7 Best Vinyl Wrap for Car Interior & Exterior (2020 Ultimate Guide) Car Interior Wraps

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Having an attractive vinyl wrap can enhance the beauty and look of a vehicle. This post shows you some of the highly rated and best vinyl wrap for car interior and a few for exterior.  There are many wraps for car interior out there but not all are made with good quality material with all the tiny little details that makes a good car interior wraps

It does not matter whether it is an old or new car with a good car interior vinyl wraps, you are car will look so beautiful. Apart from that, it also protects the original painting of the car from getting damaged. So as a car owner, the only thing you can do is to choose one of the best vinyl wraps for cars we will show you here and you cover longer-lasting looking car interiors

If you do not pick some of the best ones out there, then you might end up seeing different problems on the surface of your car. There are lots of choices available out there that might seem confusing. This is why you need to be knowledgeable and familiar with choosing the best vinyl wrap for car interior or exterior.

Car Interior Wraps: 7 Best Vinyl Wrap for Car Interior and Exterior

Benefits of a Car Interior Vinyl Wraps

Here are some of the benefits of getting a good car interior wraps.

  1. With a car interior leather wrap, it will give your car a refreshing and unique look.
  2. A car interior vinyl wraps will protects against car paint scratches and fading.
  3. The value of the car does not reduce no matter how many years you have been using the car. This because the car interior wraps will help keep it in the same condition for years unless you remove the wrap. It just looks using a phone cover.
  4. Even the best vinyl wrap for car interior are cheaper than to repaint the whole car and 100% removable.
  5. Car interior wraps comes in several styles that you cannot get just by painting the vehicle.
  6. A nice pattern of a vinyl wrap for car interior or exterior, can hide blemishes in the car and even give it a different look entirely.
  7. You can decide to wrap some parts of your car rather than every part.

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What is the best car vinyl wrap?

Having researched and gone through many reviews online, we have sorted out the top 7 best car vinyl wrap brand on Amazon.  And they are listed below. There are so many things we put into considerations before we could come up with this list. However, let us proceed to see the wraps that made the list:

7 Vinyl Wrap for car Interior and exterior on Amazon

No1. VViViD XPO Black Carbon Fiber

This is one of the leading car interior vinyl wraps out there. It is made up of the Air Release, Resist and Heat fuse technologies. It is very durable and has a professional look. If your car has any discoloration, annoying marks or flaws, this wrap is very thick and effective in shielding it from the public gaze. It is very thick and would stretch to take on any shape. It can last up to seven years outdoors and also very economical. You can purchase it here.

Pros: This car vinyl interior wrap is one of the best lightweight you can ever get. It is also one of the best vinyl wrap for car exterior and interior.


  • DIY’ers design,
  • Permanent Adhesive
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Resist and Heat Fuse technology
  • Air Release technology

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No2. DIYAH 3D Black Carbon Fiber

This is a 3D Twill-weave carbon fiber vinyl wrap that is made up of UV resistant vinyl which consists of carbon. It is very easy to apply to any surface and make it more stylish. The wrap stretches and also resists water. You can purchase it here.

PROS: It is made up of carbon fiber without actually spending the high cost of carbon.


  • The thickness of the sheet is about 0.0015 and the weave is 0.20”.
  • 3DTwill Weave
  • Stretches with heat
  • Self-adhesive and water resistant

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No3. EZAUTOWRAP Gloss Black Vinyl Wrap Kit

This is also one of the best car vinyl wrap brand on the site and it was made with an automotive-cast vinyl.  With it, the vehicles paint can be protected from scratches or wear. It is very soft and can take on any edge, shape or contour. It is also flexible and can be scratched and repositioned to fit any surface perfectly. After installation, there is no remnant of residue left behind. You can purchase it here.

Pros: It is a very effective way of protecting your vehicle from scratch or any damage.


  • Easy to install
  • It is not harmful to the surface of the vehicle.
  • Very flexible and can conform to any surface
  • Comes with a free tool gift set

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No4. Chrome Mirror Silver Vinyl Wrap for exterior

This is one of the  best vinyl wrap for car exterior. This wrap is a premium quality holographic silver vinyl that has a mirror kind of look. It is also made if an automotive cast vinyl and protects your vehicle from scratches and wear. It can also stretch to fit any surface. When installing it, you can position it however you want. The length is 12” X 78”. You can purchase it here.

Pros: It is very flexible and protects your car from any external damages. You can also remove creases and air bubbles by using a squeegee and applying heat.


  • Waterproof
  • Sunlight Resistant
  • Automotive-cast vinyl

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No5. Black Matte Car Wrap Vinyl

This is among the best vinyl wraps for cars and is also an effective lightweight alternative to painting is this  Black Matte Car Wrap Vinyl for car exterior and interior. this is an ideal choice for motorsport marketing applications. Although it is 3.9 mils thick, it stretches and conforms to any shape on any surface. It also hides discolorations and marks on the car. It is specially designed for DIY’ers and is durable for a long period of time. You can buy it here.

Pros: It is lightweight and flexible.


  • Primary engineered for DIY’ers
  • VViViD Resist and Heat technologies
  • VViViD Air Release
  • Solvent-based and permanent Adhesive

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No6. REDODECO Self-Adhesive Vinyl Wrap Sticker

The  REDODECO  wraps for car interior  also made it to this list of 7 best wraps for the interior and exterior of cars. It is of high quality and 12” by 60” size. REDODECO is waterproof, protected by UV and can be wiped with cloth. It is very easy to measure and cut for applying to your vehicle. This car wrap can also be used as crafts, art, furniture, wallpaper, splashes, barbacks, and so on. It is flexible and soft enough for you to stretch and reposition on any edge or shape. You can purchase it here.

Pros: It is very easy to install, all you need is to peel and stick on the desired surface.


  • Reflective chrome silver film sheet
  • UV protection
  • Waterproof
  • Eco-friendly and Non-chlorine

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No7. VVIVID Epoxy High Gloss

This is a black carbon vinyl automotive car wrap that stretches to up to 200% making it one of the easiest best car wrap brand to install. With this vinyl wrap for car interior, you can apply it to a surface with a squeegee and a heat gun. It is very durable and can last up to 5 to 7 years without any crack or fade. Yes this is one our best vinyl wrap for car interior. You can purchase it here.

Pros: The installation is a very simple process even without any prior experience. There is no reason to bother about bubbles or creases.


  • Air Release Adhesive
  • Hyper-realistic carbon fiber look
  • Liftable and slideable

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Conclusion on our Best Vinyl Wrap for Car Interior (Car Interior Wraps)

This post mentioned some of the best wraps for car interior and exterior and their features. Some of the things to put into consideration when picking a wraps for car interior are your budget,  the type  and design of what you want to go for. I am certain all the ones listed above will give your vehicle a beautiful and stylish look. So pick one and getting going.

I hope this post  best vinyl wrap for car interior was helpful to you? If it was please share this post or pin the image below.

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