Cost of Charging a Tesla model

how long does it take to fully charge a tesla+ Tesla Battery Replacement Cost

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Are you wondering how long does it take to charge a tesla? In the article, we will be covering in details all your concerns regarding tesla. Including tesla battery replacement cost, charging time for a tesla and how long does a tesla charge last.

Currently, in the automobile industry, electric cars are a new trend in the automobile industry. There are lots of state-of-the-art models with advanced features, however, Tesla comes top on the list.

This new model is gradually becoming popular, but users are apprehensive about the charging and battery range. The battery range plays a vital role when it comes to an electric car, and this has become a big issue for most owners. People want to know how long it takes to charge a Tesla.

Using a poor battery can cause you to get stranded in a remote place when the car runs out of battery power. However, Tesla has come to the rescue by designing powerful batteries, making them popular in the electric car brand.

Electric cars don’t require gasoline fuel to operate, all you need is a full charge. Drivers going far can get to the next charging station before the full charge runs down. Most of the electric cars will be charged to 80 and 90 percent. The process of charging an electric car from 10% to 50% takes less time compared to charging it from 80% to 100%. The reason being that the car loses charge as it tries to top it off.

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Tesla + Tesla Battery Replacement Cost

The Model S electric car comes with a choice of lithium-ion battery packs, a standard 60-kilowatt-hour battery or a more costly and more powerful 85-kwh unit. The duration it takes to charge a depleted battery depends on whether the Model S has one or two onboard chargers and the electric source.

According to Tesla, the 60-kwh battery provides a range of 232 miles (the EPA pegs it at 208 miles), while the 85-kwh battery (a $10,000 option) provides up to 300 miles (the EPA puts it at 265 miles).

Here are some examples for recharging times of various tesla models according to Tesla:

With a single onboard charger plugged into 110-volt outlet:

You should expect 5 miles of range for every hour of charging.

From 0 to 300 miles should take approximately 52 hours at that rate.

With a single onboard charger joined to a 240-volt outlet:

You can get up to 31 miles of range for each hour of charging

A full 300-mile charge should consume less than 9.5 hours.

With 40 amps of current, this maximum charge rate from an outlet needs a 240-volt circuit. So, it is best to use twin chargers in the car and connect to a 240-volt, 90-amp high-power wall charger and the charging speed skyrockets to 62 miles of range per hour, and the time to attain a total charge drops to less than 4 hours, 45 minutes.

How long does it take to charge a tesla battery

You can get to charge a maximum of 120 kW per car at a charging station and this will take around 20 minutes to charge to 50% and one hour and a half to take the charge to 100%.

The Tesla form you have and the battery will determine the charging system for Tesla. The Tesla version comes in either a standard 60kWh battery, lithium-ion battery or 85 kWh unit. The model S will have one or more onboard chargers in some cases, and this will affect the charge duration.

Charging various Tesla models

Tesla Model 3 charge time 110v

A 60 kWh battery will get a range of 232 miles while the powerful but expensive 85 kWh, which costs about $10,000 covers 300 miles. You can cover 300-mile charge at 52 hours by using a 110 volt and at a rate of 5 miles for every charge hour. You can use the 240-volt socket which gives 31 miles for an hour of charging if you wish to charge for shorter periods.

It is best to get twin chargers in your electric car and attach them to a wall mounted 90 amp, 240 volts wall connector to charge your Tesla model fast. This will upsurge the charging time to 62 miles per hour and for 300 miles will take you 4 hours and 45 minutes. This makes Model S owners to charge faster than others.

For those with Model S configured in such a way that it supercharges, then you can comfortably charge for 300 miles per hour. Do this at the rate of 22 miles per hour in most of the public electric charging stations. This is due to the 480 volts at 120 kWh delivered at Tesla Supercharger stations.

Cost of Charging a Tesla model

The electricity prices will determine the cost of Charging your Tesla. The cost for charging a Tesla model ranges from $6.60 to $21.00. Note that the cost of charging matches to the prices of electricity at the time. It would be sensible to install solar panels at home to get lower charging amounts.

To exploit your charge for any Tesla model, adopt new driving habits. You can avoid rotating the wheels all the time and avoid pressing the accelerator too hard. According to estimates, a Li-ion battery will experience a 5% drop in lifespan after the car has gone more than 50,000 to 80,000 miles.

To increase the lifespan of your battery, avoid fully charging it every time.

It is recommended that you only charge your battery to 100% when you are doing long trips if not, it is advisable to charge your battery to 90% to increase its lifespan. However, how often you use the car and mileage required before the next charging station will play a vital role. Tesla has brought up an app that you can use to monitor your charge limit.

Tesla battery replacement cost |how much does a tesla battery cost?

On Average a tesla battery replacement will cost around 3000 dollars to 7000 dollars to replace.  

This to me is a good price considering that a tesla batteries are designed to last very long time.

How long do tesla batteries last?

Most tesla batteries can last you 482,803 to 8,046,720 kilometers is around 300,000 to 500,0000 miles.

This is an equivalent of about 1,500 cycles.

Charging at home| How to Charge a Tesla at Home

The time for your battery to reach full charge at home depends on your home charging system and how full your battery is. Charging at home can take you about 1 to 12 hours depending on these factors. At a Tesla shop, you will be given mobile charging cord and three adapters.

You are to use one of the adapters in Tesla charging stations with the exception of the superchargers, while the other is a 240-volt wall outlet and a standard wall outlet for all Tesla Model X and S. The NEMA 5-15 that plugs to standard outlets is perhaps the slowest charging system. It is best to use the charging system for overnight charging as a result of the 3 miles per hour range obtained.

Conclusion On Tesla Battery Replacement Cost and how long does it take to fully charge a tesla

Tesla model has four types of chargers that come with it. They include:

  • Tesla Superchargers
  • Wall connectors
  • NEMA 5-15
  • NEMA 14-50

The fastest is the Tesla Superchargers while the slowest is the NEMA 5-15. The wall connectors makes it possible for you to charge your car at home. It takes about 10 hours to fully charge your Tesla on the NEMA 14-50 plugs through a 240v outlet. You can get a solar power if you realize that you are spending excessively on electricity.

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