bmw 325i brake light on dashboard

BMW Yellow Brake Light Issues Rectified + fix for BMW brake warning light red

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bmw yellow brake light

It’s a known fact that your BMW brakes are a vital part of your vehicle. So when the brake warning light illumes on the dashboard, address the situation immediately because it is serious and can lead to deadly consequences if left unchecked.

Your BMW light may come on without warning, causing you to probably take the wheels off and check. All pads may appear okay and you may try to reset the brake light. However, the warning light may still remain on even after resetting it. So, what should you do when this happens?

BMW Yellow Brake Light Issues Rectified | Reset BMW Brake Pad Sensor Light


The first thing to do in rectifying the problem is to detect the underlying factor that caused the light to come on in the first place.

Why Did My BMW Yellow Brake Light Come On?

Common reasons for this to happen includes:

Worn brake pads 

Placing your foot on the brake pedal causes the brake pads to press against the brake rotors or drums, which are connected to the spinning wheels. When this happens, it produces friction which forces the wheels to slow down, thereby bringing your car to a stop. This constant friction slowly wears away the brake pads. Whenever you use the brake pedal, you’re wearing away another layer off of the pads. As time passes by, your brake light will start acting up to inform you that the pads need to be replaced.

Low or leaking brake fluid

Brake fluid helps transfer the force of your foot on the brake pedal to the wheel and the brake pad. This means that your BMW will be unable to brake without brake fluid. If your brake fluid is leaking, your car will soon stop braking completely. If you’re low on brake fluid, your car’s braking ability will begin to decline. Low brake fluid also causes brake pads to wear down because the more the pads are worn out, the more fluid is required for the needed force to be accomplished.

The emergency brake is engaged 

The brake warning light is also the emergency brake light because if your car is on and the emergency brake is engaged, the warning system informs you by illuminating the brake light.

ABS problem 

Some cars are programmed to have a separate warning light for ABS (anti-lock braking system) problems. A brake warning light could indicate an issue with the ABS.

How to Fix Issue

You will have to consult an auto-mechanic to determine the source and cause of the brake system issue, and will then provide a comprehensive inspection report that consists of the scope and cost of the necessary repairs. Since there are different types of brake lights, the mechanic will identify which light is on and then inspect the whole brake system, while taking note of your brake pads and brake fluid levels.

The brake warning light coming on indicates a very serious. So, ensure you have it checked out to make sure your emergency brake is off, then stop driving as soon as you get the chance. If your brake fluid level is low, your brakes may stop functioning too.


How to fix BMW 325i Brake Light on Dashboard

It is a serious issue when the brake warning light illuminates on the dashboard. You may have to consult the owner’s manual to acquaint yourself with the brake warning lights for your BMW car.

Some vehicles have one light for brakes, ABS, and emergency brake, and there are specific color to distinguish each issue. Some people ask to know if using a scan tool will help detect why BMW yellow brake light came on. Using a scan tool will not tell you why this light is on. The main reason why BMW yellow brake light come on is because the brakes are worn out.

To rectify this issue, inspect the brake lights, replace the worn out ones and install new wear sensors. These sensors are responsible for turning the light on when the pads are worn out. You can have a qualified auto mechanic diagnose your brake system and determine the component(s) that needs to be replaced.

The BMW yellow brake light coming on could also be caused by any one of a number of sensors problems particularly if water gets into a specific sensor. This may likely occur when the lights get turned on during a very wet and rainy week and refuses to turn off.
You may have to recheck the brake fluid level, and if your brake system requires enough fluid to throw the low brake fluid light, then you may have a brake system leak. Also check to see if the pedal feel normal or if it sinks whenever you hold a constant pressure on it. BMW yellow brake light coming on may also be an issue with a bad level sensor in the cap.
Or, it might just be a bad level sensor in the cap.

How to Reset Brake Light on BMW 325i

After you must have replaced the brake pads on your BMW and the brake pad wear sensor, it is essential for you to reset BMW brake light. Now let’s look at instructions on how to reset BMW brake light using a few different methods. Some cases may require you to perform the BMW brake reset procedure more than once. If you are unsuccessful at resetting BMW brake light, we provided an alternative method that would require the use of a tool to help you reset BMW brake light. The following steps will work on BMW including models such as 1-series, 3-series, 5-series, 6-series, 7-series, x1, x3, x5. 

