Are Burnouts Illegal: How to Do a Burnout In An Automatic BMW

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Do you want to learn if burnouts are Illegal or know how to do a burnout in an automatic BMW? this post is for you. For those who don’t know what car burnout means, a car burnout which is also known as power brake and peel out, is a practice that is normally done in a race to warm up the tires. Doing this will cause the tires to heat up and bring out smokes by keeping the car immobile and spinning the wheels. This can produce lots of friction, which happens to be why it smokes. A burnout in an automatic BMW car is something that is not tedious. But this is an illegal act and needs proper safety precautions. Making a little mistake can lead to accidents and injury.

Having a burnout is much simpler to achieve in an automatic BMW as opposed to a manual car because you don’t need to deal with a clutch. Note that the more torque and horsepower your car has is what will make it easier for the car to lose traction.

Currently, there are some cars that have a dedicated driving mode which makes burnouts even much easier. So let get right into the topic fully but before that, here are subtopics  we will cover in this Post:

  • how to do a burnout in an automatic BMW
  • what does a burnout do to your car
  • are burnouts bad for your car
  • are burnouts illegal
  • can doing burnouts damage your transmission
  • do burnouts damage your clutch


How to Do a Burnout in an Automatic BMW

It is true that most of the automatic car models are not suitable for a burnout. However, you can still burnout your BMW because automatic vehicles don’t have a clutch, this makes it even simpler to perform a burnout. There are car models that have a dedicated driving mode to make it even easier. But you need to check the car’s health and its internal components because the burnout has the ability to puts pressure and stress on them. Ensure that you do not pull the stunt off if the vehicle is not in its perfect condition.

Here are the Step by Step Process

It’s very much easier to perform a burnout in an automatic BMW when the engine has a high torque and horsepower because it allows losing traction without any trouble. There are some car models that can yield a high torque such as Chevrolet Colorado, and Chevrolet Impala. But you should not believe the popular myth that the engine needs thousands of horsepower to perform a burnout.

Below are how to do a burnout in an automatic BMW:

  • Look for a safe place. It is very vital because performing this is illegal and just a little mistake can injure the bystanders. You should also know that an obstacle-free spot is important for your own safety so that you can come out safely if anything goes wrong.
  • Starting your car. You can start the car and keep your left foot strolling on the brake pedal. You should ensure you point the wheels directly forward and move the selector to 1 or D before you release the handbrake.
  • You need to switch the traction control off. Please you shouldn’t forget to do this because one of the reason for burnout failure is caused by a switch on traction control. So if you don’t turn off the switch, the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) will keep trying to regain traction, thereby obstructing the burnout.
  • To perform the burnout. You should press and hold the brake and gas pedals as hard as possible. After which, rev the engine and disengage the brake slowly so that the tires will burn. In case you want to stop, just release the gas pedal.

Please follow these tips, it will help you to perform a burnout in an easy way:

  1. To perform a burnout in an automatic BMW, choose a place with loosed gravel. This helps in losing traction.
  2. Examine your brake pads before you begin. Please ensure that it does not have flaws because it is needed in good condition to enhance stopping power.
  3. By adding water to the tires will make them slippery and help with the burnout.


Many automatic cars are not meant for performing burnouts. But this is not to say that they will explode anytime you perform it. Please note that it is very important to examine the condition of your car before performing a burnout.

But for beginners, your tires will take the worst amount of punishment from performing a burnout. Currently, there is often a misconception that using affordable winter tires is the best way to perform a burnout.

But doing this, you will be simply increasing the cost of performing a burnout, you need to stick to the cheapest worn tires. Note that winter tires use a soft compound rubber and when used during a burnout, a chunk of rubber can break apart from the tire.

One of the most expensive things to go wrong which will cost you big time after a bad burnout is your gearbox and clutch. But if you are performing a burnout fairly or very rarely, you won’t hit these problems, especially if your car is been serviced correctly and has good condition.

But if you are performing burnouts daily in a car that has been driven to the moon and back, don’t be surprised if you have a major part breakout.


YES! Because it can also lead to premature road damage. But when you consider that it cost an average of about $1.4 to 1.8 million to resurface a road with asphalt, you can be charged with damaging public property, and the road could be under state or federal jurisdiction.

And also, anytime you are performing a burnout you could easily lose control of your vehicle and hit another vehicle, or possibly kill someone, and this is something that often happens in the U.S.

Finally, you could be charged with street racing and lose your license or have your vehicle impounded.


YES! Performing burnout affects a lot more than one may realize. Your engine will be stressed from the high RPM’s, the drive train, driveshaft, universal joints and the transmission (if it were a standard transmission it puts stress on the clutch, throw-out bearing, shift mechanism). This will also put a lot of stress on the suspension system like shock absorbers, springs and torsion bars. Depending on the age of your car, you may cause damage to the above-mentioned components and some expensive repairs.


Yes it can for manual vehicles, but for an automatic car such as the automatic BMW, it won’t, because they don’t use clutch. But whenever you detect a burning smell coming from the clutch, it simply means that you have burnt it. And anytime the smell hits your nose, one thing is for sure that the clutch plate is slipping more than it should. Note that it is the burning of the surface of the plate that leads to the glazing of the clutch surface. However, this, in turn, will result in slippage of the clutch plate because the burning is preventing it from engaging fully during burnout.

So this is were we rap it for this article on how to do a burnout in an automatic BMW. Be sure to share if this post has helped you.

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