How Long Does an Oil Change Take at Toyota

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Most people, particularly those on a demanding schedule and those who are always on the go, are keen on knowing how long it takes to change oil. It can be exasperating to spend much time in a service shop just to change oil when you have important appointments to meet up.

In this article, we looked at how long it takes to change oil at Toyota service shop and the general importance of changing the oil of your car.

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How long does an oil change take at Toyota?

An oil change at Toyota takes a maximum of 20 minutes. An oil change is easy and undemanding but is better left to be handled by auto experts. The oil change pattern is similar in all brands of automobiles. Oil changes may take at most 30 minutes in some cases, but this fraction of time is insignificant compared to the devastation your car will suffer if you fail to have the oil of your vehicle changed.

Importance of Changing your Oil

As blood is essential for the survival of animals, so is engine or motor oil vital for the proper functioning of your vehicle.

The benefits of engine oil for your car include:

  • It offers a form of lubrication to the mobile parts of the machines beneath your hood.
  • It helps to prevent wearing down of the mobile parts owing to friction.
  • Motor oil helps in transporting to grime, grunge, and dirt out of the engine into filter.

It is essential to change your oil after every 5,000 miles; else the oil loses its efficacy at lubricating moving parts of your car. After the oil starts wearing down, it becomes thick, sludgy, and black. This causes the oil to collect dirt and to become ineffective at offering proper protection to moving parts, hence increasing friction.

How Long Should an Oil Change Take If I Do It Myself?

Having your car’s oil change done yourself isn’t an overly complex procedure; however, it may take to a considerably longer time compared to when it is performed by qualified technicians.

If you insist on doing the oil change yourself, then it can take you about 60 minutes or one hour to round up. Apart from taking an extra time, changing the oil of your car yourself may necessitate you to get some basic items for a successful task. They include:

  • Oil
  • Anew oil filter gasket
  • A rubber mallet
  • A jack
  • A new oil filter
  • Wheel blocks
  • properly sized wrenches

When the cost of getting all these items are calculated, coupled with the extra time it takes to change oil, most people prefer it to be handled by trained technicians at a repair shop since it is affordable.

How to know it’s time for an Oil Change

Most models of Toyota come with an oil change reminder or ‘Maintenance Required’ warning light that lights up once time for an oil change is due. Apart from this reminder, you should also take note of the mileage to avoid overlooking this important aspect of your vehicle maintenance.

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