11 Best Bi Directional Scan Tool (+ Affordable Bidirectional Scan Tool)

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A bi directional scan tool is a device that has the capacity to interpret the details in your car’s OBD system. A functional bidirectional scanner should be able to bond to the engine computer of your car to decipher error codes and send commands. This permits a scan tool to trigger an appeal from the Engine Control Module (ECM) which gives a response by conveying data back to the scan tool in form of communication with your car to salvage the fault.

This article discusses the 11 best bi directional scan tools available in the market. Also included are detailed highlights of the features, connectivity, compatibility, strength, pros, and cons of each scanner. This would enable you make the right and best choice when buying a bi directional scan tool that is suitable for you.

11 Best Bi Directional Scan Tool (+ Some Affordable Bidirectional Scan Tool)

No 1. LAUNCH X431 V (X431 Pro) 

The Launch X431 is one of the best bidirectional scan tools for cars and comes with sophisticated workings. This bi directional scan tool lets you to test the output fundamentals which enable you to detect if any gear or system is working accurately or malfunctioning. This unique quality is lacking in usual code readers.

This best bidirectional scan tool offers support for Asian, European, American and China brands.

Also, this bi directional scan tool for car is wireless. It’s basically a tablet that allows you to check your car properly for any fault. It can couple with Smartphone, tablet or computer.

The Launch X431 bi directional scan tool features 11 highly developed features including EPB, Steering Angle Calibration, DPF, oil lamp reset, TPMS change, and battery register. The only weakness of this product is that it weighs 11 pounds, making it too heavy for some users.


  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Runs for about 8 hours on battery.
  • Works on diesel cars (12V).
  • Free WiFi printer.
  • Offers 23 languages to select from.


  • Is unable to work with heavy-duty vehicles
  • Is incapable of reprograming a dash cluster to a new Pat’s security ignition key.
  • Is unable to calibrate proximity for all car models.

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No 2. Autel MaxiCOM MK908P Bidirectional Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool

This scanner is one of the best bidirectional scan tool for home mechanic that offers all that is required to keep your vehicle away from faults.  With this best OBD2 bidirectional scanner, you can comfortably perform coding, programming and do advanced functions. You can use this wireless scanner to control the components and subsystem of your car.

The main feature of this scanner is its ability to carry out flash ECU coding and programming. It comes with other complex features such as SAS, AUTO VIN, EPB, Oil Reset, ECU Programming and coding for Benz and BMW, Throttle Matching, ABS bleeding, and IMMO. The battery strength of this scanner runs for 8 hours.

This bidirectional OBD2 scanner is well-suited for 80 US, Asian, and European models that complies with OBD2.

The problem with this bidirectional obd2 scannerECU coding and programming is that it only works for BENZ and BMW.


  • It features a cloud-based support from Maxifix
  • It features a free battery tester
  • accompaniments can be attached
  • Very small and lightweight, hence easy to handle.


It is expensive.

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No 3. LAUNCH CRP429C Affordable Automotive Bidirectional Scan Tool

This is an affordable bidirectional scan tool that comes with sophisticated features. The Launch CRP429C has complex features such as the oil reset, injector Reset Service, SAS, BMS, IMMO, ABS/SRS, DPF, and EPB. With this affordable bidirectional scan tool, you don’t have to spend much time in carrying out your diagnosis. The scanner is capable of completing diagnosis on all systems including ABS, SRS, Transmission, body, chassis, AC, fuel structure, and engine.

The Launch bidirectional scan tools features higher battery and processing feat. It is outfitted with an A5 quad-core processor that’s very quick and has a rechargeable battery (4,000 mAh).


  • Update with WiFi.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty and 1-year online free updates.
  • Supports mode 6 data.
  • Can diagnose obd2 system in motorcycles as well.
  • Fast booting time.


  • It is incapable of resetting throttle body.
  • It cannot reprogram key fob.


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No 4. LAUNCH X431 V+ – Best For Professional Technicians

LAUNCH X431 V+ is one of the best bidirectional scan tool that is able to achieve basic, advanced, and Active Tests task easily. You can use this bidirectional OBD2 scanner to interpret code definitions, see wire diagrams and preferable fixes. This scanner features 11 advanced service functions that will enable you establish if each part of your car is functioning or if its faulty.

