How Many Quarts of Transmission Fluid Do I Add to Car?

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Are you finding it difficult figuring out how many quarts of transmission fluid you need for your specific vehicle? Well in this post I will show you how many quarts transmission fluids. And you will also get to see the answer to the query “where is transmission fluid located”?

So if you are ready to let’s get into. Below are the main subheadings we will consider in this post.

  • How many quarts of transmission fluid?
  • Where is transmission fluid located?
  • Do you leave the car running when adding transmission fluid?
  • can changing transmission fluid be bad

Your car needs the right quantity of transmission fluid for it to perform in its optimal capacity.  Not adding enough transmission fluid can make your car to gear not to able to provide sufficient lubricant for smooth functionality of your vehicle. On the other hand, overfilling then transmission fluid can also cause distress on the sealer head.

How many quarts of transmission fluid | Do you leave the car running when adding transmission fluid

It is very important that you add the appropriate amount of transmission fluid to avoid any issues.

Different cars have their specific transmission fluid requirement though there is a standard requirement for most cars and that what we will look at with this post on how many quarts of transmission fluid will be all about.

So with that, lest get started with responding to the question “can changing transmission fluid be bad”?

Can Changing Transmission Fluid Be bad?

Changing your car transmission fluid is not a bad thing, in fact, it is rather a necessary maintenance process that has to be in check regularly in other to prevent a problem on your car transmission.

However, using the wrong kind or bad transmission fluid can cause an issue for your car. That is why we recommend these ones below which you can find on. They are highly rated and very cheap as well.

My Top 4 Best Transmission Fluids

  1.  Castrol 03520C TRANSMAX DEX/MERC ATF, 1 Gallon
  2. Oyal Purple 06320-6PK Max ATF High Performance Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid – 1 qt.
  3. Motorcraft XT5QMC Mercon V Automatic Transmission Fluid – Case of 12 Quarts
  4. Pentosin 1088206 ATF 1LV Transmission Fluid, 5 L

Also, one thing must note when changing your transmission oil is that, you to completely drain the old fluid before adding new fluid.

Checking your car transmission fluid level frequently is precautionary maintenance step that makes your car transmission to function appropriately and you also want to have the right amount of fluid.

 So next thing that comes to mind is How do I check the level of my transmission fluid?

How do I check the level of my transmission fluid?

Well checking transmission fluid is not that simple neither is it so complicated, but it all depends on the type of car operating the system you own, manual or Automatic.

The thing is, vehicles with manual fluid transmission system is a program to be checked and replaced by an expert or experienced individual. While the automatic transmission system provides you with a tool to use in gauging or checking your transmission fluid.

The tool is called dipstick (mind you, not all automatic transmission fluid has dipstick).  You will have to video below the next subject to see how to change it.

So let’s now look at Where the transmission fluid dipstick is located in other to aid you in changing it when due.

Where is transmission fluid located?

Please, what the video below to see where car transmission fluid is located. Or you can look at the car owner’s manual to help you.

Next on should you or do you leave the car running when adding transmission fluid?

Do you leave the car running when adding transmission Fluid

Here is what to do When checking your vehicle transmission fluid level and even while adding fluid.

You want to make sure that your engine is warmed up while and kept on idle. Also, ensure it is on a level surface.

When in this condition, you now have to take out the transmission dipstick if your car uses dipstick wipe it and put it back if you are merely checking for the fluid.

But if you are changing the fluid, then you have to empty the transmission first except you merely top the oil due to low-level fluid amount.

So let answer the next question in the list which is, how much or how many quarts of transmission fluid?

How Many Quarts Transmission Fluid?

well, the amount of transmission fluid you need to add to your transmission is very much dependent on the reason behind the fluid change. If you are merely toping your transmission fluid because it was lower than normal, they might just need a little less compared to when you are changing the entire oil from old to new.

In most cases, your car model mostly what determine the oil amount. The recommended amount of transmission fluid to add for regular cars is about 12 to 16quarts.

 Normally many vehicles have a dip stick for changing fluid but not all cars come with it and for the cars that don’t come with dips sticks, it might require that you lift up the vehicle and check for fluid below the car.

Adding A Transmission Fluid

Cars that come with dipsticks can with no trouble be completely filled using the dipstick and a funnel while pouring the transmission fluid slowly into the funnel.

However, the car has to be warmed an operating temp, then park to idle on a plane or level platform.

The main reason you have to warm the car first is that you want a petrol product to increase and go through its highest level.

You may also have to watch the video above to get a better understanding of how to add fluid.

For a vehicle without dipstick please take your car to an experienced professional to check and refill transmission fluid for you.

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