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Whenever you talk about lubricants, you will find many out there that offer exceptional results. Many of them are cheap, while some are expensive, a few are useless, and most are pretty decent too. But none of them are close to offering the unbeatable value both PB Blaster and WD-40 can deliver. even at that PB BLASTER VS WD 40 which is the best?

Today, we are not here to say how amazing these two lubricants are, but our focus will be on their differences to help you make an informed decision choosing which one to go for.

So let’s get down to this post comparing PB BLASTER VS WD 40 oil.



The PB Blaster

The PB blaster happens to be the most recommended lubricant, oil or penetrant in the market. PB blaster uses a high-performance formula which provides better results than 90% of other products in the market for almost the same or even higher price.

The product works for many things, so it happens to be one of the most versatile & convenient products you can get to lubricate, get rid of rust, clean and much more.

The product is based on a concentrated formula which comprises a non-evaporating lubricant with several other corrosion and rust removing ingredients. It completely busts or cleans metallic objects. And it can also lubricate and helps to reach the hardest places. You can check out the price of this product here.


Here is how PB Blaster works

Many irons, metals and other similar materials tend to produce rust when water and oxygen start dropping on them. Except we’re talking about stainless steel, and which these chemical reactions tend to damage products and also makes them useless. But however, rusting can always be slowed down and also removed as long as you use the right product.

The PB Blaster is that product to use. It can work on any rusted metal or corroded and including nuts, bolt, fused parts, and much more.

One thing about PB Blaster is that once it doesn’t work at first, you can always use it a second time to get its best results, and even better than the first time. And as a lubricant or oil that’s not flammable, it will work well enough with a heat gun or any similar product.

Though because it’s not flammable, note that it is important never to apply direct fire to any lube product as it has the possibility to ignite. PB Blaster works in record time if you compare it to other similar lubricants, so thanks to its protecting and lubricating film, we can always expect this product to last for a long time with no additional effort.

Its good to know that the advantage of PB Blaster comes from its ability to prevent or reduce the damage of metal from rusting. Once you spray some, this protective layer will avoid any type of moisture from making contact with such metal. And however, this stops and slows down rusting exponentially, until the film wears out which will definitely take years.

You should know that PB Blaster works like the perfect lubricant to get rid of even the hardest corrosion or rust.

Things you can use PB Blaster for

Anyone can use PB Blaster for a wide array of operations, which includes industrial, automotive work, plumbing, marine, and much more. But normally, PB Blaster works to ease up stripped and rust bolts, however, it can be used for practically anything.

So thanks to its penetrating capacity and hugely effective formula, it can clean metal objects very quickly in a matter of hours. And the most important thing is that it will leave a lubricating and protective layer behind that will keep any machine, tool or material ready to work.

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Here are what you can use PB Blaster for:

  • Car Parts
  • Tools
  • Machines
  • Marine Application
  • Sports Equipment
  • Fishing Equipment

 The Disadvantages Of PB Blaster

The PB Blaster may be one of the most effective products when it comes to cleaning rust, lubrication and corrosion, but yet it isn’t a perfect product in its entirety.

This is because we find that it tends to generate too many fumes. Though this is not precisely very bad, but it’s very uncomfortable.

So we recommended you to wear goggles and a mask when using PB Blaster because these fumes may eventually enter through your breathing and reach your lungs, which could cause chemical side effects or coughing.


The WD-40 happens to be the most famous multi-use lubricant in the market, it is also a hugely penetrating product that goes into the hardest places to protect against corrosion & rust and also getting rid of moisture in the process.

It is more than oil, the WD-40 is actually a water-based with a bio-solvent that has the ideal to not only get rid of unwanted metal impurities but also to protect in the most natural way as possible. But however, it does it with a hugely powerful capacity that many other products cannot offer.

This product can almost do everything you could expect from it. It works easily and with rapid effects, it can cuts through grime, grease, and other impurities fast. With it, you can clean tools, floors, car parts and appliances with many other products in a matter of hours.

The WD-40 inhibits corrosion and also increases overall protection from rust. WB-40 also gets rid of soil and dirt, penetrates outstandingly well and also produces water displacement so that you can prevent moisture-related problems in your car, tools or machines. see price of this on Amazon

Here Is How WD-40 Works

The WD-40 has five different main uses, and yet it works in a single way to keep your products well protected, free of contaminants, and also completely lubricated. The penetration capacity alongside its moisture-displacing effects is what makes WD-40 so useful for protection product and lubrication of car.

One of the good things about WD-40 is that it doesn’t use any kind of damaging chemicals like kerosene, chlorofluorocarbons, graphite or silicone. But however, it uses varieties of other ingredients that provide a corrosion-resistant formula which is perfect for increasing any metal or product lifespan by keeping corrosion factors away.

One other great ability of WD-40 is the loosening effects of parts that are stuck or frozen. It can also be used on frozen or rusted metal parts so you can make them to work again or clean them from their impurities.

And here’s where it removing capacity comes from, ideal for grime, grease, gunk and other similar contaminants that can stick to metal parts. WD-40 can also hold firmly to the surface and protects against different factors like corrosion, rust, and much more.

Things You Can Use WD-40

WD-40 can be used for a thousand things. It can be used for lubricating car to cleaning, preventing moisture and also loosening rusted & corroded metal car parts, and much more. The WD-40 is one of the most convenient and versatile products of its kind.

This product is very safe in different materials too, which includes plastics, metal, wood, rubber and others. Below are a list of things with which WD-40 can be useful for:

  • car Wheels
  • car Engines
  • Bikes
  • With Tools
  • Sports Equipment
  • Floors
  • wooden products
  • Metal Products

The disadvantages of WD-40

Even though WD-40 is a fantastic product for lubricating and cleaning, it also has a few downsides, especially when it comes to its formula.

Lots of people recommend avoiding using it in polycarbonate or polystyrene because they could eventually produce fumes or similar side effects.

Though it may not be damaging to humans, it could harm other products such as car rubberized synthetics, polishers, and unsealed bearings. You have to be careful when using this product around things like these.


It is good to know that both PB Blaster and WD-40 are excellent products that will make you forget of frozen and rusted products to deliver functional ones. However, even though they are both strong and useful, one of them happens to works slightly better than the other.

But we have to say that while WD-40 is a first-rate penetrating oil that’s used by millions of people around the world, it is not as powerful as PB Blaster.

So if your intention is something economical and easy to use that will help you use rusted and corroded car parts again, then the WD-40 will work well enough for your needs. However, if you need something very strong that leaves a protective layer for years to come and also penetrates even better, then PB Blaster is your best choice.

Not it’s your turn PB BLASTER VS WD 40 which do prefer base on the discussion above.

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