All About Flashing check engine light & Blinking cruise control light

Flashing check engine light

What to do when: check engine light flashing then stops (flashing check engine light then stops)

Check engine light flashing when accelerating

when a check engine light is flashing while accelerating at the same time it is mostly a sign of an unclean and failing idle air control valve.

The idle air control valve reads out the air ingestion when it is mixed with fuel prior to being introduced into the engine at low speeds and at idle state.

The valve, on the other hand, is controlled by the car’s computer which usually modifies the idle speed based on so many other measurements like engine temperature, intake air temperature, and electrical system load or voltage.

So when you put the car on acceleration, the engine RPM rises, and when you let off the gas, the RPM gradually moves back to the normal idling speed.

If the engine RPM drops lower than the standard range (i.e. 750 – 800 RPM), it will in most cases cause the car engine to stall, signifying a dirty or faulty idle air control valve.

 I will recommend in this situation that you consult an expert mechanic you trust to look into it.

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