Top Car Lift Jacks: 9 Best Portable Car Lifts for Home Garage 2020

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Are you searching for some of the best residential garage car lifts? Well, this article should be your guide on picking the best Car Lift Jacks for your home garage.  Here we will show you our top portable car lifts for home garage that you can get for your car.

A portable car lift for your home garage is ideal for securing work under your car. Apart from being an efficient tool for work in the garage, you can equally save it in the trunk of your car because it can come handy when faced with a challenge while travelling.

Car lifts for home garage come in different models, types, and brands available for you to select from. However, there are certain things to take into consideration when choosing an appropriate lift for your car. You need to consider the durability, performance, strength, adaptability, and cost. It would assist to go through consumer reviews and make adequate comparisons.

In this article, we bring you the nine (9) best portable car lifts for home garage based on customer reviews, rating and cost too. You can as well call this the best residential garage car lifts.

So let us run down this list of our best portable car lifts for home garage:

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Car Lift Jacks: 9 Best Portable Car Lifts for Home Garage 2020 (Best Residential Garage Car Lifts)

#1. BendPak 6,000lb Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Lift

So the first on this list of portable car lifts for home garage is this BendPak 6,000lb

The BendPak Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Lift is a portable car lift that is created for easy storage and effortless fit under light-duty cars and trucks. It is easy to hoist this lift to full height in less than a minute. This is due to its single phase 110-220V efficient electric motor that permits effortless and fast lifting. This car lifts for home garage features a convenient motor cart that you can use as a tow handle for a trouble-free movement. It is quite easy to operate, thanks to its multi-position safety lock bar and the adjustable arm assemblies. However, it is costlier compared to others.

The advantages of the BendPark Potable Mid-Rise lift is that it is efficient, strong, easy to transport from one place to another, and has a multipurpose operation. It also comes with a variable voltage.

The only disadvantage of this lift is that it is quite costly compared to others but aside from This it is one of the best car lift for the money and the best residential garage car lifts that cost very low.

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#2. Auto Lift Sliding Jack 3,500 lb.

The Auto Lift Sliding Jack is perhaps one of the most affordable car lifts for home garage available in the market. This lift is fashioned for easy storage courtesy of the ability to easily adjust its form. It comes with a 3,500 lb capacity and has variable stand extensions and can properly fit most storage lifts that comes with a descending rail. It is not heavy too, meaning you can carry it around since it weighs a mere 300 pounds. This invariably means that it can only be used for lifting light cars.

The advantage of using the Auto lift sliding Jack is that it is quite affordable, easy to lift and our second best car lift for the money.

The disadvantage of using this lift is that it wasn’t constructed with a folding mechanism and comes with a low capacity.

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#3. Dannmar Portable 6000lb Mid-Rise Scissors Lift

The Dannmar Portable mid-rise scissor Lift is yet another car lift for a home garage that makes it easy and efficient for you to service your car. this car lift jack features a moveable cart that acts as a haul handle for easy mobility. It is exceedingly adaptable due to its multi-position safety lock and adjustable arm assembly. Though it comes with a 6,000lb unit, it uses 120V power.

The advantage of choosing this portable car lift for garage use is that it doesn’t occupy space and it is versatile. It is also strong and affordable.

The disadvantage of this product is that the voltage is not variable.

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#4. Dannmar 2-Post Asymmetric Garage Car Lift

Dannmar 2-Post Asymmetric Garage Lift is yet another portable car lift for home garage that is created by a trustworthy brand within the home car lift industry with numerous options. This car lift comes with a weight capacity of 10,000 LBS and uses a 220V 60 Hz motor and an instrument with dual hydraulic direct-drive cylinders to securely lift large vehicles.

