How to Remove white smoke from exhaust when starting car

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All about white smoke from exhaust when starting car and also if you want brings out white smoke from exhaust when idle and accelerating continue reading.

If you own a car driving it around solves a major problem for you. Also, you are able to move easily to run errands and do your business. Car is a utility you cannot do without so you must maintain it well for it to keep working perfectly.

Of course, you will be alarmed when you notice an unusual white smoke than the normal light nearly invisible smoke from your car’s exhaust pipe. This will make you fervently find out how to remove the white smoke from the exhaust when starting the car.

Ordinarily smoke must pass through the exhaust pipe of your car. After all, that is why the car is fitted with an exhaust pipe.

But where the smoke changes to white than its usual color, then you have to be concerned about the condition of the car. Furthermore, Black smoke signifies that your car is burning too much fuel.

Also, if your car emits a blue smoke it means that the engine is burning too much oil.

And the cause is a broken piston ring or valves that allow the oil to leak into the combustion chamber and burn with a mixture of air and fuel. 

But, if the smoke color is white, it shows that the head gasket could be broken, the cylinder head damaged or engine block cracked. All these parts are costly to repair.

So, in this post, we will examine how to remove white smoke from the exhaust when starting the car, while accelerating and idle by identifying which part of the car the antifreeze coolant leaks into and stopping the leakage. That is the solution to this white smoke problem.

Let us begin right away.

How to Remove white smoke from the exhaust when starting the car

What does white smoke from the exhaust pipe mean?

It is possible that condensation could be the reason for the white smoke. If the smoke is thin, you have nothing to worry about. The smoke will soon fade out. But if it is thick smoke, it may the signal of something more serious like a damaged cylinder head, blown gasket, or a cracked engine block.

These three items will cost you some real money to repair the car. Another factor you should consider is the burning of coolant.  When there is a tiny leak of coolant this could cause the engine to overheat. So if coolant leaks, it could mix up with oil and spoil vital engine parts.

Therefore let us see the steps for identifying the problems to provide a solution to it

Steps to stop white smoke from the exhaust when starting car

So, to stop the white smoke from your car follows these steps.

  • Examine the Intake Gasket

The work of the intake gasket is to distribute the coolant in the right proportion to each part of the intake port of the car’s cylinder head. Note that there is a gasket that is supposed to seal that manifold to the cylinder head. But if that has a problem and does not do its work well, coolant will flow into the combusting chamber.

Hence, to confirm this possibility, you will have to remove the intake manifold and check the gasket thoroughly to check whether there is a leakage or rust.

After inspecting the gasket if it does not have any coolant mixed with oil inside it, then go to the next step.

  • Inspect the Head Gasket Again

In a bid to remove the white smoke from the exhaust when starting the car, after you have confirmed that the intake Gasket does not contain coolant, continue your search for the cause of the white smoke.

Also, inspect the Head Gasket that seals the Cylinder Head by looking at the block through which the coolant enters the Cylinder head. Furthermore, if there is a leakage in that part, it will allow the coolant to enter the combusting chamber. And this will cause a stream of white steam to come out of the exhaust pipe.

  • Search for a crack In the Cylinder Head

Examine the Cylinder Head. This part is made of Aluminum and could break easily due to overheating. Go ahead and change it if it is broken or cracked. The Cylinder head must function well to consistently seal just like the Engine block and head Gasket does.

As you can see, we have isolated the cause of the problem in three places. All it takes, to solve this white smoke problem is to cut off the supply of coolant to those parts.

However, you know that a job that is easy for a professional mechanic will be difficult for an amateur. So, I advise that you give the car to an experienced auto mechanic to handle.

What Coolant Does in Your car and other Symptoms to look for

As you would already know by now, Coolant is antifreeze liquid for cooling the Engine temperature. And, white smoke, comes out from your exhaust pipe whenever the coolant enters into the combusting chamber of your car Engine.

In addition, a strong odor also comes out with the steam and helps you to diagnose this problem fast.

Finally, when you are searching for how to remove the white smoke from the exhaust when starting a car, you should consider other symptoms like overheating the engine and the reduction of coolant from the container when there is no leakage that you can point to.

White smoke from exhaust when accelerating

Too Much Oil in the Car Engine.

Now this one mistake a lot of people make, especially when they change their oil and they end up having smoke coming out to tailpipes and they are freaking out and thinking it a bad engine.

Meanwhile, they simply put too much oil in their engine and overfilled the crankcase.

Also putting too little oil in your engine could definitely damage your engine but also, putting too much oil in your engine could cause it to smoke and then will also cause severe mechanical damage as well to the engine.

You see, what happens when you overfill your engine with oil, is that the engine oil start getting past your piston rings to the top of the cylinder and then from there it gets into your combustion chamber and then burns off with the air fuel mixture.

And from there it comes out through the car tailpipe

How to fix this?

Fixing this is pretty easy.

Obviously, make sure you’re parked on a level surface and then check your oil level and make sure you don’t have too much oil in your engine.

Bad positive crankcase ventilation valve

Then next reason you could have smoke coming out of your tailpipe is, if you have a bad positive crankcase ventilation valve, this guy right here.

So basically you’re PCV valve or your PCV system is responsible for recirculating or regulating the blow by from your crankcase, back intake manifold and your engine.

So when your car piston comes up and reaches top the center of crankcase, the spark plug ignites the fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber and as a fuel mixture ignites, it then expands.

As this happens, it pushes the cylinder down and the cylinder board creating power but also some of those gases slip by, the piston rings and into the crankcase.

And from those gasses find their way to cylinder head where the PCV Valve under certain   driving conditions allows them to be recycled through the intake manifold and then back into the combustion chamber and be reused.

Now if you have a bad PCV valve that stuck in a position where its allowing for a maximum flow of the blow by gases from the crankcase to the engine even when it’s not supposed to.

Then your engine could actually be sucking in a bit of your engine oil and burning it through the tailpipe

Also watch this video to see more likely reason why you could have white smoke from exhaust when accelerating.


In this post, we showed you how to remove white smoke from the exhaust when starting the car. 

To do it you must isolate the cause of the problem and stop it. It involves checking three delicate parts of your engine compartment.

Furthermore, to stop the white smoke means making sure that any leakage of engine coolant into any of those parts stop.

The parts are the head gasket, cylinder head, and engine block.

Like I said earlier, you would minimize the cost of repairs by taking your car to a qualified mechanic even though with is tutorial you can try to remove the white smoke on your own don’t do it.

I hope this article is helpful.

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