Misfiring Spark Plug (Misfiring Spark Plugs Symptoms) Spark Plug Misfire

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One of the bad spark plug symptoms includes Misfiring Spark Plug and in this post, we are going to talk about everything Misfiring Spark Plugs Symptoms and some other bad spark plug symptoms that you might experience indicate that you plug needs to be changed.

A spark plug is one of the essential element in your car which helps ignite the engine. Without spark plug, your car will not function or run as expected.

It is the job of the spark plug to ignite the mix of air and fuel in the combustion chamber. This enables the electrical current to reach the ignition coil which brings about movement of the vehicle.

The function of your car ignitions is to make sure that your car cylinders continue in its normal motion which is exactly what make your car continue accelerating.  If your spark plug is bad, your car will not function appropriately. And 99% of the time, the car will not even start let alone moving.

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Though there are times when your car spark plug will go bad while you are driving and then you will experience a misfiring spark plug. Your car may still be moving here but it would not be a smooth ride.

Misfiring Spark Plug (Misfiring Spark Plugs Symptoms) Spark Plug Misfire

2 Main Sign of a Misfiring Spark Plug (spark plug misfire symptoms)

Engine is Misfiring

When you start noticing that your engine is misfiring, the majority of the time will be as a result of the problem in the ignition system of the car.  It is, in this case, is either due to a malfunction of the car sensor or a damaged spark plug wires which has prevented the spark plug wire to fully connect to the spark plug.

A car engine misfire can be detected when there is a sporadic sputtering or stumbling noises from the vehicle engine.   The frequency of how this will happen will depend on how serious the problem is.

If you allow the car to the engine to continue misfiring, the exhaust emission will increase, the fuel economy will decrease and then car engine power will drop as well.

You will also notice a lack of or low acceleration. So when you step on the car gas pedal and there was slow or delay before your car moves at a faster pace while producing a cloudy emission behind, then that means having a misfire.

 At this point, the car engine will consume more fuel than needed just function at its normal rate which means more cost on gas. But that is not even the problem here, running your car like this without fixing it can cause damage to the car engine.

It is best you repair or changes your spark plug as quickly as possible when you notice a problem on it.

And the good news that spark plug is not even too expensive to replace.

How much does it cost to get spark plugs replaced

The estimated cost of Spark Plug Replacement Done by Yourself: $15-$108

So if you decide to replace the spark plug by yourself then you will be reducing your cost of hiring a mechanic to do the work for you.

And that could mean a significant sum of savings from just doing it yourself because now only need to buy the parts needed to replace the plug itself and you are good to go.

On Average, the estimated cost for changing your spark plug yourself will depend on your car brand or model and other parts you will need to buy to able you perform a task. This range from anything around $15 -108.

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