Note that the BMW brake light reset procedure can be performed for front or rear brakes and the brake pads must have at least 80% remaining before it can be reset.

Method 1: How to Reset BMW Brake Light

  1. Without starting the car, turn on the ignition. You can press the START button on your BMW without pressing the brake pedal. 
  2. Ensure time is indicated on the center of the instrument cluster

Press the ODO reset button and hold for about 5 seconds. A yellow triangle will appear on the dash, keep maintaining hold on the ODO reset button, until the next symbol appears. 

Keep pressing the ODO reset button a few more times until you see the symbol for front or rear brakes. Depending on which sensor you replaced and would like to reset. 

  1. When the symbol for the chosen brakes is shown on the screen, press and hold the ODO reset until the word RESET appear below the symbol. 
  2. Release the button quickly and press it again once the word reset shows below the brake symbol. Keep on holding the ODO reset button until the brake light vanishes. 
  3. The miles should immediately change to —– signifying the reset was successfully performed.
  4. The next time you will be prompted to change your BMW brakes is 25000 miles for front brakes and 31000 for rear brakes. Though these intervals may vary between models. 

Method 2: How to Reset Brake Light on BMW 325i

  1. Insert the key into the ignition and turn on ignition without starting the engine. 
  2. Press and hold BC button until time and mileage appear on the center of the instrument cluster. 
  3. Next, press and hold the ODO Reset button. A yellow triangle will show up first. Keep on holding the ODO reset button pressed until you see the next symbol on the screen. 
  4. Also, keep pressing the Check button on the steering column stalk until a Front Brakes or Rear Brakes symbol shows up. 
  5. While the brake Brake Light displays on the dashboard, press the BC button until the words RESET appears below the brake symbol. 
  6. Next, press and hold the BC button until the 

BMW Brake Warning Light Red

What to do when BMW Brake Warning Light is Red? 

If your BMW brake warning light turns red, it could mean your pads are actually worn out and the brake system is trying to inform you so. The CBS monitors the wear rate of the pads by the wear on the sensor. The sensor is dual-stage, meaning it wears midway through and records the event in the CBS computer.

The second stage is when the second wire loop in the sensor breaks thereby triggering the red Brake icon. This causes the CBS menu to show either the front or rear axle at — miles left on the brake pads. It does that so you know which axle needs new brakes. The sensor is dual-stage so as to provide an actual wear rate of the pads, which allows the CBS to estimate the remaining miles left on the pads. But once the 2nd wire loop breaks and the Brake icon appears, one or both sets of pads are worn out and needs to be replaced.

Avoid trying to reset the CBS, if not you’ll just end up confusing the logic built into the software. For this reason, whenever you replace brake pads on a BMW, replace the sensor and reset the system. So if you upset that structure, the system reports inaccurate information.

Conclusively, the red warning light on BMW, is to get your attention, the warning tells you what is out of range.

BMW Brake Warning Light 3 Series

What is the Cause of BMW Brake Warning Light in BMW 3 series? 

One of the most common BMW problems is brake warning light coming on particularly in BMW 3 series. When the BMW ABS (Anti-lock braking system) module is unsuccessful at triggering warning lights such as Brake light, ABS, and DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) warning lights, the speedometer stops functioning in some cases.

The ABS and Brake orange or red warning lights come on simultaneously due to this problem. The warning lights may be coming on when driving over 30 mph or only when the engine is hot.

If the warning light comes on after you start to drive, this may indicate a problem with one of the wheel speed sensors or the wheel speed sensor wire or the ABS sensor module. 

Can I Drive my BMW if the Warning Light is on? 

Though you can still drive your BMW even if the warning light is on, but you may be more likely to get into an accident under risky maneuvers or extreme weather conditions. Never drive your BMW if the BRAKE light remains on. 

If you have the DSC system disabled, you may not likely cause any further damage to your car. Ensure you consult a mechanic to diagnose your BMW immediately if BRAKE light stays on, this is because a brake problem can lead to deadly accident. 

Bottom line The BMW brake light issues can be caused by many factors including worn out brake pads, leaking brake fluids, ABS problems, and a host of others. Avoid driving your BMW if the brake light still remains on after you must have tried rectifying it. Consult a trained auto-mechanic who specializes in BMW cars to properly diagnose and rectify the issue.

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