount for COBB Tuning AccessPORT V3

Car windshield suction cup is an easy tuning device for your car. This model allows you to display your new Accessport V3 by Cobb instead the original mount that come with your new Accessport. The appearance is good and sticks well without falling off. Usually, it comes with two tabs which fit the dual slots on the back of the magnetic cradle that came with.

Features and details

  • The suction cup mount attaches to any smooth flat surface
  • Swivels and pivot
  • Can position or mount the device to your desire Viewing Angle
  • Easy to use or mount: No It skill required.

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Although, you are not the manufacturer, you can have your car designed to your choice by modifying your car using the right tools. Enthusiasts tune their car to give it a new and beautiful look and for the purpose of increasing the performance level of the car.

Using a car tuning software for modifications is fast becoming a culture. It is efficient and lots of these software’s are easy to use. However, before buying a car tuning software you should endeavor to know the function and how it should be used.

Best car tuning software

Tuning software’s work fine and are mostly used for optimizing the engine control unit (ECU).  There are lots of software’s available, here are best car tuning software’s

Best car tuning software’s

  • CMD Flash

This is one the best tuning software’s in the market. The device is highly efficient and is good for the purpose it was designed for. Their support for VAG cars are brilliant. CMD software tool can perform PCR 2.1 ECU (1.5 /1.6 TDI VAG) fully by OBD now.

  • WinOLS

This is another trusted software for car tuning that can be used to make changes in the file read from ECU. The tuner has total control here. WinOLS, is one of the best tuning software’s but not so easy to use for people who are not technology savvy; it requires you to have basic computer knowledge on how to use it effectively.


ECM TITANIUM is rated amongst the best car tuning software’s. It is a device made by Alientech. The amazing thing about this software is that it is easy to use and requires no IT knowledge. The software has drivers for each ECU which shows few maps to tune.

Tuning devices comes in different shapes and sizes with the primary purpose to improve vehicle performance and to add aesthetic touch too. In order to use a tuning device, it is either connected from a computer or through an aux cable. Aside connecting through computers via OBII port, you can use your android phone to connect to a tuning device. For it to run effectively, there are best car audio tuning apps for android.

Here are best car audio tuning app android

1.       IHeartRadio                              

 IHeartRadio is popular and a user-friendly car audio tuning app for android. With this app, there is no dull moment even if you are stocked in traffic. It is one of the best audio tuning app android that you can use to create a personalized playlists according to your preference. You can find any type of station on this app ranging from sports, entertainment and news.

2.       Spotify

This app is rated as the best car audio tuning mainly for streaming music. With the Spotify app, you can create your own playlists with your preferred songs. To get the best out of this app, you have to sign for its Premium subscription. With this, you will be able to access all the music without connection and without ads.

3.       Car Radio

Car Radio is popular and is recommended as one of the best car audio tuning app for android. It is easy to use and supports different car music systems that can be connected automatically or manually. To secure a connection, it can be done with a USB cable

  • Deezer

Deezer is a great app that is not only compatible with androids. You can connect other devices such as smart loud speakers on cars and sound systems. Deezer is rated as one of the best car audio tuning app for android. You can create your own playlists with your favorite artists and songs. Sign up for subscription to enjoy unlimited music.

Car audio tuning apps also work on devices like iPhone. Although, they are not so popular, but you can get some in the market.

Best car audio tuning app for iphone

  • Alpine TuneIt app 

This is the most popular and best audio tuning app for iPhone. The app allows users to create a profile for their vehicle and any other Alpine equipment that is installed within. Once the profile is set up, users can adjust parametric EQ, crossover, time correction, bass/mid/treble, and Media Xpander settings. It has a well-designed interface. All you need to do is to touch and swipe at an interface on your phone’s touch screen. Alpine tuneIt app, allows users save up to 100 different sound settings for different types of music that you can share and download setups with other Alpine TuneIt users. The app gives users the ability to find, download, and profiles created by other users and to rate those settings profiles.

Best car tuning games
  1. Gran Turismo 6

The Gran Turismo 6 is a fast car. It has in-depth customization. It is one of the best and realistic car tuning games.

  • Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa is an amazing ride. You will definitely enjoy using this car for tuning games. It is made by Italian developers Kunos Simulazion. It’s available on PC and consoles.

  • Forza Horizon 4

This needs no introduction as it is amongst the favorites for gamers. It is one of the best car tuning games. Forza Horizon allows gamers to adjust downforce, springs installed on your car, tweak your differential, fiddle with antiroll bars, and explore other options available in that.


The essence of tuning a car is to achieve a substantial performance increase or change the appearance to making it appear the way you want it. Tuning your car ranges from enhancing parts such as throttle, torque to get a better look and an improved ECU. Tuning your car is good, but should be done with caution and by professionals. In some extreme cases, users go for a complete replacement of parts. Which can involve any of the following: modifying the engine and management systems of the vehicle to increase power output, additional changes are often required to allow the vehicle to handle such power, including stiffened suspension, tire stretching, brake replacement, and improved steering and transmission modifications (such as the installation of a short shifter).  The idea of having a complete tuning on these areas can be inconsequential as it can only give it an aesthetic view. However, modifying the ECU unit would get it optimized and will make the fuel economy improved.

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