How to Fix a Salvage Car (Is It Worth Fixing a Salvage Car)

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if you are wondering what is the best way on how to fix a salvage car and if it is worth fixing a salvage car in the first please, then  this post is for you.

I am going discuss salvage car meaning in this article, how much does it cost to fix a salvage car, how to fix a salvage car and finally I will give my response to the question “is it worth fixing a salvage car?”

So with in mind let’s get started and I am beginning with salvage car meaning in response to the query, what does salvage car mean?

Salvage Car Meaning: What Does Salvage Car Mean?

Generally salvage car is a title given to previously defected vehicle that have been fixed or repaired by new owner, but was considered lost by in an insurance company and the damage claims paid for in for by insurance.

However depending on the country and state you’re live in, the criteria’s or factors that regulate  or determines when a salvage title is given to a vehicle is different for each states and at a country level too.

With that, let’s look at how much it will cost to fix a salvage car for real?

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Salvage Car

See there are no straight answers to this question; the truth is, it depends on the level of damage on the car.

However on an average fixing salvage vehicle can cost anything around $2000 to $6000 or more grand to have the vehicle fully repaired and have it running in the best condition?

I once bought my second car before the one I am using now from insurance auction for $2,800 and when I received the car, a lot parts were demanded more than what I  expected.

Finally I ended up spending over $3,740 grand to repair parts and body work to get the vehicle in good condition.

Besides, the brand of the car is vehicle also has a role to play on what it will cost to fix a salvage car. For instance, you the amount you spend on salvage Toyota Camry will not be the same you will spend for a Jeep Wrangler.

How to Fix a Salvage Car (Is It Worth Fixing a Salvage Car)

Now let’s talk about how to fix a salvage car and I will give you some really practical salvaged vehicle repair tips.

Salvaged Vehicle Repair Tips

If you have a vehicle that was involved in a bad accident, then you know it can take some work to get it back in good driving condition.

In fact, if the damage was bad enough, then your state probably required that a salvage vehicle be issued for the car.

This means that the car cannot legally be driven until it has been repaired to an acceptable level.

 If you need to get your car back on the road, then follow the tips in this guide to make sure the repairs are done right.

Have The Proper License

Sure, you need a license to drive the car after the repairs are made, but that is not the license we are talking about here.

 If your vehicle has been issued a salvage title, then you need the appropriate rebuilder’s license to legally make the repairs to the car.

The average Joe cannot buy a salvage car and repair it in hopes that a rebuilt title will be issued when the work is complete.

It takes special skill and expertise to repair a car with that much damage, so this special license is required so that your state can be certain the repairs were completed properly.

If you do not have this license, your best bet will be to find a licensed rebuilder and work closely with them to get your car repaired.

Get It Straight

A bent or damaged frame is one of the worst things that can happen to a car during an accident.

It can be extremely difficult to repair this condition back to normal, and failure to repair it properly can lead to major issues later.

 If the car has a bent frame, you must make absolutely sure that it is straightened as part of the repair procedure.

 Car rebuilders have special equipment that can assist in the straightening of the frame, and this piece is critical to proper operation of the vehicle.

 If not done correctly, the tires will wear faster and unevenly, the alignment will never be correct, and the car may drive erratically.

 More than likely, the car will not pass the post-repair inspection with a frame that is not repaired correctly.

Prepare For Inspection

As repairs are being made to your salvage vehicle, remember that your state DMV is going to require an inspection before a rebuilt title will be issued.

 A vehicle with a rebuilt title is one that has been repaired back to working condition, but it signifies that there was previous extensive damage to the car.

Once the rebuilt title is issued, then you can obtain a registration and tag and drive the car on the road again.

You can also transfer title to the car to an end buyer just like a car with a clean title.

Be Aware Of Lower Resale

As you make the repairs, you should know that you cannot expect to receive a normal used car price for the vehicle when you sell it.

A car with a rebuilt title has much lower resale value, and selling the car at all might prove difficult in some cases.

 Many buyers will steer clear of cars with a rebuilt title, so your pool of potential buyers is much smaller.

Also remember that when a car has suffered extensive damage as most of these cars have, it can be almost impossible to repair them to factory condition.

Any noticeable issues or defects with the repairs will lower the resale value even lower.

If you plan to keep the car for several years, this is likely not as big of an issue, but if you plan to resale it soon; you should have realistic expectations of how much money you can expect from the sale.

So next, is it worth fixing a salvage car? Well let’s find out as we round up on what I personally think.

Is it worth fixing a salvage car?

Well, to me fixing a salvage car is definitely worth it if your do your math well.

And I say this because salvage vehicles are usually sold at very low price starting from anything 10% to 20% or more, lower than the present market value for the vehicle.

When you get the car at such a  low price, then spending extra $2,000 to $5,000 grand depending on the vehicles brand and model, is definitely worth it.

However, if the damage is on the engine and some other major parts, then I will consider it not worth it because when you start repairing the engine problem, then your expenses go even higher. Please see the video above.

Summary: I hope this article has helped you know the meaning of salvage vehicle and how to fix a salvage car. I also showed you how much it cost to fix a salvage car.

If this post has help you please share and back mark the page for future reference.

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