All About Flashing check engine light & Blinking cruise control light

Can You Drive with the Check Engine Light On?

 You will be able to drive your car If the car’s check engine light is still or solid, your only limitation is when the car is not running smoothly while the engine light is on. In this case, you have to stop driving it.

If it is flashing the even, try moving it all else this might lead to major costly problems that will cost you’re a lot of money.

car shaking check engine light blinking

What happens if you drive with your check engine light on

As stated above it depends on whether the check engine light is flashing or solid.

If the light is flashing, then it is an emergency and if it is solid you still can drive without causing more damage.

A solid check engine light shows that there is a stored error code in the computer system of the car.

This also indicates that there have been multiple records of the stored error that should be attended to by you or a trusted mechanic, but you can drive when it solid check engine light.

So basically nothing will happen if you drive with your check engine light on and solid.

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