This Launch X431 V+ is among the best obd2 bidirectional scanner that is able to input commands into the ECU and interpret ECU data. Diagnosis using this scanner helps you discover problems in the component and subsystems of the car.

This bi directional scan tool for car features 20 complex reset task including DPF, EPB, throttle alteration, oil reset, ABS bleeding, Steering angle reset, Anti-theft matching, Tire Pressure Reset, Battery Matching, IMMO, BMS, SRS, and ECU coding.

This scanner is well-matched with about 90% models of Asian, European and American cars.


  • Comes with built-in GPS
  • Superb customer support with a 2-year free software update.
  • A high-end processor for fast operation


  • It is too costly.
  • It is heavy


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No 5. FOXWELL NT650 Automotive ABS SRS Bidirectional Scan Tool with Special Service Functions

The Foxwell NT650 is the most affordable bidirectional scan tool available in market. This scanner performs 13 different resets including oil, ABS, SRS, EPB, and TPMS systems and lots more. The NT650 scan tool executes all the fundamental functions of an automotive bidirectional scan tool.

This is one of the best bidirectional scan tools designed for durability. It features a screen protector and extra padding to protect it from wear and tear.

This best OBD2 bidirectional scanner is compatibility with 58 car models that functions with ABS/SRS. The oil reset is well-matched with 49 cars while the TPMS adaptation works for 32 car models


  • It is affordable and durable
  • Long cable allows for easy check of real-time data while driving
  • Comes with an SD Card for easy transfer of data to other devices
  • Easy to move around
  • Clear graphs are easy to read


  • Not every feature works for every car
  • Difficult to register updates
  • Advertises has multilingual, but only in English and Spanish


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No 6. LAUNCH X431 DIAGUN IV Bi-Directional Diagnostic Tool

The Launch X431 is one of the best bidirectional scan tools which features high Bluetooth connectivity and smooth internet connectivity via WiFi and support USB.

This bi directional scan tool for car has sophisticated features such as Key Fob Programming, ABS, SRS, TPMS, ABS Bleeding Brake, Reset Functions Including Oil Reset, Oil lamp reset, BRT, Anti Theft Matching, ECU Coding, EPB, SAS, DPF, BMS, Injector Coding, Gear Learning, Immobilizer Matching, and Throttle Matching.

The Launch X431 bi directional scan tool for car features two built-in cameras. The front is a 2mp camera while the back is a 5.5mp camera and has a 3.5mm audio port for headphones.

One major shortcoming of the device is that it’s rather costly and doesn’t sustain all cars.

This scanner is well-matched with about 90 car brands and approximately 10,000 car models.


  • It features free updates for 2 years.
  •  It is resistant to water
  • It has support for camera and headphone
  • Easy sign-up process on the website.
  • Allows internet connectivity through WiFi.


  • The updates can be slow to appear
  • Some users may have difficulty with software installation.

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No 7. Autel Autolink AL619 Bidirectional Affordable Scan Tool

The Autel Autolink AL619 is one of the most affordable bidirectional scan tool that supports ABS/SRS related codes and can recover both generic and manufacturer explicit codes.

The AL619 is one of the best bidirectional scan tools. You can check for faults in the airbag and supplemental restraint system and you can accurately diagnose the ABS/SRS codes. This scanner is well-matched with more than 50 car brands.

This affordable bidirectional scan tool displays the error code along with an clarification. It diagnoses faulty indicator light, and provide freeze frame, O2 sensor test, and live PCM data.

With this bidirectional obd2 scanner, you can comfortably carry out the mode 08 test in your vehicle.


  • free updates for life
  • 1-year warranty
  • Offers quick diagnosis.
  • Data can be stored and printed through PC
  • Supports VIN, CIN, and CVN


  • Micro SD card is required to perform updates.
  • 99 GMC Sonoma and Chevy S10 do not support ABS.

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No8. Innova 5160 Pro Affordable Scan Tool

The Innova 5160 is an affordable bidirectional scan tool that is able to read and clear check engine, perform network scan on a automobile, read and clear ABS/SRS, supports EPB and SAS.

The Innova is among list of bidirectional scan tool that is renowned for durability and easy use.

