How to Fix Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Ford Fusion and Cost

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What does tire pressure sensor fault mean? Find out from this post on how to fix tire pressure sensor fault ford fusion and Cost to Fix any kind of Ford escape tire pressure sensor fault you may have.

You could be driving and notice your dash abruptly indicates a “Tire Pressure Sensor Fault” caution light. However, you may be wondering what the signal is for and how to remedy it.

This article throws more light on tire pressure sensor fault and how to repair it. And here is what we will examine:

  • What does tire pressure sensor fault mean?
  • Ford escape tire pressure sensor fault
  • Is it safe to drive with tire pressure sensor fault?
  • How much does it cost to fix a tire pressure sensor fault?
  • How to fix tire pressure sensor fault

The tire pressure monitoring system of your Ford Fusion is a vital protective aspect of your automobile. This scheme will activate an illumination of caution light if any of the tires are defective. If you notice the caution light, you ought to test your tire force with a tire gauge and pump up your tires to the accurate pressure.

The tire pressure monitoring system is not a proxy for inspecting your tire pressure manually. You can employ a tire test to verify the precise measurements. Apply a tire gauge to examine your tire pressure every month. If you fail to take care of the tire pressure, you stand the danger of losing control of your automobile and risking your life.

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A.  What Does Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Mean?

A tire pressure sensor (TPMS) is a modest computer situated within each tire and vested with the sole purpose of alerting drivers of a tire that is flat. Tire pressure sensors have for long been made compulsory on all automobiles in the U.S. as far back as 2007.

Tire pressure sensors are basically of two types:

  • The valve type: For this kind, the sensor and valve stem are in a single piece.
  • The band sensor: In this type, the sensor is positioned toward the inside the rim by means of an iron band.

The two sensors light up the console light as soon as the pressure reading is low thereby cautioning the drivers to a tire with little air pressure.

At the instant the tire pressure sensor identifies an issue with tire pressure; it automatically launches a message to the computer of the vehicle, causing a glow to shed light on the dash.

This light is bright yellow, and is akin to an exclamation point (!), inside of a “U” shaped figure. This sign is to inform a driver to examine the tires as a fault as been detected.

B. Ford Escape Tire Pressure Sensor Fault

The Ford Escape tire pressure monitoring system supervises the air pressure in tires with wheel-mounted tire pressure sensors. The sensors convey radio signals to the SJB roughly every one minute when the automobile velocity goes beyond 20 mph (32 km/h), and every six hours when automobile is immobile.

The Ford Escape tire pressure sensor transmission is in contrast against a low-pressure limit. If tire pressure has dropped under this boundary, the SJB transmits a signal to the dash, which then shed light on the low pressure cautioning indicator and shows the fitting messages.

The tire pressure sensors of the Ford Escape operated by battery are placed to metal brackets on the controls. The tire pressure sensor may be repaired disjointedly, but the cradle and strap must be put back jointly.

The Ford Escape tire pressure sensor fault may occur if:

  • The tire pressure is little.
  • The tire pressure sensor is misplaced or destroyed.
  • A standby tire is fixed as a road wheel.
  • If an incorrect sensor is reinstated.
  • Non-OEM wheels are fixed.
  • Non-OEM equipped run-flat tires are fixed.
  • There are other non-OEM adjustments.

If the tire pressure sensor is re-fixed, it must be trained. When the warning signal of the tire pressure is illuminated and indicates “LOW TIRE PRESSURE,” ensure you verify the air pressure of all tires and fine-tune to the specified cold pressure on the vehicle certification tag. Drive the automobile at 20 mph (32 km/h) for at least 120 seconds. Ensure the warning light trips off.

C. Is it Safe to Drive with Tire Pressure Sensor fault?

It is not considered safe to drive with a tire pressure sensor fault as it can be dangerous. Driving on a deflated tire could make the automobile to pull in one direction, taking into consideration the side with the defective tire. This is risky because the drive will be unable to properly have power over the automobile.

