All About Flashing check engine light & Blinking cruise control light

What is a Check Engine Light? (The Truth about Flash check engine light )

Part of your car OBD (on-board diagnostic) system is a Flashing check engine light which is run by the electronic control module also referred to as ECM present in the car’s processor.

ECM controls the majority of the electrical system connections in resent modern cars. The ECM constantly scans for out of range operating parameters which is recounted by lots of other sensors and actuators.

The sensors and actuator are what sense a bad fuel injection, a misfire, irregular fuel pump activities and engine performance issue, etc.

When any of these are noticed, the first thing your car computer will try to correct itself and it couldn’t then your car computer will try to correct the issue.

If the car computer could not rectify the problem, the car OBD processor will then save a DTC (diagnostic trouble code) in memory which is what makes the check engine light to come on.

Usually, it could either be a still check engine light or a flashing check engine light

If it is a Flashing check engine light, then know it’s serious.

In this guide, you’ll find out what type of issues normally will turn on the check engine light, what it means when it flashes, how you can retrieve the trouble codes stored in your car’s computer, and how to go about deciphering those codes to help you fix your vehicle.

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