5 Best Boat Fire Extinguisher & Fire Extinguisher Mount

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If you have a boat with an engine, then it is expected of you to always have a fire extinguisher onboard. No matter the type of boat you have, it is advisable to have an extinguisher ready at hand. It needs to be in a location that is easily accessible by anyone inside the boat so that, in the event of an emergency, there would be no trouble locating it. You also need to be aware of the laws regulating boats in your state.

Boat Fire Extinguisher Requirements

The law requires every boat owner to have an extinguisher on board if their boat meets the following conditions:

  1. Fuel tanks are stored in any compartment on the boat
  2. Availability of Living places
  3. Fuel tanks are installed permanently
  4. If the boat has an inboard engine
  5. The boat has a double bottom that does not have floating materials.

Although it is advisable to have extinguishers on all kinds of boats, it is not really a requirement by law.

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5 Best Boat Fire Extinguisher & Fire Extinguisher Mount

No1. First Alert Rechargeable Marine Fire Extinguisher

This boat extinguisher has high recommendations and reviews on Amazon. It is sold at $99.00 and has a nice design with a metal valve head and handle. Additionally, it is also very safe to use as it is sealed to prevent discharging accidentally. You can purchase it here.

PROS: It can stop electrical fires and flammable liquid. First Alert can extinguish fire that is more than 10 square feet and it also has a corrosion-resistant gauge.

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No2. First Alert 1038789 Standard Home Fire Extinguisher.

This is one of the demanded boat extinguishers on the site with over 3600 ratings. It is rated 1A: 10 B:C and it has a commercial-grade metal valve and trigger. It can be recharged after use as it makes use of an extinguishing agent called mono ammonium phosphate. You can purchase it here.

PROS: It is useful for fighting wood, trash, paper, oil, electrical fire, and plastics. Also very safe to use as it has a safety seal that prevents it from discharging accidentally. It is also easy to use as it offers manual instructions to its users.

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No3. First Alert Home Fire Extinguisher

This is a home extinguisher that can also be used on the boat. It is $72.70 and has 5 stars on Amazon. It is also made with a durable metal head and a gauge that can resist corrosion. You can purchase it here.

PROS: It is very safe and easy to use and install

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No4. First Alert Car and Marine Fire Extinguisher

First Alert company produces the best extinguishers which is why their products made it more to this list. This is also another of their creations which is sold at $22.99 on Amazon. It has a durable metal with a high-grade valve and trigger. Additionally, it also has a secure strap which makes it easier to place it in a location securely. You can purchase it here.

PROS: It uses sodium bicarbonate to fight and quench flammable liquid and electrical fires. It also has a seal that prevents it from discharging accidentally.

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No5. Kidde 420118 Mounting Bracket for Mariner Dry Chemical

Next on this list here is this  Kidde 420118 Mounting Bracket for Mariner Dry Chemical fire extinguisher mount.

This is the second on the list of top boat fire extinguishers and mounts. It has high ratings and recommendations. It is sold at $10.48 and is very lightweight. Kidde  fire extinguisher mount has non-corrosive stainless steel straps which is useful for ideal applications. You can purchase it here.

PROS: It has an enamel finish and can also be easily arranged. The steel strap also holds it in its right place.

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Best Place to Store Fire Extinguisher on Boat

Extinguishers are preventive measures on the boat. Therefore, they should be stored in a place that can be seen and is easily accessible by anybody on the boat. You need to put them where they cannot be damaged by anything. It needs to be kept in an open place and also mounted upright. You might consider storing in the cabin, hull, bilge or the kitchen. If you aren’t certain where to keep it, then you need to put some things into consideration.

  • Location of the gas tank and Flammable liquids
  • Where do people convey most in the boat
  • Which place is cleaned frequently on the boat

Once you have considered some of the things written above, then it should be easy to decide where you should store the fire extinguisher.

Best Place for Fire Extinguisher on Boat

If you have a fire extinguisher on your boat, then it should be kept in a place where people can see it in case of any fire accident. Make sure it is in an area where there are no obstructions and people should be able to see it as they move to and fro. When mounting it, it should be at an angle so that the chemicals in it will not settle at the bottom. This will make it more effective to use.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is the spot where a fire is more likely to occur on the boat. After you have identified it, then you should keep an extinguisher close to the place in case fire occurs there. Make sure it is not too close to the spot either so that the fire would not prevent you from getting there. You can place it where cooking takes place on the boat, like a kitchen or a grill spot.

You should also place one where passengers spend most of their time. This is to prevent any casualty if the fire threat actually happens. Additionally, make sure your boat is clean all the time so that there would be no obstruction when trying to get the extinguisher. If you have things lying around everywhere, you might fall while panicking to get the extinguisher.

Best Fire Extinguisher for Small Boat

There are different types of fire extinguishers for different sizes of boats. Every situation also needs different types of extinguishers. The two main types are B1 and B2 and the one required for you depends on the size of your boat. If your boat is smaller one around 26 feet, then you should get a B1 fire extinguisher.

However, if it is between 26 and 40, you will need 1 B2 or 2 B1. The boats that are 40 to 65 feet large need 2 B2 or 3B1. If your boat is larger than this, then you need to check the regulations in your state for the type of extinguisher you should get.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a requirement for fire extinguishers on a boat?

The requirements before you can have a fire extinguisher might vary from state to state. After reading the ones up there, you should also check the federal regulations where you are.

Where should fire extinguishers be stored on a boat?

They should be stored in a place that is easily seen and accessible by everybody.

Where to mount a fire extinguisher in a boat

Fire extinguishers should be mounted in an angle on a boat to avoid any damage to it. And at the same time it should be place where anyone can easily access in case of any emergencies.


Lastly, make sure your fire extinguisher is maintained regularly. Always check to be sure that it isn’t leaking or damaged as any errors may render it ineffective, and cause irredeemable damage and loss.

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