It is not safe to drive with a tire pressure sensor fault because the deflated tire can equally lead to unbalanced tire wear which can devastate the structural integrity of the tire, mostly the sidewall. This can be lethal as it can trigger a blow out immediately the tire is inflated again. For a totally flat tire, it would necessitate replacement due to the impairment.

If the tire pressure is satisfactory in all tires, then it means the sensor is faulty. A defective sensor will entail the driver paying more attention to the pressure in their tires since it’s unable to read the actual pressure again. Ensure you promptly rectify this issue.

D. How much does it Cost to Fix a Tire Pressure Sensor Fault?

As a car owner, you may ask “how much does it cost to fix a tire pressure sensor fault”? Well, the cost of fixing a tire pressure sensor fault largely depends on the automobile. Actually, the major cost to fix it is the cost of the sensor itself. Luxury vehicles like Audi and Land Rover will cost more than brands like Toyota, Ford, or Honda since the sensors of the former are more expensive. The cost of the sensors can range anywhere from $50 up into the hundreds, for a single sensor.

The labor cost is comparatively low, usually in the range of 1/2 to 1 labor hour per sensor. Note that the cost of labor depends on the repair shop.

Some repair shops include fees for reprogramming your vehicle’s computer. A renowned dealership will likely charge a higher labor cost per hour compared to a small repair shop. It is best to go for hourly labor costs and reprogramming fees when trying to fix the sensor.

E. How to Fix Tire Pressure Sensor Fault

The fastest and simplest way to fix this fault is to check the pressure of all the tires using a quality air pressure test. These gauges can be obtained at parts store. Ensure you also test the emergency tire as the most automobile has a force sensor in the spare tire which is habitually disregarded.

It is best to adhere to the pressure proposed by the manufacturer because any light change in pressure can set off the dash caution illumination. Consult the owner’s manual for the approved pressure.

So, how do you fix the tire pressure sensor?

i. Fixing the tire pressure sensor

To fix the tire pressure sensor, you need to scrutinize the pressure. If after examining and regulating the tire pressure to the suitable specifications still fails to repair the problem, then it may warrant you to change the tire pressure sensor. You can detect the defective sensor with the use of an OBD2 scanner or via the dash, taking the model into consideration.

Though an automotive scan tool will assist you in establishing the fault, but contacting an auto-repair shop to scan your car can safe time in detecting the defective sensor. The longevity of battery’s sensors varies from 3 to 11 years.

ii. Procedure for fixing Tire Pressure Sensor

To fix or change a malfunctioned tire pressure sensor, the tire from the faulty wheel would have to be taken down. After taking out the tire, the previous or faulty sensor can be swap with a fresh one. After fixing the new sensor, the tire will be fixed back on and air blown into it. The vehicle’s computer will have to be reprogrammed to detect the new sensor, else it would still be sending out fault ciphers.

If you are unable to fix a tire, then it is best to consult a local repair tire shop so that it would be handled by experts. The service wouldn’t cost you much and you can buy the sensor at an affordable rate.

iii. Reprogramming the Sensor

Like we said earlier, the computer of your vehicle would have to be reprogrammed to recognize the fixed tire pressure sensor. Reprogramming the car is hinged on the model and build. Several automobiles necessitate a certain sum of mileage to be positioned on the changed sensor for it to be detected by the computer.

Other automobiles must be programmed back with the same scanner that detected the malfunctioned sensor. The scanner is responsible for programming the sensor to the mainframe so they might be able to correspond. If this procedure is unsuccessful, it means the dash light will continue to light up even after fixing the tire force sensor owing to the fact that the computer is unable to detect or recognize the new sensor.

Conclusion On Ford Escape Tire Pressure Sensor Fault

When you want to fix tire pressure sensor fault, ensure you opt for a reliable repair shop with a good reputation. You mechanic or local tire shop should be capable of replacing the or appropriately replacing the sensor. It is advisable to find out about labor cost and part service contract before commencing on any repair or replacement work at a shop. This is to avoid paying for labor cost, only to discover the replaced part was faulty.

I hope this article was helpful to you? We talked about what does tire pressure sensor fault mean and how to fix tire pressure sensor fault ford fusion and cost. We also showed you if it is safe to drive with tire pressure sensor fault.

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