Why Temperature Warning Light Stays on While You Are Driving

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Driving with the temperature warning light in car can be a very dangerous sign as it can result in engine damage. When your temperature light is on, that is an indicator that your engine is overheating. This shouldn’t happen if a car’s cooling system is in the right condition. However, if it is faulty this will trigger the light to come on.

If you notice that your Temperature Warning Light Stays on While You Are Driving, there are certain things you should do. First, you need to stop the car immediately. Pullover to the side of the road and shut the engine off. Then open the radiator, but wait a bit, for it to cool first. If you are versatile with cars, it shouldn’t be new to you. But if you are not, you should know that the radiator is filled with hot water and if you open it while it is still hot, it could lead to serious issues for you. Just wait for like half an hour to let it cool down.

Why Temperature Warning Light Stays on While You Are Driving

Now open the radiator cap to check the level of the coolant. You can use a rag when opening it. Turn the cap until all residual pressure has been released.  If the coolant is low, then add water or coolant to the radiator to eradicate the issues that is causing the temperature warning light to stays on while you are driving.

We soon look if you have an engine temperature warning light what to do in such situation but let’s first go through the meaning of temperature warning light in car.

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 Meaning of temperature warning light in car

Warning lights in the car can be confusing and sometimes can disorganize drivers. If your car temperature warning light stays on while you are driving, you do not have to panic. Your car is only trying to let you know that something isn’t as it should be in car computer. And you need to pay proper attention to it.

Vehicles monitor their temperature and fluid in order to maintain the expected level. If the coolant is too hot, then you will get a warning light on your dashboard. When you first start your car, the light will come on for a second just to check if the bulb is functioning. However, if the light refuses to go off even after you have started driving, then there is a problem somewhere. If the temperature light is on, that means there is a problem with the level of temperature or fluid of the coolant. If the warning light is on, then it is important to follow the tips I have written above in order to avoid irreparable damage.

Mini cooper engine temperature light

When you see a red warning light on the dashboard of your mini cooper, then this is an automotive problem you shouldn’t delay. Take it to a mechanic as early as possible and do not overlook it. This means that the coopers’ cooling system is faulty. A mini cooper should not run past 98 degrees Celsius or 210 degrees Fahrenheit. If it ever gets higher than that, then the temperature is getting too hot and could cause great damage.

One thing you should know is that this car has a special formulated coolant it uses. An outdated or wrong coolant can be the problem of your car’s warning light. Do not just get cheap coolant for it or do not use tap water. Contact your manufacturer and get one that meets its requirements.

If your cooper temperature light is on, then consider flushing the radiator. A pollutant might be clogging it or there might be corrosion in it. The maintenance schedule says you need to flush it within two to four years. Another probability might be that the cooling fan of your mini cooper is faulty. It has two and one is located just at the back of the radiator while the other is behind the AC condenser. If anyone of these two fails, then it could trigger the temperature light. You can also check your water pump or hoses if it is leaking any coolant.

In order to avoid your mini cooper getting faulty, follow their maintenance schedule. Inspect the cooling systems such as the radiator, fittings, fans, fan clutch, water pump, and so on.

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Engine temperature warning light blue

The engine light can either be red or blue. If it is blue, this only means that the coolant temperature is too low. However, red signifies that the coolant temperature is high. If the temperature keeps rising, it will flash and make audible warnings.

There are so many reasons why your temperature might be too low and some of them are;

  • Coolant Sensor is faulty
  • The temperature gauge is damaged
  • When there are broken wires to the sensor or gauge
  • The thermostat is faulty or bad
  • Presence of air in the coolant
  • The engines’ control unit is faulty or broken

Engine temperature warning light on what to do

If your temperature light is on and you keep driving, you are at risk of knocking the vehicle’s engine. This can lead to damage of other parts like ring, piston or even the head gasket. The heat will cause the engine’s internal part to expand.

What you should do is pull over and stop driving and then inspect your coolant for any leakages. This is the main cause of temperature light coming on. Inspect the radiator, water pump, hose and several like that. An internal leak from the engine might also be the cause. That means your mechanic will have to carry out a radio pressure test. If the problem is severe and not something you can handle then you might need to consider taking it to professionals.

Is there any vehicle that can be safely driven with the temperature light on? As funny as this question might be, the answer is YES. The only car that can be driven under that condition and wouldn’t lead to any damage is a Model Cadillac which has a Northstar V8 engine. This is because it was designed in such a way that if it senses overheating, half of the cylinders of the engine will deactivate. This will reduce the engine’s heat and the cylinders will be able to pump air for distribution to the engine for cooling internally. However, this doesn’t mean the driver will have to continue driving it, this will only give them time to drive it for repairs.

Conclusion on why Temperature warning light stays on while you are driving

So in this post, we have shown you why your car temperature warning light stays on while you are driving and mini cooper engine temperature light indications.  If you notice the warning light temperature warning light in car, you need to avoid any more damage to the engine of your car by sorting for the next possible solution. It is advisable to try seeking the advice of professionals in order to get the correct and full diagnosis.

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