can i drive my car without ac compressor

Can I Drive My Car Without AC Compressor? ( How to Install AC Compressor)

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can i drive my car without ac compressor? This is a common question a lot of drivers are faced with when their car ac goes bad. And this  post will discuss the question while showing you  how to install ac compressor

One of the most vital components of a vehicle is the AC compressor. It ensures the continuous flow of refrigerants so that the passengers in the car are comfortable.

Before the AC compressor starts failing, it will show various signs that you need to watch out for.

You will start hearing various noises from other parts of the car. One of the worst things a driver can experience during summer is when the AC gets damaged.

This is a great challenge as it makes driving uncomfortable.

The compressor works by heating up the vehicle’s refrigerant and then transfers it to the condenser producing cool air which blasts through the AC vents.

If your AC compressor is faulty, there is no reason to take it for a repairer to fix. Replacing it is an easy task that anyone can perform with the right tools.

Therefore, this post will teach you how to quickly replace your compressor once it gets damaged.

Here are what we will discuss:

  • can i drive my car without ac compressor
  • how to install ac compressor
  • how to change ac compressor or how to replace ac compressor

Can I drive my car without AC compressor?

Though the ac compressor is one of the essential components of a vehicle, you absolutely can drive your car without the ac compressor. This however dependent on you and what you want. If you are without an ac in the car then that is fine just go with your rid you have nothing to worry about.

So here is a how The AC system works.

The ac compressor is the component that is responsible for the circulation of cool air in the vehicle.

It works by drawing refrigerant (Freon) from the evaporator, compresses it and then passes it through the condenser.

If you are asking whether you can drive your car without the AC compressor or not, the answer depends on you.

You need to ask yourself the level of comfort you want when on a trip, especially during summer.

The AC system is filled with various components working together to provide cool air all through the journey.

Just like every other part of the vehicle, it gets damaged due to different reasons. It is left for you as a car owner to ensure it is working perfectly before driving your vehicle.

The vehicle’s refrigerant circulates all through the car’s system, producing cool air. If the temperature is hot, you can rely on it to make your vehicle a much cooler place.

The refrigerant is moved all through the AC by a pump. With that, the AC ensures smooth running of the vehicle.

So, if you want to remain cool while driving your car, there is no way you will drive it without an AC compressor. However, if you don’t mind the discomfort of hotness in the car, then you can go ahead.

How to install AC compressor

Installing the compressor of an AC is a simple process and you might not need the services of a specialist. You can do it yourself if you are looking to cut cost. To do that, follow the steps stated below

  • First, make sure the air conditioning system is well cleaned. You can use a closed-loop refrigerant flushing to get rid of any dirt in the system. However, if you use a chemical flushing agent, then make sure it is completely removed from the system. Sealant or system treatment should not be put into the AC system.
  • Lubrication is the next thing to do. You can lubricate the seals, using mineral oil. Make sure you use the correct type of refrigerant.
  • Now, install the service suction screen in order to prevent damages to the new compressor.
  • Check the air conditioning system for any type of leaks. If you don’t do this, there is every tendency that some leaks may occur in the new compressor. That means the new compressor will get damaged just like the old one. You should also check the complete performance of the cycle switch. If it is not shut off as recommended, it may cause another failure.
  • Then, make sure you check the manufacturer’s air conditioning system performance. You should install a new accumulator dehydrator or receiver drier on the car. You may also install a new orifice tube or expansion valve. All these components work together to ensure the full functioning of the air conditioning system.
  • Now, you can begin the installation process of the AC compressor. Turn the shaft of the compressor four times before installing. If you are unable to do this with your hands, you can use a turning tool.
  • Then replace the non-flushable components and check the voltage. If the old AC compressor develops a clutch failure, it is important to check the voltage.

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How to Change ac compressor or How to Replace ac compressor

The first thing to do if you want to change or replace an the AC compressor is to locate it and then separate the serpentine belt from its pulley.

You might have to use a serpentine tool to operate the tensioner and remove pressure on the belt. Use a recovery machine to get rid of the AC system’s refrigerant.

Get rid of the negative battery cable from its post.

Also, get rid of the bolt that the compressor uses to protect the refrigerant lines. Carefully check the lines for any sign of wear or debris.

Then, disconnect the electrical connections of the AC compressor. Remove all of its mounting bolts and pull the unit from the car.

You should also replace the orifice tube and receiver and dryer if recommended.

Install the compressor in reverse order. Tighten all its bolts and hook the electrical connectors.

Ensure you replace the refrigerants tubes O-rings and then lubricate it with proper oil. Install the refrigerant lines again and return the belt back to the pulley.

Proceed by getting rid of any residual moisture, using a vacuum. To do this successfully, you need to use a manifold gauge and a vacuum pump.

Make sure all the hoses are connected correctly to their respective places. Then, open the valve at the low side while pumping is still going on.

 You should hear the pump motor tone change once you pull the vacuum.

Let the pump work for about 30 minutes and then close the valve. Its readings should not be less than 28 or 29 inches of mercury. A lesser value indicates that the system is leaking.

Once the vacuum is over, you can proceed to charge the system by reconnecting the battery. To do this, you need to connect the yellow hose back to the refrigerant can.

You may turn the can for liquid to flow through it. Run the engine and keep your eyes on the gauge. Don’t try opening the high side valve at this point.

Now, insert a thermometer in the ACs interior vent. Keep the systems running on high blower speed and maximum setting. Once it begins to cool at 30 to 36 degrees, the AC system is completely charged.

How to replace AC compressor

Following the steps above, you can replace your AC compressor without any trouble. However, sometimes, your AC needs servicing and not replacement.

If there is any need for replacement, then there are other symptoms you need to watch out for.

Some of these symptoms are as follows:

  • AC it’s not very cold, or it’s blowing hot air
  • A smell of coolant gas in the vehicle
  • Difficulty in turning on the AC
  • Failure of the compressor bearing
  • Loud noise in the compressor
  • A leaking refrigerant and intermittent cooling

If you notice any of the above symptoms, then you may go ahead to replace your vehicle’s AC compressor.


The AC is one of the most important components of the vehicle. It is responsible for blowing cool air in the car.

If you want to drive your car without AC compressor in the discomfort of hotness during summer, then go ahead to do so.

On the other hand, take your vehicle to a specialist or replace the compressor if you don’t want to drive your car hot, following the tips in this post.

At least I have shown you how to change ac compressor or how to replace ac compressor.

And I have also the question that likely brought you here which if you can drive my car without ac compressor and how to install ac compressor.

I hope you find this post to be helpful, if it was please don’t hesitated to share and bookmark this page future reference.

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