This bi directional scan tool offers support for 4 graphs of ABS and SRS in one time. This scanner shows instantaneous data to assist you in making prompt decisions.

It can help rearrange the electronic parking brake system and perform brake pad modifications. You can easily adjust the steering angle sensor with this scanner.

This affordable bidirectional scan tool is renowned for updates, works on 3 AA batteries and aids you to execute tests.


  • Comes with 1-year warranty
  • Deleting error codes is easy after fault is rectified.
  • LED light connector allows you to connect the scanner
  • Customer support is in English and Spanish.
  • Updates are free.
  • Supports active tests.


  • Doesn’t show DTC severity like the 5023 model.
  • It is slightly costly

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No 9. Autel Maxisys MS906 Professional Automotive Bidirectional Scan Tool

The Autel MS906 is one best bidirectional scan tool that has 1.3, GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 + 1.7 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A15.  It has both advanced and common features.

This bidirectional OBD2 scanner features high-end processor which enhances fast scanning and rapid results.

The battery strength of this bi directional scan tool for car is 5000 mAh, meaning it can last up to 5 hours. Autel MS906 is one of the best OBD2 bidirectional scanner that can carry out diverse professional diagnostics such as ABS, SRS, ECU coding, EPB, actuation tests, adaptations, TPMS programming, oil reset, SAS calibration, and DPF.

This bidirectional obd2 scanner features an 8MP camera that is able to capture pictures and make videos.

The weakness of this product is that it only supports ECU programming for Benz and BMW cars.


  • It is extremely fast.
  • Updates easily after registration
  • Enough memory to save previous data (32GB)


Batteries don’t last long.

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No 10. ANCEL AD610 Elite Automotive OBDII ABS SAS Actuator Affordable Bi-directional Scan Tool

The ANCEL AD610 is another affordable bidirectional scan tool that is effective for diagnosing and clearing faulty codes. You can save your money without paying a mechanic to diagnose your car, making it one of the best bidirectional scan tool for home mechanic.

This bidirectional scan tools allows you to check your ABS and SRS/airbag systems to easily discern issues with these fundamental safety gears. All OBDII test modes works well on this best bidirectional scan tool.

The ANCEL AD610 scanner includes most standard resets, including oil and airbag system resets. Other bidirectional functions include providing you access to switches, sensors, and actuators. And the AD610 finds car data accurately using the VIN number.

This affordable and best obd2 bidirectional scanner is well-matched with over60 car models. The AD610 decode multiple languages, as well as French, Russian, Polish, and German.


  • It is affordable
  • Rubberized textured grip makes the product easy to handle
  • Nice carrying case and micro SD card come with your purchase
  • Screen display perfect for drive cycle verification
  • Resets key safety systems in your car
  • Available in multiple languages


  • Many complaints about website and the instruction manual.
  • It’s a somewhat tricky to use
  • May not be well-suited for your car.

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No 11. TOPDON ArtiDiag100 B Diagnostic Bi-directional Scan Tool

TOPDON scanner is a bi directional scan tool for car that is useful for checking the Anti-lock brake system operating conditions. This tool is equipped for professional diagnostic functions with Wi-Fi connection for the expediency of use.

This affordable bidirectional scan tool provides a demonstration for inexperienced or new users. It comes with a 1-year warranty which is accompanied by 1-year free updates online.

This is also one of the best bidirectional scan tool for home mechanic which comes with loads of features including:

  • Supports EPB reset, SAS reset, oil rest, DPF regeneration, and BMS reset.
  • Advanced function such as IMMO, Injector codings, and ABS bleeding.
  • Can read and clear codes from FULL systems and displaying the live sensor data
  • You can perform bi-directional tests
  • Features voltage, resistance, ABS Bleeding

It is attuned with over 200 diverse car models from America, Asia, and Europe.



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The Bottom Line

These are the 11 best bidirectional scan tool for car that we were able to come up with. There are lots of others available in the market. However, you have to be careful when making your selection because your car model will not work with all these bidirectional scan tools. Your car may even be well-matched with these scanners but may be incompatible with some functions.

So, ensure you carry out a thorough research and check reviews before buying so as to purchase the best bidirectional obd2 scanner that meets your needs.

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