7 Bad Crankshaft Position Sensor Symptoms

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Are noticing some sort of few issue with your car and then you are wondering if it is a crankshaft related problem?

Well in this post we are going to 7 Bad crankshaft position sensor symptoms. And also we will talk about what does crankshaft position sensor do with some common question relating crankshaft.

There is no modern vehicle that is not built with a crankshaft position sensor. It is a management component that is in charge of monitoring the position and rotational speeds of the crankshaft.

Once it begins to monitor, the sensor then forwards the details to the ECU (Engine control unit) so that it will make the right adjustments based on different conditions.

When calculating engine management, the speed and position of the crankshaft are part of the most important things.

Once there is any fault with the crankshaft position sensor, many engines will not be able to run properly.

There are two common things that could cause a problem to the sensor. Damaged or worn out wires can be an obstruction to the signals that the crankshaft sensor is transferring.

This can affect the crankshaft sensor. Overheating of engine is another common thing that can cause a problem to the sensor.

When the vehicle’s engine is building lots of heat, it could melt the sensor’s plastic housing and damage it.

If you notice that your crankshaft sensor is faulty, it is advisable you quit driving it immediately, as it can cause to more damages.

This post is going to list some of the symptoms of a faulty crankshaft sensor.

Here are the two main we will focus on:

  • Bad crankshaft position sensor symptoms
  • what does crankshaft position sensor do

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What Does the Crankshaft Position Sensor Do?

The CPS or CKP (crankshaft position sensor) is among the important sensors in a vehicle. It is responsible for the smooth running of the engine.

It is also responsible for measuring the rotational speed and position of the crankshaft. In addition to that, it passes information to the car’s computer.

The information sent will be used by the engine control unit to control other systems such as the fuel ignition and ignition timer.

The crankshaft sensor must be in the right position for the engine of the vehicle to run smoothly.

A faulty crankshaft sensor can affect the vehicle’s engine greatly and cause a decline in its performance.

This sensor can be found in different places in a vehicle, depending on its make and model. It is usually found close to the crankshaft which is just on, under the front of the engine.

You can locate it just mounted beside the timing cover, or at the rear side of the engine. In some cars, it is located at the transmission bell housing.

7 bad crankshaft position sensor symptoms

The crankshaft sensor is one of the most important sensors in a vehicle that determine its performance.

It is necessary to always be on the lookout for signs that the sensor is going bad. When you notice the symptoms below, you can take your vehicle in for professional assessment.

Difficulty in Starting

One of the most common signs of a faulty crankshaft position sensor is that you will begin to encounter great difficulty, when starting your car.

This sensor is in charge of monitoring some of the components that play some roles in starting the engine of a car.

A crankshaft that has failed will cease to pass information to the ECU. It might be hard to start your car without the right timing and fuel.

The car’s computer will not transfer any fuel and this will make it hard to start the engine.  

Once you notice that it is becoming harder to start your car, it may be a symptom that the sensor is having issues and needs to be fixed as fast as possible.

Triggering the Check engine light

The check engine light is a feature in a car which signals whenever there is an issue with any component.

Once the car’s computer finds out that the crankshaft signal is faulty, it will activate the check engine light.

To be certain whether the problem is coming from the check engine light or not, you need to read the codes, using a scanner.

The sensor is one of the components of a car that is critical to the proper functioning of the engine. If it has any problem, it can affect the functionalities of the vehicle.

Neglecting this problem can cause a bigger damage which could cost you greatly. So, once you suspect there is problem with your crankshaft sensor, you need to fix it immediately.


Another sign that shows the crankshaft position sensor might be going bad is intermittent staling.

Any problem with the sensor can lead to elimination of the signal while the vehicle engine is working.

Once this happens, power will go off and the engine will start to stall. Although there are may be other things that could cause this, failure of crankshaft position sensor is a major cause of this situation.

Cylinder Misfiring

Another symptom that the crankshaft sensor is getting damaged is misfiring of one of the cylinders.

A sensor that is faulty cannot give the correct piston position, thereby causing misfiring in most cases.

This will affect the car’s engine greatly and cause one of its cylinders to misfire.

Vibrating Engine

Whenever you start experiencing rough idling, it is also a sign that the crankshaft position is faulty. When you are idling, the engine will start vibrating excessively.

This means that the sensor is not monitoring properly, and as a result, it’s affecting the power of the engine.

Vibration of engine can also affect the gas mileage records greatly. Once you notice any unusual vibration of the engine, it is time took your vehicle to the mechanic for diagnosis.

Problems with Acceleration

When your acceleration develops some problems, it is a symptom of faulty sensor as well.

Since the crankshaft position sensor is not generating the correct input, the ECU will be unable to make the correct adjustments to the fuel injection and spark timing once the engine is on high speed.

It will be quite difficult to maintain a stable speed, due to inaccuracy.

Reduction in Gas Mileage

When the crankshaft position sensor is not generating the correct and proper timing, the fuel injectors will not generate fuel efficiently into the engine.  

This will cause a bad gas lineage as the engine will begin to use lots of gas, whether on short or long driving.

Once you notice your fuel economy is declining, you need to find a solution to it as quick as possible.


I hope we answer to your satisfaction the question what does crankshaft position sensor do? The symptoms mentioned in this post do not only point to faulty or damaged crankshaft position sensor they could also be signs of fault with other sensor or components.

This is why you need to get it checked as fast as possible, whenever you start to notice these symptoms.

The crankshaft sensor contributes greatly to the overall functionality of a vehicle and so, should not be neglected any time you notice that there is a problem with it.

I hope this post on bad crankshaft position sensor symptoms was helpful. Please share if it helped you.

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