How To Clean A Car Carburetor Without Removing It and When To Clean Car Carburetor

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This article shows you How To Clean A Car Carburetor Without Removing It and when to clean car carburettor.

The carburetor can be likened to the heart of the car since the car is just a piece of junk, metal, plastic etc., without the engine. We all know how vital the heart of any thing is. This is why we need to emphasize on cleaning the heart (carburetor) of your vehicle to keep it operating optimally. In this article, we are going to discuss certain tips that will help you in taking proper care of your car carburetor.

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How To Clean A Car Carburetor Without Removing It

When To Clean Car Carburetor

Cleaning your car carburetor is necessary to keep your car functioning properly and operating the way it ought to. However, how do you know when to clean car carburetor? We have highlighted below 4 telltale signs that would indicate that it’s high time you got your car carburetor cleaned again.

 1. When your car is not starting

 A dirty carburetor affects performance of the car engine. This is because the presence of too much dirt in the carburetor prevents proper passage of air and fuel combination into the engine. By implication, this would most often lead to a “turn over” and your car would likely not start. Thus, whenever your engine does not start, it may be a sign that your carburetor is dirty. It’s time to clean your car carburetor.

 2. When Your Engine Is Running Lean

Have you ever heard of what it means for an engine to “run lean”? Well, an engine is said to be running lean if there is an imbalance in the ratio of fuel and air. All things being equal, the ratio of air to fuel is supposed to be 12:1 or 15:1. However, if there is an abnormal shift in this ratio which may be insufficiency of fuel or too much of air, then the resultant effect is a sneezing or popping sound. This can also be a sign that it is time to get your carburetor cleaned. The dirt in your carburetor may be blocking enough fuel into the carburetor. This is why it is necessary you clean out the debris to allow enough fuel to the carburetor.

 3. When Your Engine Is Running Rich

Just as explained above, “running rich” is just the opposite of “running lean”. Hence, it means a situation when the balance of your fuel and air ratio is not as it ought to be. In this case, there would be more fuel and insufficient air. In a situation where an engine is running rich, the most obvious sign is black smoke emitting from the exhaust. When you notice this, be sure to clean your car carburetor as this is another sign that you most likely have a dirty carburetor at hand.

 4. When Your Engine Is Flooded

Here, too much dirt in the fuel bowl can cause blockage to the needle valve and prevent it from closing. As a result, the fuel would begin to overflow into the carburetor and then flow out of the bowl vents. The air-to-fuel ratio would be distorted and the spark plugs would become wet. Therefore, if you experience this kind of scenario, then you would have to clean out the excess debris in your carburetor so as to bring your car to function properly once again.

How To Clean A Carburetor Without Removing It

A lot of individuals have been asking questions on how to clean a car carburetor without removing it. The reason why this may seem pretty necessary is that, when it comes to handling a carburetor, you should know that there are tiny parts of the carburetor that could easily get lost when you take it apart. Moreover, it is quite a simple mechanism to clean a carburetor without removing it at all. This method is however mainly used for cleaning the carburetor of a motorcycle and that is what we’ll be sharing with you.

  •  1. You have to start by removing the bowls at the bottom of the carburetor.
  •  2. Then you spray some carburetor cleaner up inside the carburetor and wait for some minutes.
  •  3. You will have to spray it again to make sure it fully covers the carburetor area.
  •  4. Replace the bowls at the bottom of the carburetor
  •  5. Start the engine and assess its performance.

How To Clean Car Carburetor

  • 1. You start by removing the air filter after shutting off the supply of fuel and disconnecting the spark plug as a safety measure.
  •  2. Remove all linkage and hoses so you’ll have better access.
  • 3. It’s time to remove the carburetor by loosening its bolts and nuts.
  • 4. Blow away all the debris on the outside of the carburetor and avoid letting dirt into the openings.
  • 5. Remove the bolt at the bottom of the carburetor and the float cover. Then remove the float pin too.
  • 6. Thereafter, you have to pull out the float and any other parts that would not allow easy access to clean the carburetor.
  • 7. It’s time for the cleaning itself. You do this by cleaning the carburetor in a solvent bath. With a brush, you can clean away the outside debris. Pay attention to the dirt closer to the openings.
  • 8. Clean the inner parts with a light stream of solvent or a very soft burst of air. Pay attention to cleaning the tiny vents especially.
  • 9. Finally, after cleaning the carburetor properly, endeavor you to confirm that all the solvent gets out of the carburetor. You can blow air to make sure the fuel and air flow areas are not blocked. Then you leave it to dry very well.
  • 10. After drying, reassemble all the parts back to the engine and start it.

How Often Does A Car Carburetor Need To Be Cleaned

The recommended time interval to clean your car with carburetor is every six months, as this will prevent the accumulation of dirt, maximize engine efficiency and also enhance fuel economy. However, you should keep in mind that the timing for cleaning your carburetor would also be determined by your driving habit. We recommend cleaning your carburetor at every 3,000 miles. In either ways, the key point is to clean your carburetor consistently at routine intervals.

Conclusion On How To Clean A Car Carburetor Without Removing It and When To Clean Car Carburetor

Now that you know how to clean your car with carburetor, when to clean car carburetor, and how often to clean it, we hope you do not allow too much debris accumulate in your carburetor before you take them out. Remember, the carburetor is like the heart of your car.

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