Other features of the Dannmar DM-10ACX include:

  • 2 post car lift setup
  • 10,000 LBS weight capacity
  • 30 degree rotated single-piece columns
  • Inside column width of 112 inches
  • Overall width of 143.5 inches
  • Single-point safety release
  • Max lift up to 69 inches
  • 4.5-inch pad height

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#5. APlusLift 2 Post Home Garage Lift

The APlusLift 2 post Car Lift Jack has a weight capacity of 10,000 LBS and an intuitive double “S” column design and upgraded floor plate structure to improve its durability. Other traits of the APlusLift HW-10KBP include:

  • 1-year parts warranty
  • Weight capacity of 10,000 LBS
  • Lifting height of 83 inches
  • Overall width of 113 inches
  • 220V electric motor
  • Drop-in pads
  • 50 seconds to full lifting height
  • Beveled diamond plate steel with supporting bracket

The APlusLift HW-10KBP is cost effective and provides an exceptional all-round 2 post car lift.

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#6. Triumph NSS-8 4 Post Car Lift

The Triumph Post Car Lift comes with highly rated 4 post alternative, which securely lifts vehicles up to 8,000 LBS and is intended to be driven onto.

The benefit of choosing this style of home garage car lift is that you can store a car underneath the lifted car. Unlike many of the alternatives, the NSS-8 has a time tested design, which ensures the lifted car can be locked in position for long periods.

Other features of the Triumph NSS-8 include:

  • 8,000 LBS weight capacity
  • 110V motor
  • 2 vehicles stop plates
  • 2 loading plates
  • 84 inches height
  • 175 inches length
  • 93 inches drive through width
  • 165 inches runway length
  • Portable design
  • Automatic locking in 10 positions
  • Includes a caster kit, jack tray and 3 drip trays

Some advantages of Triumph NSS-8 is that apart from it being portable, it also avails you the opportunity to leave lifted cars for long periods of time.

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#7. QuickJack 5175376 BL-5000SLX Car Lift – Quickjack 5000

This is the next Car Lift Jacks you might want to consider going for. The BendPak QuickJack is one of the popular portable car lift that makes use of a 110V AC motor to lift vehicles in the air. The brand offers many different models but this BL-5000SLX lift is designed to lift cars up to 5,000 LBS in weight.

This is designed to be totally portable and can be used both outside and inside for those with or without a home garage. The compact construction also makes them easy to store when not in use.

Other features of the BendPak QuickJack BL-5000SLX include:

  •     5,000 LBS weight capacity
  •     Lifts to 24 inches
  •     Remote handheld pendant control
  •     Dual locking positions with automatic safety locks
  •     Heavy duty 14 gauge welded steel frames
  •     Completely portable system
  •     Rubber lift block position
  •     Extended block trays
  •     Open center design


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#8. BendPak HDS-40 Lift – 4 Post, 9,000-Lb. Capacity

BendPak 9,000 LB HDS-40 four-post is for lifting a semi-truck or school bus. This lift with great strength comes with 220 VAC single hydraulic motor, with both of the runways having the capacity to lift concurrently. This lift is very costly, and most mechanics are unable to buy it due to the high cost.

It is mostly used by professional mechanic of heavy-weight trucks and buses to lift more than 30,000+ LBS.

The advantages of buying this lift is that it is best for lifting heavy vehicles and as such boasts of great strength

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#9. Atlas MR-06 6,000lb Portable Mid-Rise Lift

The Atlas MR-06 is a marketable portable car lift that comes with a striking lift capacity of 6,000 pounds. This portable car lift is ideal for additional lifting height, making it best for body shop experts. This car lift features 4 locking heights, thus guaranteeing safe function from under your vehicle. This lift is specially constructed to provide easy access to the base of your car.

The advantages of buying the Atlas MR-O6 is that apart from it coming with an additional lift height, it is also strong, with a 6,000lb lift.  Also, it provides easy access to the underside and offers a secure operation.

The sole downside attached to the Atlas MR-06 is that it doesn’t have any online reviews.

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Conclusion on the Best Car Lifts for the Money and Portable Car Lifts for Home Garage

All of the top nine portable car lifts for home garage discussed above is ideal for lifting the weight of your vehicle and they are best residential garage car lifts and also the best car lift for the money you will spend in purchasing any. You should consider getting a 2 post or 4 post car lift in your garage if it has the recommended height.

All Car Lift Jacks here encompasses each of the different types of lifts available in the market.

I hope this has helped you? don’t forget to share and bookmark this page for reference.

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