4 Reasons Why Car Shakes When Braking: Why Does My Car Shake When I Brake?

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If your car shakes when braking, this post is for you.  when driving as an experienced driver you can easily tell when something is just not right with your car. Even the slightest of car shakes while braking will be noticed and there are a couple of reasons why car brakes shaking especially while trying to brake or stop the car.

So in this post, we are going to talk about the following:

  • The main reason Toyota Sienna shakes when braking
  • Press brakes car shakes: Reasons why rav4 shakes when braking
  • And general reasons why car shakes while braking
  • We will give a direct answer to this Query “Why does the car shake when I brake?’

So with those in mind, let’s get started with this post. Be sure to also read another article too

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The main reason Toyota Sienna shakes when braking

when a Toyota Sienna shakes when braking then main this might happen due to brake pad related problems.  so happens is that when you apply the brake, the brake pad also presses the rotors to help slow down the car speed or to stop that vehicle. this will usually happen when the rotors are out of place. If you notice that your car steering is vibrating or shaking, it something you need to quickly take care of. Have your mechanic check and run a proper diagnosis or better still take your car to an auto-shop.

Or you use this post to get a hint on what the problem is before seeking for expert help.

Please watch the video above for more on why Toyota Sienna shakes when braking.

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3 Reasons why Rav4 Shakes When Braking (Press Brakes Car Shakes)

There 3 main reasons why you may notice Rav4 shakes when braking to slow down or stop completely and they are as following:

  • Guide Pin Failure: So normally, the Rav4 brakes calipers bears a thing known as guide pin which helps the calliper to move freely and the same time ensures that the brake pad is in smooth contact with the rotor for easy baking of the vehicle. when this guide pin is getting or malfunctions, it makes your car to shake when Appling braking. 
  • Bad Brake Pads: A bad brake pad is one other reason why Rav4 car shakes while braking. This is so because normally, good brake pads are supposed to directly contact the rotor of the vehicle to allot quall amount of pressure so the car can move and brake smoothly. So when the pads are dirty or worn out, it becomes in impossible for it to distribute an even amount of pressure for the smooth braking of the vehicle which results in the Rav4 shakes when braking
  • Rotors Problem:  The next reason Rav4 steering wheel might shake when braking is due to warped brake rotors.  Rotors may have been twisted if they have worn unevenly or very low. When you notice that the surface of your car rotor is not smooth, then you need to buy new rotors or have them resurfaced. Your regular car inspection will help notice this unevenness.

Press Brakes Car Shakes: General Reasons Why Car Shakes While Braking and Possible Solution.

So why does your car shake when you press the brakes? Well, there are couple of generals reasons why this happens and it applies to most vehicles.  The first and for most reason to consider here is that tire might be wearing out. When your car tires are worn out, a general symptom is a vibrating and shaking vehicle. And if this shakes happens concurrent to when you apply brakes then it is your car brake systems.

So you need to fish out which compound of the brake is causing the problem and that is where your question “why does my car shake when I hit the brakes” must have occurred to you.

Reasons Why Car Shakes While Braking and Solution.

  • Worn-out Tires: As stated above worn out or an imbalance tire is one most common cause of the shaky car. Usually, you will notice the vibration or shake from anywhere around 80km to 88.5km per hour then it gets worst around 96.5km per hour before it starts to stabilize on a higher speed level.


  • The solution to a tire-related shaking or vibration problem can be solved by simply replacing the tire. Just buy and new tire.  And mid you, you need to buy goody quality tires else you will end up with something that won’t stay thee time and will go bad again.  You can check out these ones on Amazon here then contact your mechanic to change them for you or you can do it yourself. Watch this video to see how you can change your tires.

How to Change car Tire Video

  •  Brake calliper sticks on:  The next reason why car shakes when braking is when the car brake calliper sticks on or is warp.  The calliper has a guide pin which helps it move smoothly by connecting that the brake pedal with the rotor for easy and smooth braking. So when the calliper is bad it alters the process thereby causing the car to shake while brakes are applied.  


  • This issue can be solved employing the services of an expert mechanic or you visiting an auto shop your car maintenance.
  • Rotor Related Issues:  The Next reason why vehicle shakes when braking sometimes it is caused as a result of bad brake rotors.  If you notice, your steering wheel shakes while braking, then the issue might be as result could out of round brake rotors.  You might also notice the vibration and shake from your brake pedal too.


  • For this problem, you need to have your brake rotor or entire bake pad replaced with a new one. To do this, you will have to hire the services of an experienced technician /mechanic to change them for you.

Summarizing on Why Car Shakes When Brakes Applied

So this is those what to do. I hope this post on car shakes when braking was helpful to you? at least you now have a general idea why car shakes when pressing brakes.

And we also talked about the Main reason Toyota Sienna shakes when braking alongside why rav4 shakes when braking too.

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