how much does it cost to change spark plugs

spark plug replacement cost|HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO REPLACE SPARK PLUGS

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If your car spark plug is bad and needs replacement, this article on how much does it cost to replace spark plugs will address all your questions on spark plug replacement cost. I will endeavour to provide the closest estimate cost to expect when trying to change or replace your car spark plug.

So we are going to look at the spark plug cost itself and mechanic replacement labour cost and cost for doing it yourself so you are exactly what to expect.

Spark plugs are the device that ignites your car’s gasoline and air in your car engine, which is what makes your vehicle drive.  Without a working spark plug, your car’s combustion cycle will not run and function properly.

So it is particularly essential that your car’s spark plug functions appropriately all the time.

The length of time you should continue driving before changing or replacing your spark plugs varies based on your car specifics. The car owner’s manual should give you a general guide timeline to follow. Sometimes your sparkplug might just go bad before it is due for a change. In such case, this article here talks about signs and systems of a bad spark plug; you might have to read that post so you can be sure of when to change your plug.

So let’s get started.

spark plug replacement cost| how much does it cost to replace spark plugs

To better present this, I am going to break down the spark plug replacement cost into 2 categories.

1.       Cost of Plugs by Different Brands.

2.       Cost of Spark plug Replacement Done by You

3.       Cost of Spark plug Replacement by a mechanic


  •  Cost of Different types of Plugs Brand: $15-100. 

 Buying a spark plug will be different from car band to band and where you are buying it from. On average, a new spark plug will cost anywhere around 15 dollars to 100 dollars depending on the brand.

A good place to purchase good spark plug at a cheap and affordable price is on Amazon.

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  • The estimated cost of Spark Plug Replacement Done by Yourself: $15-$108

So if you decide to replace the spark plug by yourself then you will be reducing your cost of hiring a mechanic to do the work for you.

And that could mean a significant sum of savings from just doing it yourself because now only need to buy the parts needed to replace the plug itself and you are good to go.

So the estimated price for changing your spark plug yourself will depend on your car brand or model and other parts you will need to buy to able you perform a task. That range from anything around $15 -108.

  • Estimated cost Done by a Mechanic: $54-$268

When it comes to hiring a mechanic to change your spark plug, the cost is different for the various mechanic. On average the labour cost to replace spark plug is about $39 to 162 and then when you add the cost for the parts which is around $15 -$108, the total cost will be estimated for $54 – $266 depending on who you hired and the brand/model of car your own.

  • Cost Mechanic vs. DIY: Mechanic $54-$268 vs. DIY $15-$108

The cost difference between changing your spark plug by yourself and going to the mechanic is quite significant. I really recommend you change your plug yourself if your car engine is a V-6 grade that way you can save some money. And if you own a V-6, just check car owner manual require removing some other parts first before changing the plug.

On the other hand, you can take your car to a mechanic if you are not comfortable changing it yourself. This will only you more.

How Much does it Cost to Replace Spark Plugs ( spark plug replacement cost )

Please go through the table below for a few estimates for specific car models.

Car Model Spark Plug & Parts Labor( Mechanic) Total (Parts +Labor by Mechanic) Total (Parts+ DIY Labor)  
Chevrolet Silverado $72 – $108 $102 – $131 $174 – $238 $72 – $108  
Ford Focus $48 – $72 $47 – $60 $95 – $131 $48 – $72  
Ford Fusion $48 – $72 $63 – $80 $111 – $151 $48 – $72  
Ford F-Series $72 – $108 $126 – $161 $198 – $268 $72 – $108  
Toyota Camry $48 – $72 $47 – $60 $95 – $131 $48 – $72  
Toyota Corolla $48 – $72 $63 – $80 $111 – $151 $48 – $72  
Honda CR-V $16 – $24 $39 – $50 $55 – $73 $16 – $24  
Honda Civic $48 – $72 $39 – $50 $87 – $122 $48 – $72  
Honda Accord $48 – $72 $39 – $50 $87 – $122 $48 – $72  
Nissan Altima $48 – $72 $63 – $80 $111 – $151 $48 – $72  

How to change spark plugs

If you would like to see how to change your spark plug yourself, please watch this video below.

Or you can read this article I wrote earlier on bad spark plug symptoms and fix.

Concluding on How Much Does it Cost to Change Spark Plugs

I hope you were able to get an answer to your question from this post on how much does it cost to replace spark plugs. With the table above you will be able to get a clearer picture of what to budget when you need to change your spark plug.

You may also not read this article see symptoms of a bad spark plug. Please share this post if it helped you.

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