How To Fix Curb Rash On Polished Wheels & Amp; How To Fix Scratched Aluminum Wheels

How to Fix Curb Rash on Polished Wheels & Amp; How to fix Scratched Aluminum Wheels

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It can be really annoying when you notice that your car with its glamorous look develops a curb rash on its wheels.

If you have no idea about what a curb rash is, it is any damage you notice on your car that looks like scratches or scuff marks in your rim or tire.

When you happen to notice any of such  marks, you might not even realize what has caused it or even the time it happened.

However Curb rashes most commonly happen when your tire hits curbs or any other obstacle on the road.

 It is important that you get a curb rash fixed as soon as you notice as it can be very hazardous. 

Do not wait until it gets hit again before you act fast. Now, let us dive into how you can fix a rash on polished wheels or an aluminum wheels.

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How to fix curb rash on polished wheels & amp; how to fix scratched aluminum wheels

But before that here are the highlight of the areas discussed in this article:

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  • how to fix scratched aluminum wheels
  • Can you repair polished alloy wheels?
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so with those in mind, let’s get started with the  steps on how to fix curb rash on polished wheels.

How to fix curb rash on polished wheels

Before you start to think of repairing a curb rash from your polished wheels, there are certain things you need.

Items Needed

  • Rotary tool accessories kit or a cone-shaped aluminum oxide grinding stone and sanding discs if you do not have enough to get the whole kit.
  • A Power rotary tool with various speed settings
  • Three different types of sandpapers. You can get the 400, 1500, and 2000 Grit.
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Steel wool pads
  • Aluminum wheel polish

NB: The amount of sandpapers you will get depends on how huge the rash is. You can get a 2 X 2 paper with a small rash and 4 X 4 if the rash is huge.

Fixing curb rash on a polished wheel

To get rid of the curb rash on your polished wheel, you need to follow the following step accordingly. The first thing to do is to take the power rotary tool and use it on the burs to grind it down. To achieve this, you will have to reduce the speed setting on the tool to the lowest.  Then, attach the aluminum oxide grinding stone to the power rotary. Once you have done this, you can begin to grind. Make sure the burs are as smooth as possible. Now, take the sanding discs and round it out to perfection.

Grinding alone will not make your rim shine glamorously as it used to. For complete beauty restoration, you have to do some detailing. Now, take your 400 Grit sandpaper and begin to grind. To complete this process, grind it next with the 1500 and 2000 grit sandpapers. What you will do next depends on whether the final outcome is satisfying or not. If you do not like the end result, you have to repeat the process from the beginning using the sanding disc all over again. Once you are completely satisfied, rub it back and forth with steel wool and it will become shiny.

Finally, you will have to polish it. To do this, use the aluminum wheel polish and a microfiber cloth. This can either be done by a professional or yourself. Once you are done, you can start the engine to test your new polished wheel.


Effects of a Curb rash

You may try to avoid hitting curbs as much as possible by not hitting any at all. Be careful when you are parking your car so that you do not hit any curb mistakenly. If your wheel has a curb and it is not fixed as fast as possible, it can be dangerous. The main cause of curb rash is when the rim is hit outside. If you leave it without fixing, your vehicle might not be able to take another hit. This could have a bad effect on your vehicle. It will either lead to a broken or even bent rim. Once your rim is faulty, be sure that driving your car will become unpleasant and uncomfortable. The chances of getting it fixed are slim to none. It is greatly difficult to fix a deformed rim and most repair shops will refuse to fix it.

The second effect of a curb rash is that it can lead to damage of tire after it gets hit again There is every possibility that the second hit will affect the tires’ sidewall which will lead to a bubble. The worst is even if you change your tire and get a new one, it will repeat itself again. So the only way to avoid these two extreme outcomes will be to get that curb rash fixed as fast as possible.

How to fix scratched aluminum wheels

Items needed

  • Liquid soap
  • Towel
  • Sponge
  • Masking tape
  • High-gloss clear lacquer
  • Sandpaper grit (400, 600 & 1200)
  • Aluminum polish
  • Aluminum paint that matches your wheel

Fixing scratched aluminum wheels

The first thing to do is use the liquid soap with warm water to clean the wheel completely. After cleaning, make sure you let it dry completely before proceeding. Now, dip the towel in paint thinner and rib it on the damaged area. Doing the above will remove old wax and any road grime on the wheel. Then wash the wheel with soapy water to remove any excess paint thinner as many times as possible.

Then allow the wheel to dry completely. Now, take the masking tape and cover the rim areas that are not damaged. Use 400 grit sandpaper to sand the damaged area gently. If you notice that the area is rough and grooves have started forming, end the sanding process. You can cover the area with Bondo putty for a few minutes to allow it dry. Then sand the putty with 600 grit sandpaper. Sand it until the area becomes smooth.

The next step now will be to apply the paint. To do this effectively, you have to cover the wheel and tire with masking tape to avoid over spraying it. Then apply the paint and make sure the putty is covered completely. Then leave it for some time to enable drying. Once it is dried, use a 1200 grit sandpaper to smooth the surface.

Finally, wash the painted area with soapy water and rinse. Once it is dried, spray the lacquer on the area you painted and leave it overnight. Leaving it till the next day will let it dry completely without any mistake. Then remove the masking tape and wash the wheel entirely. After this, apply the aluminum polish with a soft and dry cloth to blend it.

Can you repair polished alloy wheels?

Yes, it is totally possible to repair your alloy rim if it is damaged. Scratches and dents can make it appear dull. You can always repair it yourself it if the damage is not excess. Before you begin, you need to clean your entire tires. Proceed to sand, fill, and paint the alloy rims to make it look as it did before. This will return it back to its former glory.  However, if it is too damaged, take it to a repairer and let the mechanic decide if it can still be saved.

How to repair diamond cut alloy wheels

If you notice that a wheel has very shiny fine lines which are created by a cutting machine, that it is a diamond cut. To create this wheel, parts of the alloy is machined off and then lacquered over in order to avoid corrosion. The diamond-cut wheel has shinier and glossier looks than the standard alloy. It is becoming a popular choice among drivers nowadays.

If you notice your diamond cut alloy wheel has a scratch, you need to take it in for professionals. It is not something you can do at home. It needs special types of equipment and processes that can only be done at a repair shop with its technology and training. The diamond-cut wheel cannot be fixed at a normal mobile alloy repair shop. You will need the help of professionals. The cost to repair diamond-cut starts from about 45 Euros which is equivalent to $50.81 depending on where you are getting it fixed.

Conclusion how to fix curb rash on polished wheels and on aluminium wheels

Always take proper care of every part of your car. If you notice there is a damage or Curb rash on your wheel, you need to get it fixed as quick as possible, in order to avoid further damage. You can either do this by yourself or take it in for professionals.

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