Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Cost BMW + Symptoms

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Find out the  BMW valve cover gasket leak symptoms in this article and we will also talk about Valve cover gasket replacement cost BMW.

The valve cover is positioned on the crest of a BMW’s engine and other vehicles. The valve cover is a route that auto-mechanics use to test a variety of valves and rectify engine faults without utterly dismantling the complete engine. A gasket is produced from rubber, and its role is to accurately offer a grip for the valve cover in place.

More often than not, the gasket can in due course become frail and break as a result of heat emanating from the engine and adjoining gears, thus calling for a replacement.

This article discusses the valve cover gasket replacement cost BMW and the BMW valve cover gasket leak symptoms. Read on for further details. You might also love to read this article: BMW 3 series 2008 Review (What are the BMW 3 Series Models)

Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Cost BMW

The standard valve cover gasket replacement cost BMW ranges from $466 and $595, while the labor costs is projected between $394 and $497. The cost of parts lies between $72 and $98.

The valve cover gasket replacement cost BMW 535i ranges from $661 to $819 on average. The labor costs for BMW 535i are estimated between $589 and $744 while the costs of parts range from $72 to $75.

The BMW x3 valve cover replacement cost lies between $415 and $517. The labour costs are projected between $335 and $424 while parts are priced between $80 and $93. Taxes and fees don’t cover this estimate.

The average cost for a BMW X5 valve cover gasket replacement is between $623 and $787. Labour costs are estimated between $550 and $695 while parts are priced between $73 and $92.

Generally, the BMW 328i Valve Cover Gasket Replacement costs $438 on average. Read also: the Most Reliable BMW 3 series

BMW Valve Cover Gasket Leak Symptoms

The valve cover gasket is a vital component used for sealing the engine. The BMW valve cover gasket protects the cylinder head hardware and prevents oil from breaking out. Valve cover gaskets are frequently produced from plastic or cork and are used as a close between the cylinder head and the valve cover.

The valve cover gasket is susceptible to destruction from the sides, though it is sheltered from crest and base. The gasket can become breakable after a period of use as a result of dirt and heat exposure. This fragility can cause the gasket to leak. The BMW valve cover gasket leak symptoms can lead to low engine performance. A leaking gasket requires immediate replacement by an experienced mechanic so as to prevent your car from undergoing total engine failure.

There are some symptoms that will signify a cover gasket leak. Contact a certified auto-mechanic without delay if you identify any of these symptoms for an immediate valve cover gasket replacement. Valve cover gasket replacement cost BMW is pretty much on the high side. So, it is best to avoid the problem in the first place.

Some BMW valve cover gasket leak symptoms include:

  • 1. Engine is low on oil

One of the BMW valve cover leak symptoms is low engine oil. A gasket leak will cause the oil to escape from the valve cover and leave the oil pan, triggering the Engine oil light to become visible on the dashboard. A low level of engine oil leads to a drop in its capacity to accurately oil the internal engine mechanism.

This can lead to an accumulation of extreme heat within, leading to grave engine break. If your Engine Oil Light comes up for no reason, don’t overlook it. Immediately get in touch with an experienced auto-mechanic to identify and fix the fault.

  • 2. Smell of burning oil

A broken valve cover gasket will make compacted oil from beneath the valve cover to seek for likely routes of getaway. If the engine is working while this is occurring, the escaped oil can trickle on some hot gears like the cylinder head or the exhaust pipes. As soon as the oil drops on these hot mechanisms, it will burn and generate a burning oil smell. So, among the BMW valve cover gasket leak symptoms is burning oil smell that can effortlessly be detected by the driver. An experienced mechanic should be able to spot and repair the issue.

  • 3. Engine is causing misfires

When oil seeps out from a valve, it can intermittently trickle down to the spark plug and dribble within the spark plug tubes. When this occurs, it can lead to engine misfire which can decrease the performance of the engine. Engine misfires are among the BMW valve cover gasket leak symptoms that can also trigger a fire beneath your hood if left ignored.

  • 4. Grimy valve cover seeping oil

Coming last on the list of BMW valve cover gasket leak symptoms is grimy valve cover leaking oil. During most oil changes, the mechanic will examine the valve cover to check if there is oil leak emanating from the valve cover gasket. A major tell-tale sign of a cover gasket leak is when the valve cover and cylinder head is soiled. Oil traps grunge under the hood which is noticed as being encrusted on the valve cover or cylinder head.

From the BMW valve cover gasket leak symptoms we have discussed above, the main cause of these warning signs is a broken or pinched valve cover gasket. Ensure you contact an experienced mechanic as soon as possible to rectify the fault of valve cover leak, so as to prevent engine damage.

Is it dangerous to drive with a valve cover gasket problem?

No. It isn’t unsafe to drive with a valve cover gasket problem. It is somewhat safe if you take into consideration the quantity of oil leakage. If only small oil leaks onto hot engine you can still drive it, but ensure you fix it as soon as possible to avoid engine failure.

Oil is an essential requirement for your engine to run efficiently hence cutting down on wear and tear issues. If oil begins to leak from the gasket, it can wreck mechanisms it gets in contact with and may also impact on how the engine is greased. So, it is vital to be definite that your valve cover gasket is safe and sound so as to extend the longevity of your engine and all its copious gears. By replacing valve cover gasket of BMW as at when due, you can lower your car’s repair cost and guarantee the longevity of the engine.

Your mechanic carries out a routine examination of the valve cover gasket occasionally to ensure they are functioning properly.

Sample Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Costs for other V

The table below shows model prices for replacement performed the most extensively owned vehicles. The price varies owing to the location the service is carried out. The table is simply to give you a suggestion of the costs for replacing valve cover gasket for diverse car models.

Please see  table

Model Parts Labor Total
Ford F-Series $28 – $87 $150 – $191 $178 – $278
Chevrolet Silverado $18 – $64 $71 – $90 $89 – $154
Ford Focus $21 – $78 $71 – $90 $92 – $168
Toyota Camry $28 – $41 $71 – $90 $99 – $131
Toyota Corolla $22 – $39 $63 – $80 $85 – $119
Nissan Altima $34 – $45 $181 – $231 $215 – $276
Honda CR-V $26 – $58 $71 – $90 $97 – $148
Honda Civic $32 – $60 $94 – $121 $126 – $181
Honda Accord $22 – $57 $94 – $121 $116 – $178
Ford Fusion $21 – $78 $189 – $241 $210 – $319

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